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Gestational diabetes

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Wintersun Thu 06-Sep-07 16:27:41

Not sure if anyone can help but at my last midwife appointment (34 weeks) the midwife said I had glucose in my urine. I had been very tired and had a coke an hour or so before I supplied my sample.
I told her this and she didn't seem too bothered and said she'd check again at the next appointment.
I'm worried as people have told me that they are surprised by her lack of reaction and that having a coke would not show up like that.
The other thing I'm worried about is that this is the first sample I've provided since the 12 week scan.
Glucose may have been present from a much earlier stage and not been picked up.
Anyone have any info/advice?

dilbertina Thu 06-Sep-07 22:30:50

hi, you can have glucose in urine during pregnancy and it means nothing wrong....however I would also want to know for sure everything was ok. You would need to do a glucose tolerance test to really find out. Personally I would chase it up with her - say it's worrying you. You can get a blood test done for free at some pharmacys but you will need a proper Glucose Tolerance test which checks how you respond to glucose.

Classic gestational diabetes does not tend to occur until later on in pregnancy so it's unlikely you've had it for long if you even have it at all!

Wintersun Fri 07-Sep-07 20:54:04

Thanks for your response. I feel a bit better for it!
I'm still worried obviously but have had no other symptons like extreme thirst/ more frequent toilet visits.
I have my next appointment on Wed so I'll tell the midwife my concerns.

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