Anyone given birth in Guy's and St Thomas? (London)

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Harri87 Mon 24-Feb-20 12:57:41


Before I was pregnant I was pretty anxious and suffered from Claustrophobia, since being pregnant this has became worse (though I'm looking to get help with it)

I went to the hospital last week and found it really hard going to 8th floor in a lift and not having any windows or fresh air and am now worried about going back.

Has anyone given birth here before and wouldn't mind me asking a few questions?


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OvalCanvas Mon 24-Feb-20 13:00:38

I did , but in the birth centre, so may not be much help.

Harri87 Tue 25-Feb-20 13:05:43

I'm not sure of the areas, is that for private patients?

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OvalCanvas Tue 25-Feb-20 20:52:39

No , it's for anybody , I was in the home from home birth centre which is right next to the labour ward. The rooms there are big and have a sofa bed for your partner. Obviously if you are high risk , or wish to have an epidural/need a c section you can't stay there though.

SparePantsAndLego Tue 25-Feb-20 21:09:34

I gave birth there. Ask away... it was a few years ago, though.

Lazyi Tue 25-Feb-20 21:11:31

Yes, three time’s, twice in the birth center, once in the other part. Each time I gave birth in a large well lit room with huge windows looking out into the Thames.

Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:50:46

That sounds lovely, I'm planning to have an epidural though, which probably means I'll be on the labour ward? Do you not get your own room if you have an epidural?

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daisypond Wed 26-Feb-20 14:53:37

I did, but years ago now. I had a better experience there than I did at Chelsea and Westminster, where I had my first.

Bear2014 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:55:35

I did, and also at Kings. Preferred Kings by a million miles but feel free to DM me for any specific questions.

Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:56:19

@SparePantsAndLego @Lazyi Thank you for your replies! Things that I'm worried about are not being able to get fresh air, do you know if the windows open? And the lifts, I noticed that they said there is no stairs access from floor 6 and 7, is the only way to those floors via lift?

I know they sound like such random questions but I'm really nervous of lifts and spaces that aren't easy to escape from and this has became so much worse since become pregnant, already worried about my next visit!

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SparePantsAndLego Wed 26-Feb-20 17:16:00

I gave birth in December, so didn’t try to open the windows. There is a lovely ‘garden room’ which I was encouraged to go to whilst in early stages.
I’d arrange an advance visit if that’s still possible. They ran ‘tours’ of the labour suites when I was pregnant. I couldn’t visit in advance as there were no spaces available on the tours before my due date. Definitely ask about these.

I was in the labour ward/hospital birth centre as I was 2.5 weeks overdue and wanted to be able to have an epidural, so couldn’t use home from home.

Given the fact the lab ward is so far up with lifts being the main access I don’t think it’s the right place for you if you’re nervous. It won’t help when you’re about to give birth...

Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:45:19

@squarepantsandlego Thank you for your reply! I'll have a look at the tours for sure!

I would prefer to stay at this hospital if possible, so just trying to work out if I'd be ok there. Do you remember if there was stair access at all?

Also would you use this hospital again?

Thanks for your help smile

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daisypond Wed 26-Feb-20 19:48:53

Do all the rooms have windows? I gave birth at night, so can’t be sure about that. Maybe worth checking.

SparePantsAndLego Wed 26-Feb-20 20:26:24

I had a great experience there and would definitely go there again.

I don’t recall stair access but I wouldn’t have opted to use the stairs when I went in in labour, so that’s not to say there isn’t...

Do proactively ask about a visit. I only found out it was possible during antenatal classes and they were all booked up.

How many weeks are you? Is there any chance you could make a few more visits to get used to it if you really want to stay there?

georgialondon Wed 26-Feb-20 20:28:41

The garden room is lovely. And fantastic river views too!

Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:29:51

@daisypond hopefully I can find out, though I'm finding it hard to get through via phone.

Just saw that you said you had a better experience at guys than c&w, this would be my other hospital choice, would you not recommended?

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Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:37:03

@sqaurepantsandlego great advice! Thank you so much for your help.

I'm 12 weeks at the moment so still a bit of time, it's my first so very new to all of this! (As you can probably tell!)

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Harri87 Wed 26-Feb-20 20:38:17

@gorgialondon the sky garden does sound lovely! Do you remember if there's anywhere to catch some fresh air up their by any chance? Is that on 7th floor?

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georgialondon Fri 28-Feb-20 09:40:58

I don't think the windows opened.

MrsA2015 Fri 28-Feb-20 09:44:30

There is stair access all the way upto maternity ward (DH ran up them when I was in labor ) I gave birth in the Home from home ward, lovely spacious room overlooking the river. Loved it so much so I’ve booked in for my 2nd in September grin

squee123 Fri 28-Feb-20 19:21:38

at St Thomas's they have specialist midwives for women that have mental health concerns. I am sure if you ask they will allocate you to one. I have one and she is utterly lovely and they have been so accommodating of my phobias. I see her for all my midwife appointments and she has really helped me. I would say my mental health concerns are pretty minor but they were still happy for me to have one.

I'm sure my lovely midwife would be super accommodating of someone in your position and would arrange for you to see the facilities and answer all your questions to make sure you are as uncomfortable as possible.

If you can't labour in the Home from Home suite then you would go on to the Hospital Birth Centre. I've had some appointments there an the rooms I've seen have been private with massive windows. Not sure if they open though.

Please be honest with them so they can help you.

Hername Fri 28-Feb-20 19:29:28

When you are in labour I don’t think it will bother you very much, but in my experience the rooms and environment of St Thomas’ felt much roomier/more spacious than those at King’s.
I’d be very surprised if there is not stair access as walking up/down them is one of the things women are told to do to speed up labour eg if induced.
I agree the lift situation isn’t great and it’s often very crowded with staff and patients during the working week.

Littlebelina Fri 28-Feb-20 19:39:38

From what I can remember you can't get out at one of the floors from the stairs (either the delivery floor or the floor with the postnatal ward and NICU) without a hospital pass. You can exit via the stairs but have to get the lift back on to the floor. That was a couple of years ago though. The garden Room is lovely and there are big windows

squee123 Fri 28-Feb-20 20:20:34

also I find the lifts are much better at about ten past and twenty to the hour. Essentially avoiding the rush for appointments on the hour amd half past the hour

meva000 Tue 08-Dec-20 21:48:52

Hi all - my two options are st thomas and kings. Does anybody know how likely it is to get a private post natal room in either of them?

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