Angular Pregnancy - please help

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Littlemeandmine Wed 23-Sep-20 16:51:09

Hi, sorry I never saw your reply.

I'm now 38 weeks and I also bled in the beginning, it was about 14 weeks by the time we could relax slightly with the angular position.

Hoping to have a healthy baby very soon! So happy you had a healthy daughter, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one with this as it was so unusual when we first heard about it! Xx

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Gemchatt85 Sat 09-May-20 20:01:21

Hi, how are you getting on? I had an undiagnosed Angular Pregnancy only picked up at my routine Csection at 37+2 nearly a year ago on 14th May when my healthy little girl turns 1 ♡ I had no problems apart from very light bleeding in the 1st 12 weeks which only happened on 2 occasions and very short lived.. scan didn't pick any problems up. I hope your pregnancy is progressing well x

Littlemeandmine Sat 07-Mar-20 15:21:23

Thank you very much. The hospital have been amazing, I get scanned every week and they check its position and safety of baby and me. Hopefully we will have a healthy baby come September xx

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Sussexmidwife Sat 08-Feb-20 11:21:55

This is from a study published last month in the American obs & gynae journal : In 42 cases of angular pregnancy diagnosed by first-trimester ultrasound examination, outcomes were largely positive, with an 80% live-birth rate and a 20% early pregnancy loss rate.
Hope that helps

Littlemeandmine Sat 08-Feb-20 08:26:47


Yesterday we found out our pregnancy is what's called as Angular (left angular to be precise)

I have to be scanned every week to check and see where the egg keeps growing. There is a chance we may have to terminate.

Has anyone got to full term and delivered with this type of pregnancy?

Thanks x

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