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piles - says it all really

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Nanoon Mon 10-Sep-07 14:17:42

i am 26 wk pregnant with my second child have have what i think is my first experience of piles. things were a little sore over the weekend but now not so however i they are bleeding little bit as there is a bit of a pink tinge to the loo roll (really sorry if tmi).

Do i need to see my GP or Midwife or will they go away on their own? Can't help feeling tad embaressed blush


sleepfinder Mon 10-Sep-07 14:59:26

They won't go away, but you can alleviate them - Anusol pessaries after every bowel movement (and before bed). They are safe during pregnancy.

Eat lots of fruit and green veg and try to avoid stodge and red meat as they make them a lot worse.

And if they "pop out" - try gently pushing them back in while in the shower or bath.

I had them vaguely during 1st pg and then very much after birth (for 3 long weeks...)

They are back now I'm in 27th wk of 2nd preg and I'm glad I know better how to deal with them.

They say you can get them operated on, but only after you've finished squeezing out babies...


more Mon 10-Sep-07 15:04:17

I got them in my second pregnancy as well. All my doctor said was eat lots of greens and drink lots of water. The softer your stools the less pain for you.

He did give me some cream that I like to refer to as mini rockets, that I had to push up there (grin you started), and they did help, but really I know when I am not eating right as they get sore when I eat too much junk.

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