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Ickle bubba buggy

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wannabemummy123 Thu 20-Feb-20 10:33:06

Has anyone got the ickle bubba stomp v3 buggy system? I've just had mine delivered and had some issues and wanna know if it's just mine or if it's that buggy in general...?

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Delbelleber Thu 20-Feb-20 10:40:47

Where did you order it from? I ordered the moon from precious little ones in jan for Feb delivery but not got it yet.

LouiseKira Thu 20-Feb-20 15:33:40

Mine just arrived today too! I'm really liking it, all set up now just need to wait for baby to make her appearance.

What problem do you have?

S082018 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:08:07

I have it! I purchased mine back in November, it arrived a few weeks ago and I set it up straight away. No issues that I can spot so far. What seems to be the problem? 😊

Bezalelle Thu 20-Feb-20 19:29:26

Is your issue the awful name??

mumma2b2020 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:54:52

@wannabemummy123 We've got one - got delivered in Jan and all set up, no issues. What's the problem with yours?

wannabemummy123 Fri 21-Feb-20 05:29:19

So as I said I have the stompv3 and I'm having major issues getting the car seat off the buggy frame. It's sooooooo difficult and I've read so many reviews now saying the same thing! And I'm worried I'm gonna have to change my buggy al together. I will be using this buggy twice a day with the car seat on it as I will be doing the school run for my 7 year old ... and it's just not possible for me to keep waking the baby up to take him out his car seat and into the lay down carry cot just because the car seat can't bloody manage on the buggy frame ... I've used the adapters correctly but just struggle so bad to get it off.

Is there like a knack to it?

Do any of you have the stomp v3 ??

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Louisaalexander Wed 25-Mar-20 23:49:58

Hello, this arrived today and I am having the same issue. My husband and I have left it on the buggy frame as thought it was stiff because it was new. There are so many great reviews, I really had to look for the bad ones but it does seem like some others have had this problem too although a lot say it’s fine once you get the hang of it and gets easier. How are you getting on with it? x x x

MrsRose2018 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:44:40


We’ve ordered the v4. Love it all far - except I hate the plastic smell of the rain cover!

I’m going to sound so stupid but, is the car seat even supposed to go on the buggy frame? We tried to clip it on and couldn’t so assumed it was just for fixing to the isofix base in the car!

Or... is that just highlighting there is a problem 😂 x

MrsRose2018 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:46:18

Ok... I’m just being stupid.. ofc it’s supposed to fix to the buggy 🤦‍♀️ X

BS9790 Thu 26-Mar-20 12:24:43

Sorry, hijacking a bit here. I've been looking at these prams... How small do they fold up?
I drive a fiat 500 so need something that folds small!

Louisaalexander Thu 26-Mar-20 18:37:14

Omg- the adapters have to stay on! We watched a video online and it shows the adapters attached at all times from chassis to isofix! grin
The frame folds up fairly small, it would depend if you wanted to fit the carrycot part in too? I haven't seen a boot of a Fiat 500 to be fair xxx

wannabemummy123 Thu 26-Mar-20 22:37:21

Yeah it's all good now I know they have to stay on 😂 but stuff but do able lol

And hmmm it does go nice and small so i reckon you would be fine to be fair. Just may have to have a completely empty boot 😂 I've got a kuga so my boot is huge lol. Xx

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BS9790 Fri 27-Mar-20 20:22:06

Thanks! Could be worth a try then for my little car! X

AliceMay6 Tue 16-Jun-20 19:55:58

Hi, we’re considering buying the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4. Would you recommend it? What are the biggest issues you’ve found?

MrsRose2018 Tue 16-Jun-20 21:44:41

@AliceMay6 material feels a bit “cheep” and plastic rain cover stinks! Like really cheap carcinogenic plastic!

Other than that love it!! We’ve got the black and bronze model and it looks dead dead swish! Husbands just fitted the car seat and it’s perfect and the travel cot and other bits and bobs are fab!

Generally really pleased

MrsRose2018 Tue 16-Jun-20 21:47:04

Oh one downside - it’s fiddly until you get your “knack” to opening it/switching the bits around! Mind your thumbs!!

Give it a google for videos but once you’ve got the hang it’s a piece of cake

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