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is baby coming sooner or later

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cupcake78 Mon 10-Sep-07 11:05:13

I am 38 weeks today and have been having some labour symptoms. I am getting pains in pubic bone, lower abdomen, lower back. Sometimes these feel like dragging pains other times like very big twinges/period pain which can last for anything from a few seconds to four-five hours. Over the last week there have been three seperate days where I have wondered is this the beginning, have taken some paracetamol but nothinghas developed.

I have been getting intense tightenings around all of my bump, but these are not very painful, just feel odd and uncomfortable. This seems tobe especially happening when I am walking about or stand up.

I get a pushing feeling in all of my pelvis/hips/pubic bone from time to time as well, caused by baby but is very uncomfortable.

I have been needing to go to the loo for bowel movements at least three times a day for the last two days and I have been having massive mood swings from getting angry to up set to scared. I have had full tummy jitters (PMT-feelings best way to decribe it)for no reason at all.

Does any of this mean baby is coming sooner rather than later?? I really want to have this baby now.

Alfie72 Mon 10-Sep-07 11:10:20

I would call your M/w team for sure.. I aint the best to advise as I am a first timer !!

belgo Mon 10-Sep-07 11:19:26

if you think something is happening, take a warm bath. If it isn't real labour, then the bath will stop it.

If it is real labour, then the contractions will continue.

All these practice contractions will be getting your body ready for labour and your baby into a good position, so are actually a good thingsmile

Tinkjon Mon 10-Sep-07 15:33:12

cupcake, I'm afraid I don't have anything helpful to say but I am 39 weeks today and feeling exactly the same as you! I've felt like this for about a week though and nothing has happened as yet, so I'm just telling myself that it's just the 'delights' of end-stage pregnancy rather than things about to happen (but then I'm the opposite to you - I am desperate for nothing to happen before Thursday as I have a planned cs then!) Lots of luck to you!!

julie07 Sun 30-Sep-07 15:56:23

i am 35 weeks pregnant and think my waters are leaking... does this mean i could go in to labour soon???

belgo Sun 30-Sep-07 16:15:34

julie - you should contact your midwife if you think your waters are leaking.

pgTips04 Sun 30-Sep-07 17:13:11

hi julie, when my waters started leaking at 34 weeks I would get a really sudden urge to go the toilet, which I couldnt hold more than few minutes. I went to hospital to be checked as I too wasnt 100% sure and I was kept in until my son was born. Good Luck x

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