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Am I....aren't I?!?!

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MrsKBill Fri 14-Feb-20 20:12:14

I am due on my period a week today. For just over a week now I've had really tender breast and nipples with a pinching feeling in left lower abdomen and also my belly inside like the feeling like my period is coming. I've also been really tired - I'm wondering if I could be getting a BFP soon 🤞🏼

Wanderer1 Sat 15-Feb-20 08:31:28

The only way to know for sure is those two lines. I had mixed experiences of this while TTC, one month I had lots of early symptoms and 'just knew' I was pregnant, which I confirmed with a test at 12dpo (that one ended up being early chemical), another month about 4 months later, same thing, obvious symptoms and I was certain I was, but BFN and period right on time. When I finally fell pregnant I had zero symptoms and was expecting my period. Hormones play funny tricks on you when trying to conceive.
My advice is not to count your baby booties till you get your BFP. Good luck!

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