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Is this usual in early pregnancy?

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mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:18:44

Have just found out i'm pregnant for the second time, already have DS (18 months). I went to see the doctor this morning and said to him that although i have only just missed my period, i wondered if the last one could have been spotting (?) as the minute i eat anything my tummy puffs right out and even when i wake up i have a bit more of a tummy than usual, though not loads. He just kept saying you are 5 weeks, and looked confused when i said but really it's only 2 weeks. Anyway, could i be more pregnant than i think or is bloating just a symptom that i haven't had before?It just seems a bit much for 2 weeks post conception! Thanks

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:20:37

Confused...So your doctor says your 5 weeks, but you think your 2 weeks because of last period?

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:23:14

Oh no i mean they take your date from your last period don't they, so if they say you're five weeks, it's actually only 2 1/2 weeks since conception. Last time i had no symptoms until i was about 8 weeks by dates, (5 weeks since conception) so it feels a bit odd that i should have them so early.

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:24:00

did that make it clearer? maybe that's why i confused the doctor!

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:27:43

Oh ok I'm with you now.
Well I certainly didn't have any symptoms till about 6 weeks but thats no help because every pregnancys different.
What was your last period (spotting) like?
I had spot bleeding with ds which I thought was my period. It lasted a day and then dried up. When I went to doc I didnt count spotting as period so didn't bother telling them.

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:28:30

Yes much clearer grin

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:33:39

it was a bit lighter than usual but still about 3 days i think. i never take much notice of these things! It does feel very early to have symptoms but i suppose the midwife will know more.

aquababe Thu 06-Sep-07 12:35:50

I know what you mean about date calculations on my dd I didn't know when my last period date was but knew her date of conception so found the way of calculating a bit silly

I guess you won't know for sure till your 12 week scan unless you request one sooner

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:40:57

I didn't know you could get them sooner. The way they calculate the dates is a bit odd isn't it.

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:43:37

yeh I think its wierd. I couldn't remember the exact date of my last period either. I just took a quess. Ds was 2 weeks late too, makes me wonder if the dates were wrong, but then again that would have been picked up at the scans.

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:44:55

mumbleboo did you do a home pregnancy test? I thought you had to wait till first day of missed period to test?

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 12:51:31

Yeah i did, i think the first day of missed period was day before yesterday, and tested yesterday and as i kept saying to DP, (worried voice) "there are two lines...". He wants me to do another one today because he's worried it could be a wrong result and that he's got his hopes up, but i'm sure you can't get a false positive can you?

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 13:02:29

No you cant get a false positive. You are pregnant. But how pregnant???

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 13:06:10

It is a little mystery! DP will want Poirot on the case!

lornaloo Thu 06-Sep-07 13:19:06

Lol...maybe moorse would be better suited to the case!!

Hayleyandbaby Thu 06-Sep-07 16:00:27

I've got exactly the same problem! My symptoms are totally overboard for 5 weeks. i think I'm further along.

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Thu 06-Sep-07 16:29:44

You could pay for an earlier scan to find out for sure either way good luck

mumbleboo Thu 06-Sep-07 17:34:37

how do you go about paying for or getting an earlier scan then?it's so frustrating not to know!

belgo Thu 06-Sep-07 17:37:29

ask your GP for a referral to a private obsteatrician.

katendmom Thu 06-Sep-07 18:02:05

Just a small word of caution - early scans can be a bit nerve-raking. I just had one done on Tue (didn't ask, was just referred) and it didn't turn out all that good. The saw the sac and the baby but no heartbeat... according to their measurements the baby is suppose to be like 7 weeks and a couple days and must have a heartbeat... but my doesn't.

I guess you can all guess what they told me. I am refusing to believe... Have another scan on Wed and praying to God that my baby was just too little and by the next scan I'll see a little pulsating dot and know that my baby will pull through...

Anyway, don't mean to scary you but just be aware that when they scan early, they might not see everything yet and that can lead to some concerns on your part.

Best of luck to you!!!

belgo Thu 06-Sep-07 18:34:12

good luck katendmom for next wednesday. Really hope your next scan goes well.

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Thu 06-Sep-07 19:05:54

oh Kat hope all goes ok I had one last Tuesday and was 5+2 and again only the sac but thats what the expected to see they were worried I had an EP so thankfully I havent I have another scan on Tuesday to make sure all is going ok I will then be 7+2 so again they are expecting a heart beat I too am nerves about it. Mumbleboo if you are sure you want a private one just look on the internet for scan centers there are loads in London if your anywhere near but do agree with Kat it can make you more nerves but good luck x

katendmom Thu 06-Sep-07 19:59:08

Thanks, girls! I'll keep you in my thoughts, Thelittlesoldiersmummy! Growing up - who would know that having babies would be so darn difficult! You'd think that all it takes is some love and some action blush...

RosyBelle Thu 06-Sep-07 20:59:31

Kat - good luck for your scan! I am in similar situation. Had scan on Monday & should be 7+wks but they think am only 6 wks as they could only just see a faint flicker & the fetal pole was only 2.3mm. They are scanning me again next Monday to see if there is a heartbeat or not.
Reason for scans - had miscarriage 2 yrs ago - not got pregnant since. Had 2 lots of IVF in last year - both failed. Last 1 failed 12th July - got pregnant 2 weeks later!! They needed to check my dates incase the IVF had worked but given me a false neg test. It hadn't and we have done it on our own.
Good luck

RosyBelle Thu 06-Sep-07 21:01:12

And good luck for your scan too Thelittlesoldiersmummy - we are all at the same stage.

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