Catching up with TTC #1, thread 9!

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MrsEG Sat 01-Feb-20 15:21:06

Replying to everyone in a new thread as the old one is full! Also tagging @Lemonysherbet @ELW85 @MrsH497 @LokiCat @larrydavid - so sorry if I’m forgetting anyone!

@MrsR16 It’s so weird, I was thinking back to getting my BFP for the twins the other day - some days it feels like yesterday but others it feels like a lifetime ago! I bet now Ethans here the pregnancy also feels like a distant memory!!

@TrashKitten10 Ah thanks lovely - wow a 9 pounder!! Well done you! I will definitely let everyone know as soon as I can once the twins are here smile

@PippaPug Thanks lovely! How are you feeling at the moment? Funnily enough they don’t do the steroid injections at my hospital if you’re going to deliver post 37 weeks so I’ve managed to swerve that one - how have you found them? Hurray for big babies - looks like we’re both going to have some chunky twins on our hands!! Do you find you are constantly congratulated at hospital for keeping them in so long/growing them so big?! I get it every time!

@Fivebyfive2 Joe is adorable! How was your first night away?

@thumper59 12 weeks! He is so so cute and I LOVE the matching jackets haha!

@purplefig Ugh the first lie in didn’t go to plan, I woke at 3 and couldn’t drift off again until 6... so glad it isn’t just us wobbling on names at the midnight hour! Yep ours will be Irish names - narrowing it right down and making it even harder for ourselves!! Hope you enjoyed your last yoga class!

Had a scare this morning; after a shocking night trying to sleep I woke quite late (well, around 9) - twin 2 dancing the jig as always but couldn’t feel twin 1 at all. I tried absolutely everything, I must have had a full litre of orange juice, chocolate, prodding at his side of my belly and I just got nothing. I called DH at 11 and just broke down, and we were soon off to triage. I literally cried all the way there! We had a CTG and as much as she struggled to find twin 1, he’s there and heart is pounding away. She told me he’s very low now, and position wise twin 2 is actually almost sitting on top of him so masking some of the stronger movements. The little swines! I’m so relieved, but it was horrible - I was terrified. Tracking twin movements is such a minefield!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend smile

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purplefig Sat 01-Feb-20 18:25:31

@PippaPug it was getting to a month before due date and I was sick of waiting for an answer, so I wrote to my local MP to see what the hold up was and their office chased it up for me. Was very efficient and I'm glad I did, as I said otherwise I'd have been waiting past my due date because of their lost letter. Fingers crossed you get it sorted out. It's a really crap system! Sorry to hear you've got PGP, must put so much extra strain on your body carrying two babies. I think our name wobble is just last minute nerves....we've gone back to the original choices now 🤣

@MrsEG oh my god what a start to your weekend, you poor thing! Glad he's good, but what a panic. Bet you can't wait to have them here now - I find tracking one hard enough, never mind two. Any nice relaxing plans for tonight / tomorrow? Thanks for the new thread btw! I agree our bfps feel like just the other day and yet also a whole lifetime ago. I remember you getting yours so well!! Mad to think they'll be here next week. Any closer on names? We've reverted back to our original decisions! The problem is we've got a long double last name, and the names we like are long too. So they're kind of a mouthful. BUT they'll be using shorter nicknames for the most part (I'd imagine!) so not really a worry.

I've been swimming today and OMG I cannot recommend it enough. The feeling of weightlessness is just magic. Getting out and readjusting to life on land, however, is horrendous! I've been getting more on and off period like cramps today, keeping an eye on them. It's such a funny time!
Hope you're all having a good weekend x

MrsH497 Sat 01-Feb-20 18:49:30

Thanks for the new thread @MrsEG glad everything is ok. I can't imagine how much harder it is tracking 2 babies movements I struggle with 1!

I'm struggling with names boys we are ok but girls are just much harder we find. DH is also very picky! Also had a shocking nights sleep! So bath and relax time for me my back is sore which doesn't help.

@purplefig yes!!! I went swimming Tuesday and loved it so much. Got out of breath quicker than normal but I loved the weightlessness and floating!

Hope everyone has had a good Saturday xx

MrsEG Sat 01-Feb-20 19:52:30

@purplefig Nope, no closer to names 🙃 I’m begging DH to just make a decision but he’s so set on one I don’t like so we just go around in circles! I honestly think it’ll be me sobbing in hospital once they’re out to change his mind haha!
If you can have nicknames then go for it! How often do you have to give your entire full name anyways smile I’m so excited to find out who you have tucked in there!
Glad you enjoyed the swimming - those cramps sound interesting!! I’ve been getting very tiny ‘blink and you’d miss them’ twinges on the lower sides of my bump yesterday and today (not painful just sharp) but I think they feel more like a ligament twinge than anything else. Especially given how itchy bump is these days!

@MrsH497 It’s so hard tracking two, it’s then cause of all my anxiety haha! Luckily the hospital are always wonderful about it. A bath sounds wonderful - I may just copy that if I can peel myself off the sofa!!

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ELW85 Sat 01-Feb-20 20:50:31

Evening all!

Sorry I’ve been quiet; I’ve been exhausted these last few days and another 4am start this morning after lots of ligament pain and kicking!
I realise a lot of you have it worse than me, so I definitely won’t complain too much 😊

@MrsEG - thank you so much for the new thread, and I’m so sorry to hear about your scare - that would have terrified me too. Tuesday isn’t too far away though and they’ll be in your arms, absolutely perfect and all of these things will be a long lost memory!

@purplefig - weightlessness sounds amazing right now! How are you feeling cramp wise? Sounds pretty promising!!

@MrsH497 - I hope you had a nice bath and relax? I can’t bring myself to get in at the moment but I’m usually a shower person so that’s probably why.

33 weeks today ladies, and just realised my last work trip is at 37 weeks. I’ve told my boss to prepare for the fact that I might not make it (and don’t want to be 3 hours away on a train) but we’ll see what happens. There is no budging at the moment!

Fivebyfive2 Sun 02-Feb-20 04:05:44

Hi, just being nosey still!

@MrsEG, so glad everything was OK but sorry that you had to go through that, it must have been awful. You are such a strong lady! At least you don't have long to wait now before you get to meet them 😀

Date night went well! We were out about 2 hours, had a lovely meal and joe was absolutely fine. Mum and dad loved having him, even though he did his first poonami 😲😂

To those worried about names... Dh and I didn't settle on Joe until we met him, so try not to so too much; maybe you'll know when you see them?

Just popping the link for the 'catching up with babies' thread, I can't wait for the new additions! Xx

LokiCat Sun 02-Feb-20 09:26:57

Morning ladies! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL. Completely exhausted after work that I just become one with the sofa by the time I get home and crash in bed 😂
Good news is DH has finally finished his course and is back now, which I'm so happy about!

@MrsEG thanks for new thread. That must have been quite a scare yesterday! Can't believe they're practically on top of each other now. Looks like they're ready to come out! Not long to go till Tuesday, so so excited for you!!
Tracking movements is so terrifying. I probably have a little panic every morning/evening about whether I've felt her enough, then she starts her gymnastics routines.
I was having a look through my camera roll and came across my BFP pics the other day. I still remember running into our room at 6am waving the pee stick at DH 😂 can't believe how fast time has flown since!

@purplefig I really should give swimming a try. The weightlessness feeling must be great. Everything is definitely feeling heavier as I walk around. My hips/pelvic area really ache whenever I walk and I've never been one to walk slowly so it's been quite a task to get myself to slow down, especially whilst commuting!

@MrsH497 I haven't had a proper full night sleep in ages, mostly it's because I get up in the middle to go pee. It's so exhausting! I hope your bath helps and your back is feeling better x

@ELW85 eeek happy 33 weeks!! Sorry to hear about your ligament pain. It is difficult in bed whilst sleeping now, even just trying to roll over
How annoying that they're making you go on a work trip at 37 weeks, especially being 3 hours away. I hope you manage to somehow get out of it! How far along will you be when you start mat leave?

@PippaPug I'm doing well thank you. I'm feeling a lot better about the GD, especially knowing that I'm the one in control when trying to manage my diet. It's been going really well and I've been keeping my blood glucose at a good level which is also comforting.
Wow 3 weeks or so until you meet your little ones, how exciting! Is there a plan in place on how labour may go for you?
It's getting a lot closer for me now as well, especially now that we're in Feb! Due April 21st, but depending how the GD goes the doctor mentioned that I may be induced by 37 weeks so she could be here by end of March! I'm so excited 🙊

@Fivebyfive2 so nice to hear from you. I hope you and Joe are doing well. I can't wait to join the babies thread! 😁

So I had my growth scan on Wednesday and they're very happy with how she's growing, all seems to be on track (plus it was so lovely to see her again and how big she is!). Then I had my first official appointment with the midwife, dietician and doctor at the diabetes clinic (felt like I was there for ages!). They were so pleased with how I've been managing my blood glucose levels and are happy for me to continue with a diet controlled plan, which was so reassuring to hear. Will be seeing them again next at the end of Feb. Originally I was told it would be every two weeks, so I guess it's a good thing that they aren't concerned and have pushed the appointment to 4 weeks instead. They did say that I can pop into the clinic whenever I want if I wanted to discuss anything.

I'm 29 weeks on Tuesday!! I can't believe I'm in my third trimester! I was having a little reminiscence earlier this week about our TTC journey, then the start of the pregnancy and where I am now. I can't wait for when she's here and finally get all the cuddles 🥰

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Enjoy your Sunday's 😊 x

MrsEG Sun 02-Feb-20 14:19:43

Afternoon gang!

So, lost a big chunk of my mucus plug this afternoon! Feel totally fine other than this so hoping and crossing my fingers and toes I don’t go in to labour before my section on Tuesday!!

@ELW85 Surely you can get out of the 37 week trip?! Is there anyone else who could go? Could you go on the note that 37 weeks is term so technically you could go in to labour??

@Fivebyfive2 2 hours away sounds fab!! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for the thread - I’m sure I’m going to have so so many questions for you all!

@LokiCat I hate tracking movements, just hate it! Love feeling them, hate tracking them!! Sounds like you are handling/managing the GD really really well, well done you - no easy feat! I don’t know how I’d have gotten through some day’s without a McDonalds milkshake haha!

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Larrydavid Sun 02-Feb-20 18:57:32

Evening ladies! Last week was so busy, how is it Sunday already? How is it February?? Gahhhh. My house seems to be full of ASOS parcels I need to return - I'm constantly buying maternity clothes then sending them back because they all look a bit crap! Going to live in leggings and t shirts I think!

So we had our scan last week and told them we didn't want to know the gender. They then did a leg measurement on a screenshot, and didn't tell us to turn away. I mean, I have no idea what you're suppose to be seeing on those scans but it looked like it could be a girl. My partner is convinced it is. Can you normally see the gender on a 20 week scan? (As in, can the parents normally tell?)

@MrsEG sorry to hear about you scare and hope those babies stay put for you until Tuesday! I can't believe you're meeting your babies this week. So so exciting. You're a totally hero. Are you planning on any post pregnancy treats for after the birth? Wine? Oysters? A big plate of Brie? Hope it all goes well x

@ELW85 sorry you're feeling so tired! But 33 weeks! You're so close to the finish line. Hope you get out of your work trip - seems a bit unreasonable they'd send you three hours away when you'll technically be full term. Fingers crossed you can get out of it.

@purplefig we have a similar name thing - the baby will have a double barreled last name plus a first name and middle name - it's bound to be a total mouthful, whatever we choose. We're set on a boys name but can't decide on a girls. I guess we'll decide when he/she is here.

@LokiCat Good to hear your GD is under control!
Also, third trimester! Time really goes quickly - you ladies all seem so far ahead of me but equally, I remember reading when you were at the same point as I am now and it doesn't seem so long ago!

Have a good Sunday evening all.

purplefig Sun 02-Feb-20 21:16:53

@MrsH497 ahhh it's the best feeling isn't it? All my aches and pains magically vanished!

@MrsEG oh wow how's that for timing?! Your c section date is sounding pretty bang on for when they're ready 👌🏼 fingers crossed they don't try anything else before tues. So soon!!! Do you know how long you're likely to be in for? loads of people don't decide on names until they're born, I think you'll have the upper hand then too 😏 oh I'm just getting so excited for you!!! How're you holding up?

@ELW85 4am is serious grounds for a pregnancy moan - whinge away!!! I can't believe they want you to go on a trip 3 hrs away at full term - can you just refuse?! Unlikely you'll go into labour at 37 weeks but you certainly could and you don't really want to be 3hrs away!

@Fivebyfive2 glad you enjoyed date night - can't wait to join you on that thread soon!!

@LokiCat From what you've described I think you'd love swimming. I mainly just floated for an hour and it was utter bliss. Felt like I'd been at the spa! Great you're doing such a good job managing your GD, that must feel fab? And congrats on entering the third trimester, the countdown is officially on 🥰

@Larrydavid I'm not sure tbh as ours had their legs crossed at the 20 week scan, but I think it'd probably be easy to get the sex wrong if you don't know what you're looking for. Boys bits can be tucked away, plus the angle of the screenshot could've been totally wrong to see anything too. Very frustrating for you, but I wouldn't assume it's a girl from what you've described.

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday? I've been for a 2 mile dog walk up a few hills...wouldn't normally think twice about it but MAN it was tough going. The end of pregnancy is no joke 😅 I had to take multiple breaks. Luckily the dog enjoyed the extra time for sniffing!

Attached a bump pic (39 weeks tomorrow) as I feel like it's dropped a bit. The mild period style pain is now an every day thing, very on and off and no other signs though. Eeeeek!! X

MrsR16 Sun 02-Feb-20 21:31:50

Hey ladies! Thanks for including me on this thread (definitely feel like a bit of an imposter now 😂😂😂)

@MrsEG oh that's exciting! Although I was losing my plug over the last few weeks so hopefully they'll stay put until Tuesday 😊

@purplefig beautiful bump! I essentially had no signs (aside from the mucus plug) until my waters went! Could be any time lovely!

Sorry for missing loads of you - I'm currently having Ethan cuddles before he's due a change and feed! 😍

MrsH497 Sun 02-Feb-20 21:52:36

@purplefig it really is! Wish I could spend hours just swimming and floating it seems to be the only place I'm comfortable. 25 weeks tomorrow can't quite believe it, still feels quite surreal that I'm actually pregnant which I know is odd.

Oh @MrsEG keeping everything crossed you don't go into labour before Tuesday!

@Larrydavid we felt the same we couldn't see anything obvious if you get me so DH is convinced it's a girl! I'm still very much on the fence but don't want to find out I want a surprise!

Sunday already?! I don't feel rested at all!

ELW85 Sun 02-Feb-20 22:02:35

Evening all!

Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement over the work trip. It’s a kind of mandatory trip as I need to announce a restructure for my department and have face to face meetings with some of my team. I don’t think I’ll get out of it but I will be SO scared all the way there and back!

@MrsEG - oh my god, how exciting! How are you feeling? Fingers crossed they stay put for you. Have there been any more developments? 😀

@LokiCat - so pleased that your appointment went well and that DH is back! Sorry that you’re also in pain when you’re trying to sleep. Last tri though!! Hasn’t it flown over?

@purplefig - absolutely gorgeous bump; they’ve definitely dropped! How are you feeling?
The walk sounds brilliant! You’ve done so well managing that. I did 45 mins at the gym before (taking it very easy) and it nearly killed me!

@Larrydavid - leggings and t-shirts is the sum total of my out of office ensemble at the moment! It works, so just go with it 😊
When we had a 20 week scan, I genuinely don’t think I would have known unless the sonographer pointed it out. Once I’d seen him, it was obvious but just looking at the screen myself, I wouldn’t have known!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend; I’m currently in bed with DH watching crap TV. Bliss!

Lemonysherbet Sun 02-Feb-20 22:18:10

Hey all,

@MrsEG thanks for the new thread. Exciting how close you are to meeting the twins. Do you feel ready? Bet you're so excited.

@purplefig I keep thinking I should go swimming but I talk myself.out of it as I'm usually too tired. Your bump is beautiful 😍

@elw85 you're pretty close to DD too, how are you feeling in general? I wouldn't be going on any work trips at 37 weeks and 3 hours away. I wouldn't let my 32 week pg colleague go on a work trip last week and she was very happy!

I've not thrown up all weekend, so happy! Although I rolled over in bed last night as I was dozing off and managed to pop my hip. It's been so sore today.

Also have anyone had really bad dry skin patches during pregnancy? Mines getting worse, I'm wondering if I'm just super dehydrated from being sick so much. I asked in the pharmacy but they weren't that helpful.

How's it Monday tomorrow 🙈

Larrydavid Sun 02-Feb-20 22:49:15

On the gender scan thing: I don't actually think I can tell what anything is on those scans so you're all right that it'll still be a surprise. Me and my boyfriend have a bet on - he's betting on it being a girl so I think he's just using this to try and prove he's right 😂 (it's totally normal to bet on your unborn child, right? 😬)

MrsEG Sun 02-Feb-20 23:51:22

Evening girls - so it turns out losing my plug was a big sign after all! I called triage just to let them know but they wanted to examine me (as it’s too risky for me to go in to labour with twin breech babies) and after checking me over I am having tightenings. Starting to become aware of them now too. Cervix is still high but has changed a little so basically - things have started! They have admitted me just now, DH has just gone home for some rest (HA) and to sort the dog out, and they’ve done my pre-op here, and it sounds like so long as these two keep calm over the night I’ll be having my section first thing in the morning. Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t all kick off over night and needing an emergency one but at the moment it feels okay and only 7 hours to wait!
Was completely calm and fine about it until DH just left and had a bit of a wobble so I’m gonna sit here now and just have a wee read of my book and just try and think happy thoughts!
Wish me luck x

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MrsR16 Mon 03-Feb-20 00:20:00

@MrsEG ooh!! That's so exciting! Are you doing ok? Babies everywhere - my sister's (finally) gone into labour too! Hopefully hers will be here today 😊 if I don't speak to you before, I really wish you all the best! Don't be nervous - you're going to be a mummy to two beautiful baby boys very soon!! Xx

Larrydavid Mon 03-Feb-20 00:30:31

@MrsEG ahhh how exciting. Hope you get some rest tonight, can't wait to see your baby update! Best of luck! You'll be great 🧡

purplefig Mon 03-Feb-20 07:03:53

@MrsEG what an exciting update!! I'm so over the moon you get to meet your boys today!! I hope you managed to distract yourself reading yesterday and DH can join you bright and early this morning. I'll be thinking of you! Sending you all the best vibes and positive energy your way ✨

@MrsR16 haha I'm so desperately looking for signs, but that's the crux of it isn't it?! It'll happen when they're ready. Told DH to prepare for sex this week though 😳😅 poor bloke, he even managed to seem enthusiastic at the prospect 💕

@MrsH497 oh that'd be amazing! It'd be great to just spend the end bit of pregnancy like a fish 🐋

@ELW85 ahh it's a shame you can't get out of it, but at least you know your chances of going into labour are pretty low. When do you go on mat leave lovely? Excellent gym effort - you're an inspiration! I'm feeling ok, starting to have trouble with sleep but I consider myself pretty lucky that it's not happened before now (other than the obligatory nighttime pregnancy wees).

@Lemonysherbet just go for a float?! I only actually swam a few lengths, but just chilling in the water was incredible. Hope your hip is ok today?

39 weeks today and feeling it 😅 starting to get that 'ready for this to be over' feeling finally. It's just so uncomfy now. Hope everyone has a marvellous Monday! X

MrsR16 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:14:37

@purplefig exactly! Baby will arrive when baby's ready 😊 my poor sister was 40+6 today when her baby finally decided it was time to arrive! Yet she was 2 weeks early with her other two! No rhyme or reason for it lol xx

MrsH497 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:31:23

Oh @MrsEG I hope you're doing ok! Fingers crossed everything goes to plan today and you meet you boys! Sending lots of love x

Lemonysherbet Mon 03-Feb-20 07:35:16

Good luck for today @MrsEG well all be thinking of you smile

TrashKitten10 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:40:18

Hope all goes well @MrsEG x

LokiCat Mon 03-Feb-20 07:42:51

Morning ladies! Happy Monday!

@MrsEG eeek what an exciting update!! Hope you got some rest overnight. Wishing you lots of wishes and luck for your section this morning. Can't wait to see your update with photos of the boys ❤️

@purplefig happy 39 weeks! What a gorgeous bump photo 😍 you're so close to the end, how exciting!
Props to you for doing a 2 mile walk, with hills!! I'm exhausted after the 10 minute walk from the office to the station these days 🙈

@Larrydavid I definitely had a moment of ASOS parcels everywhere! I'm living in H&M leggings and ASOS jeans, along with oversized jumpers. Comfy is best!
I had no idea what I was looking at when asking about the gender. Turns out the sonographer was looking at her from below to figure out the sex, which I definitely wouldn't have realised. I don't think it's as easy to tell. Hopefully you'll still get a lovely surprise!
After my 20 week scan time started flying by especially with all the midwife appointments in between. When's your due date again?

@MrsR16 ahh I love hearing your Ethan updates. So happy you're enjoying all the cuddles 😊 I hope all is going well?
Did you find that quite a few things came as instinct to you? I was so focused on the pregnancy, but now I'm actually thinking of parenting and feel so clueless about it all!

@ELW85 ah hopefully all will be okay during the trip. Will you be driving or taking the train?
I know, I still can't believe how fast it's gone! We've got quite a bit going on in Feb and March, so that'll make time go even faster!
Good on you still making it to the gym!! I wish I had that strength. really well done smile

@Larrydavid That's great that you haven't thrown up at all over the weekend. Sorry to hear about your hip, ouch! Hope it feels better!
My hands have felt really dry (not sure if that's just the cold air as well though). I've just been covering myself in the Palmer's cocoa butter, which helps a lot.

@TrashKitten10 hope you and Daisy are doing well lovely xx

Have a great day all 😊

LokiCat Mon 03-Feb-20 07:44:26

Oops sorry @Lemonysherbet that last one message was defo for you, re throwing up/dry patches.

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