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Dreamt I was leaking fluid... I think!

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GeeElle Fri 14-Feb-20 17:19:52

So on Wednesday we went to our antenatal class, and the theme for the week was labour and delivery, so there was discussion of waters breaking etc.

Wednesday night I woke up with a jolt because I thought I'd felt pressure and liquid running down my legs. It was a bit like when you wake up suddenly because you're dreaming you're about to fall and wake up just before you hit the ground, except that I can't remember the dream. My first thought in a very semi-conscious state was 'my waters are leaking!' and my second was 'or have I wet myself?!'

Anyway, when I felt, my thigh was a bit sweaty and my general vulval area was a little damp as it usually has been in pregnancy, but no actual wet liquidness. For this reason I'm sure it must've just been a dream brought on by the content of our antenatal class, but the anxious part of my brain keeps saying 'what if it wasn't? What if you had a teeny tiny leak?' There's been nothing since aside from the usual damp discharge in my pants, and it seems really silly to phone up the emergency midwife and say 'I'm PRETTY sure I dreamt this, and I had no wetness, but what if it wasn't a dream?!' I was really groggy and out of it at the time so aside from checking that I couldn't feel wetness, I think I probably just went back to sleep after.

Would I be right in thinking that if it actually was a water leak, I'd have felt wet not damp, and would be noticing wetness and trickling feelings at other times since then? It would also be a very odd coincidence if it WASN'T a dream, given the content of our class that night. I'm 29 weeks btw, if that makes a difference.

Jesskir89 Fri 14-Feb-20 21:52:54

I would speak to your midwife just incase

Thompl16 Fri 14-Feb-20 23:00:17

It's always best to speak to your midwife.
I had a ruptured membrane so my waters were leaking and at the start my midwife initially asked me to lie on my side for 30mins then when I sat up if there was a slight gentle gush of water that proved it was actually my waters.

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