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jonbec Thu 06-Sep-07 23:49:26

hi there, i suffered m/c at 8wks in april this year. Found out in july was pregnant again, thought all was going ok but as i was approaching 12 weeks i started with a discoloured discharge. went to EPAU had scan and it showed my baby had died 4 weeks earlier. Abs gutted, had a d/c this Tuesday and feel so raw, tearful. Feel so alone, have husband and 2 children 8&9yrs, but having them doesnt make it any easier losing these babies. I found this missed m/c harder than april cos a thought preg was going ok. Am 36 yrs old, anyone had sim then go onto have full term?

justjules Thu 06-Sep-07 23:51:36

m/c is always hard sad


sorry for your loss

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 07-Sep-07 00:11:26

Oh Jonbec, so so sorry for your losses sad. I has a MC in November 2005 at nearly 11 weeks and then another in June 2006 at six weeks.

I got pregnant again last September and had my beautiful daughter at the beginning of June [amile]. It can and probably will happen for you hun.

There are many women on her who have had two three or more MCs and had a successful pregnancy.

I hope you have the strength to try again, and if you do, join the pg after mc support thread on here. It got me through a few very difficult and emotionally stressful months.

Good Luck for the future smile

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 07-Sep-07 00:12:19

PS...I also have an older DS.

jonbec Fri 07-Sep-07 00:19:33

thanks 4 u msgs. Its comforting to know others have gone through same. How d'you find strength to get through and be 'normal' when inside you just feel like hiding away from everything.

BBBee Fri 07-Sep-07 00:29:00

so sorry.

time - time makes it better.

Be nice to yourself.

daisyandbabybootoo Fri 07-Sep-07 00:30:47

tbh jonbec it took a while. after my second MC i threw the dining room chairs across the room blush. I just felt so angry inside that it could happen to me again, and i felt i was being punished somehow.

I then took out my frustration by re-decorating the kitchen with the washing up still on the worktop from the night before....when DH came home from work, I just glared at hime and said "It's therapy, OK". He tip-toed past and left me to it.

I think second MCs are very difficult, especially if like me you were told there was no reason for it and it was unlikely to ahppen again. My preganacy this time was quite fraught to begin with and involved a lot of knicker checking. I also held off buying anything until after my 20 weeks scan, whereas with my DS 5 years ago I bought lots of things really early on.

It might seem unlikely at this time, but you will get through this, and you will have the strength to try again. i found I needed a few months before TTC again, but for some people it's better to get going as soon as possible. You'll know when you're ready

I notice you've posted this in pregnancy, but if you look in the topic list there is a miscarriage/bereavement section and you will find lots of similar threads and support there.

Big {{{{{hugs}}}} to you [smile and remember it is early days. Take some time off work, be kind to yourself, keep talking to your DH and hug your DCs to you tightly.

Take Care


justjules Fri 07-Sep-07 00:32:10


i am still in hiding sad

but like bbb says... time,

it is the only way forward x

Sazisi Fri 07-Sep-07 00:37:58

My heart goes out to you. Have had a mc before myself and it is so hard xxx

But, I want to offer you hope too: a dear friend of mine is now 14 weeks pregnant after having two miscarriages; so grieve, but keep trying. Love to you, Saz x

pud1 Fri 07-Sep-07 09:28:25


i know how hard it is after 2 mc. i had a mmc in jan 2006 then a mc in may 2006. it then took me about 9 months to get pg again. after both mc all i wanted was to be pg again straight away. this was made harder by the fact that 4 friends all found out they were pg after my 2nd mc. i am now 18 weeks and i now see that it was a good thing that it took us a while as i feel that my body has fully recovered.
i have found that i have been realy worried this time. i even burst in to tears as i walked int ot he scan room for my early scan as i was so sure it was going to happen again.
i know it feels so hard now, but i feel that after what we have been through it makes the baby you WILL get at the end that little bit more special to us.

BBBee Fri 07-Sep-07 09:54:30

forgot to say that after a missed m/c almost identical to yours I went on to get pregnant and give birth to a wonderful healthy girl.

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