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Early scan- 5 weeks 4 days....

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rachelrainbow Fri 06-Mar-20 12:32:55

Would love to hear from anyone who’s had an early scan. I’m slightly confused about my measurements.

I ended up having a v early scan due to suspected ectopic. Fortunately, everything is in the right place! I’ve a gestational sac which is 14.0mm, a yolk sac that’s 3.3mm and a tiny little fetal pole measuring 1.4mm. We could see a little flicker but the nurse said, as it’s very early, that the heartbeat was inconclusive. I’m now panicking about the measurements. We lost a baby at 12 weeks last year- it had stopped growing at 6 weeks but only found out at the dating scan.

Anyone else been in this position?

plixy Fri 06-Mar-20 20:37:58

I believe that when the heart first starts beating it's quite slow and then speeds up by 7ish weeks. As you are so early the heartbeat is probably still slow. Until they see it at the 'proper' speed they can't confirm that everything is ok.
It doesn't mean that anything is wrong, just that it's too early to say that it's ok.
I've not been in exact same position as you but I've had 3 miscarriages and this is what I was told.

rachelrainbow Fri 06-Mar-20 21:52:04

@plixy thanks so much for your reply xx

DressingGown87 Fri 06-Mar-20 22:15:54

I had early scan too due to recurrent miscarriages and my measurements where about the same. She could also see the heartbeat which was a flicker, and the sac etc looked normal. By my dates I was 6+3, but they said the measurements was more like 5+5.

In the past I’ve not got past the heartbeat stage, and the latest I have miscarried in the first trimester is 11 weeks. So she said this was all a good sign. Hopefully it is for you too, and I hope this provides you a little bit of reassurance.

My next scan is on Wednesday and after that’s 9 weeks. Xx

rachelrainbow Sat 07-Mar-20 10:58:47

Thanks @DressingGown87! It’s all so so confusing. I’m just hoping our little bean keeps on growing. I kinda wish I hadn’t had a scan now as I feel even more worried.

Let me know how you get on. My next scan is 19th March 🤞🤞🤞

Twinkle09 Sat 23-May-20 21:49:23

Hi @rachelrainbow and @DressingGown87 - I have just had an early reassurance scan today because of a missed miscarriage in January and wanted to put my mind at ease. They have given me similar measurements to you, no heartbeat yet and have actually dated me 3 weeks earlier than what I thought I was - 5 weeks 4 days (although my last cycle was 40 days so these dates they have given are making sense) and I wondered how you got on with your other scans?

MrsVParker Sat 23-May-20 22:05:00

I didn’t have a scan that early but I did have an scan at 6’3 she didn’t mention a heart beat but said she could see the baby flicker. I hope this helps

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