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Princess Royal in Glasgow

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Paranoid1stTimer Tue 04-Sep-07 19:52:12

Any comments on the care you got at Princess Royal Hospital in Glasgow?
I've heard it's pretty good. Was meant to be going to Wishaw but my GP surgery's "catchment area" is actually for Princess Royal. Guess it's a bit easier to get to but hard to park!!!

Any advice?? Comments?

I know this has come up before, but older threads are from 2005 ish so I'm looking for some up to date info.


midnightexpress Tue 04-Sep-07 20:53:55

Bumping this for you - both mine were born at the Southern, but I know some of the Glasgow laydeez have had theirs at the PRH recently (weeonion, geordiemcminx, trixymalixy and a few others I think). I'll put a note on the 'north of the border' thread where we often congregate too for them - you should come along and join us.

FatKat Tue 04-Sep-07 21:02:30

I'm also a first timer and am going there, have heard mostly good things about it. Although apparently all the high risk pregnancies are sent there as well and some friends of mine have come across some real undesirable druggies !!!!!

I work in Yorkhill Hospital and know the QMH has a really good reputation as well even if the rooms are a bit tatty!!!! I just don't fancy coming face to face in work with people who have seen my flower!!!

I am due to go on Monday to get my 12 week scan, so will hopefully get a wee look a what it's like and what to expect. I can imagine parking at 9am will be a nightmare!

sammac Tue 04-Sep-07 21:06:59

There's a big multi storey car park attached to the hospital, so should be much easier to park now. A lot of folk park further back along Alexandra Parade and get a bus or taxi along- stops right outside.
I had ds there just after it opened almost 6 years ago (where did that time go!!!) so can't give up to date help, but was pleased with my time there.

geordiemacminx Tue 04-Sep-07 21:36:54

Hiya, I didnt have my ds there, I was at Wishaw which I have to say was wonderful. WO had her DD there a few months back, and my best friend had her son there on Friday... I'm due to be seeing her on Thursday, so will report back then.

I visted my friend a few months back when she was admitted for monitoring - I think they are quite strict regarding visting times, and I seem to recall 1pm-2pm was "lights out quiet time" hmm But they do have personal tv's which Wishaw dont. Think the food is pretty crappy, but it was at Wishaw, think its the same for most hospitals.

Sorry I cant be of much more help at the moment.

Feel free to join us on the bumps and bairns north of the border, we have meet-ups most months, although most of us are bump free now!! grin

weeonion Thu 06-Sep-07 17:56:43

hi there paranoid and fatkat. congrats to you both. i had my dd at the pr in april. i opted for my antenatal care to be done at the hospital rather than through my docs and i have to say i got really really good care. i saw the same MW the whole way through ( think she has now moved to rutherglen) but allstaff i met were lovely. i had a few scans to check on her as they thought she was wee/ not active enough and all staff were so nice and reassuring. i never quite got to experience the labour suites / birthing rooms as we only made it to the hosptial with 7 mins to spare befoer she was born but the rooms looked nice on our antenatal tour.

the staff on the postnatal ward were lovely - but not alot of individual attention nor help with breastfeeding. if you are planning on bf - then maybe look for info and support in other places but i have been asked to sit on a panel to look at their bf support - so that mighthave changed by the time you are there.

food was dire - and they have really strict dining room times - nothing to eat if you are napping or feeding atthat time but they are good about dp/dh bringing in nosh.

all in all - i thought it was great. a few small niggles but a nice clean bright ward. if (!!!!) i ever have any more - i woudl be going back there.

good luck to you and come join us on the bumps/ bairns thread!

Jbck Fri 07-Sep-07 14:39:45

I'm booked in there for November, Had DD in rottenrow just before it closed, quite literally they nearly had Pickfords labels on us. All the staff I've come across so far have been really nice a lot moved from R/Row. I've had quite a few appts due to age & other factors, friends due in there on Tuesday for her 3rd section & she's full of praise despite bad time with second baby due to infection.
When are you due PFT?

Paranoid1stTimer Fri 07-Sep-07 22:43:52

Haven't had scan yet but according to my GP's wee dial calender thingy, I'm due about 17th March or there abouts. My mate's sis in law just had her baby at Princess Royal and she seemed to have a good experience with them. Her baby is just over 4 lbs!!! Poor wee mite. She is thriving though and they were let home after only 3 days.

I HATE the thought of having to stay in hospital or even going into hospital but there's no way my DP would agree to a home birth for the 1st baby (fingers crossed all goes well - I aint even got any proof there's anything in there yet. So worrying waiting for the scan date)

Ah well - thanks to everyone for the feedback. Sounds good enough!!!!

weeonion Fri 07-Sep-07 23:31:03

p1sttimer - you will be fine! i would have been allowed home the day after i had bubba only we had some diffs with getting bf underway so dont worry too much about having to stay in! will keep a watch for you on these threads to see how you are doing and please come over to the other scottish thread

Jbck Sat 08-Sep-07 11:59:07

Good luck with your first scan I'll let you know what I think as it's my first experience of the hospital too. I was in for over a week with DD due to emergency section & then I wasn't well & she wouldn't bf so I'm hoping things go smoother this time to get out much sooner.

Aitch Sat 08-Sep-07 12:09:28

the guy who runs it, Dr Alan Mathers, has now been put in charge of all mat care in Glasgow. he has a brain the size of a house, probably one of the best doctors in the country.
my experience at teh PRm was excellent, except for the food and the bfing expertise, so gen up on that beforehand.

Jbck Sat 08-Sep-07 15:09:19

It's funny a couple of people have mentioned lack of help with bf, when I was in R/Row I couldn't have had more help & encouragement possibly because DD was so problematic. I would have presumed most of them were the same team, I'll be sorry this time if it's a let down, unless of course this little madam manages it all by herself unlike my last one.
One of my friends actually thought that people who were bottle feeding got less help and felt a bit neglected.

sammac Sat 08-Sep-07 15:26:21

Dr Mathers was my doctor- fabulous care under him. he went out of his way and has a great sense of humour. I was assigned to him because I was having an amnio and it's his speciality(I think)

bobsmum Tue 11-Sep-07 15:24:13

Just found this - it was probably my thread you found in 2005 when I was prg with dd! I was mcmudda then smile

I'm now (just) pg with no3 and will definitely be going back to the Princess Royal.

The only hassle I had in '05 was the lack of parking - the car park hadn't been built then and you had to park in the cathedral car park. We got a ticket once for being 5 mins over time when I went in for a sweep angry

Anyway - I thought the staff were fab, the hospital itself was clean,clean, clean and after having ds in Watford General which was hell on earth, I really thought I'd gone to maternity heaven grin

The rooms only have 4 beds in them with your own toilet and shower - no tramping up and down the corridor in your nightie.

The dining room was basic, but ok food and a TV and magazines.

The thing I was most impressed with was the level of breastfeeding support that was offered. I'm surprised that others didn't find that. But then Watford was evil so maybe I've only got that to compare to!!

I'd struggled to feed ds without pain(got there in the end) and so was determined to start well with dd and I got loads of great support - especially on the night when my milk came in - the longest night!!! I do think sometimes you have to pester for help - I was more confident because dd was my second. THey are busy, but are very keen to help - they have a UNICEF baby friendly award.

Unfortunately of the 4 mums in my room, I was the only one who left breastfeeding, but I honestly think they'd made their decision long before they gave birth. The help and advice was so reassuring and encouraging but then their families came in for visiting and all (without exception) said just give them a bottle.

The midwives were brilliant and very up to date - ie - no bubble bath for newborns (that was fiarly recent advice at the time.)

Visiting for families was great (and quite flexible if you asked very nicely).

Just try to keep a straight face when you walk past all the heavily pregnant mums chain smoking at the entrance.

uberalice Tue 11-Sep-07 15:35:55

I've had 2 babies there. The second time the staff seemed to be much more rushed - I think that's probably a sign of the times. Having said that, the midwives are lovely and very helpful. But the food is awful, especially if you're veggie. (Fish is vegetarian, isn't it? hmm)

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