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Contractions, how do you time them???

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sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 12:22:22

Please help, Have had 4 contractions in 1 hour, not lasting very long, but they hurt. Am only 31 weeks..

preggersagain Sat 08-Sep-07 12:23:34

fromt he start of one to the start of the next- get off to hospital asap!!!!!!

superloopy Sat 08-Sep-07 12:25:06

Oh dear! Please don't be the first of us Nov crew to pop. It is too soon.
I timed mine from when one finished until the next started.
Have you called your MW?

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 12:26:12

not yet, don't want to panic in case they are BHs.

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 12:32:40

going to rest for a bit before I worry, but just forgot how you actually time them.

kerioke Sat 08-Sep-07 13:13:50

hiya i hope things are easing off for you and it is just a false alarm, but dont hold back worrying they may be BH's... i did this once and then it was too late for the hospital to administer drugs to prevent labour and i had ds at 27 weeks.

its always better to be safe than sorry. and at least if it is just BH's you'll be even more sure next time!

good luck xxx

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 15:08:44

all stopped now, after a sleep

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Sat 08-Sep-07 15:44:09

SGK shock.

I was told that if I had 4 or more in an hour I had to head to hosp....look after yourself.

I frequntly had 4 in an 1hr5mins or 1hr10mins so borderline, I would then watch the clock second by second for the next hour.....

And the timing is start to start....just for future reference...

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 16:20:06

thanks SMS! Its all calmed down now so am taking it easy now

TakeMetoBedorLosemeForever Sat 08-Sep-07 16:20:31

start of 1 till start of next

MrsBadger Sat 08-Sep-07 16:22:17

damn handy

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 16:22:41

I really don't think that it helped that I was woken early today by Dd1 screaming and shouting at her brother, never puts you in a good mood eh? So was stressed as soon as I woke up...

sparklygothkat Sat 08-Sep-07 16:24:14

fab idea MrsB, I will bookmark that site

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