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I love wine, Am I alone?

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mumzyof2 Fri 31-Aug-07 22:39:07

Am I the only one that cant stop drinking altogether? I have half a glass mixed with lemonade, every other night or so. No wine at all just cruel?!

yelnats Fri 31-Aug-07 22:41:12

Can I ask why you have started 2 threads discussing the same subject in the past 20 minutes?

mumzyof2 Fri 31-Aug-07 22:45:32

I was warned against he first one, and thought that maybe i had worded my question wrong, i didn want to start a debate about drinking, just wondered if i was the only one that hadnt given up completely. and i cant figure out how to delete it, silly, i know,so i though id try again, and word my question differently.

yelnats Fri 31-Aug-07 22:50:44

lol! No doubt it will start a debate whatever way you put it. I personally stopped drinking through my pregnancies - with dd1 I had 2 glasses of wine my whole preg and felt awful next day so just gave it a miss and with dd2 i just stopped altogether.

Everyone to their own though - dont think the odd glass does that much harm tbh.

mumzyof2 Fri 31-Aug-07 22:51:45

oh good, is there any way of deleting threads that i started?

yelnats Fri 31-Aug-07 22:55:26

not sure maybe contact mumsnet towers - im no sue at all not sure how to do that either! grin - wouldnt worry bout it just stay off the thread and hopefully it'l stay out of active convos

RGPargy Fri 31-Aug-07 23:14:36

I have a couple of glasses of wine a week, normally at the weekends as a treat. Deffo no harm if you have a couple of glasses a week!

estobi1 Sat 01-Sep-07 07:31:44

I don't really drink generally and I have had 2 or 3 glasses in this pregnancy (7 weeks to go).

I really fancy alcoholic drinks in pregnancy strange. I think what I miss is the variety of different drinks not being drunk. If this is your first pregnacy and you drank a fair bit before of course it will be difficult to stop - becoming an earth mother over night is not for everyone.

I am sure there are those who will be straight on this thread espousing the wickedness of those who drink and the risks to the unborn child (as to which there is some evidence for heavy usage) but take it easy and dont over do it and I am sure you will be fine. "talk it over with your midwife if you are concerned" would be the correct answer!

estobi1 Sat 01-Sep-07 07:32:06

p.s good for you for actually saying that!

paddyclamp Sat 01-Sep-07 22:46:45

I drank one or two units once or twice a week as the advice once went through both my pregnancies.

Not bein able to drink wine in normal quantites is THE worse thing about pregnancy wink

Desiderata Sat 01-Sep-07 22:54:35

Why would you want to delete? It's a perfectly valid question.

I didn't give up anything when I was pregnant. You naturally cut down, but to give up my vices altogether would have been terribly stressful.

But then again, I am naturally fit and was walking six miles a day until a week before ds was born (3 miles to work and back). I don't eat junk food, and I avoid a stressful lifestyle.

Each to their own, I say.

madamez Sat 01-Sep-07 22:59:25

I drank when I was PG and DS is fine, healthy, NT and even a bit advanced for his age. Remember that alcohol in pregnancy carries a risk rather than being a certainty that one sniff of the barmaid's apron will mean you give birth to a child with webbed feet and three eyes. A lot of the stuff about avoiding alchohol in pregnancy is good old-fashioned woman-bashing rather than any kind of sound medical advice.

EllieG Sat 01-Sep-07 23:00:30

I miss wine, it is rubbish not being able to drink. That said, I am not at all at moment because I heard you shouldn't in first 12 weeks. I might well have the odd one occasionally after I get past that, as my GP said it was OK.

MrsMar Sat 01-Sep-07 23:05:11

I didn't think I'd miss wine, I felt totally fine about not drinking at first cos I felt so rough and not in the least bit tempted to drink, but in France last month dh had a cold glass of rose and I had a sip.... it was sooooooo good! did allow myself a whole glass of cold rose on my birthday after that!

cornsilk Sat 01-Sep-07 23:07:24

When my sister was pregnant she was told to drink guiness by the hospital! You could have one or two glasses - but don't cheat by using really big glasses now!

LyraBelacqua Sat 01-Sep-07 23:14:57

I had the odd glass of wine every week during both my pregnancies (DSs now 5 and 3) and they both turned out absolutely fine. I really don't think a little alcohol in pregnancy does any harm. My GP at the time told me the odd glass would be fine.

Hurlyburly Sat 01-Sep-07 23:34:53

This is all just culturally driven to some extent. My sister had her first son in Paris where she was on secondment for two years. Her doctor told her to cut down on the drinking. It was not advisable to drink more than two or three glasses A DAY!

Desiderata Sat 01-Sep-07 23:45:31

Ah, then I shall move to Paris immediately grin

Honestly, though, I do think that this generation is extraordinarily susceptible to 'advice.'

I would love the real stats on this. You see, most women give up drinking and smoking whilst pregnant. Soooo, you would assume that most of the children with health problems at birth were the children of the small minority who continued.

And yet I see no evidence that this is born out by fact. I think that genetics is the most important factor.

sibble Sun 02-Sep-07 00:00:44

I enjoyed wine with both my pregnancies although not during first 3 months. Oddly enough somebody I used to work with who was teetotal through choice craved lager when pregnant so used to have a few glasses a week then once baby was born detested the taste again and became teetotal again!

Gangle Sun 02-Sep-07 00:39:51

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and gave up the day I found out I was pregnant (6.5 weeks ago) and I miss it SO much! Might be because I was a bit of a boozer before and loved my wine. Have tried going out and not drinking but it's just not the same!! Would love to be able to have even just the odd one but won't let myself as I don't think it's worth the worry. I will definitely have a glass of champagne at Christmas though.

MaureenMLove Sun 02-Sep-07 01:05:53

I thoght I loved wine, but I've just come back from a party next door having drunk a smidge too much and I'm not sure I do like wine anymore. I feel a bt squiffy.

buzzybee Sun 02-Sep-07 01:28:11

My understanding is that there is NO evidence that demonstrates that drinking up to 1 glass per day during PG will harm the baby. The problem is that there is no evidence which shows it doesn't either (can you imagine researchers with a control group of PG mother told they were required to drink 2 glasses plus per day?!!) So because there is no basis for saying there is no risk, the accepted advice these days seems to be to drink nothing. I have talked this one thru with a respected medico and he told that physiologically it would be almost impossible for a foetus to be harmed by a single glass since the mother's liver would metabolise at least 90% of the alcohol before it got anywhere near the placenta. There is evidence however that binge drinking and/or drinking more than 1-2 glasses regularly and frequently (say more than twice a week) can cause foetal alcohol syndrome which is definitely a bad thing.
I am 24 weeks PG and drank 1 glass of wine 2-3 times a month in my first PG and continue to do the same this time.
But then I also take the French approach to allowing my daughter to have the very odd sip of wine and beer at age 5 so perhaps I'm just a bad mother!

chipmonkey Sun 02-Sep-07 02:08:55

I don't drink at all when pg ( and my non-pregnant self is very partial to the old vino!) I just know that if anything was wrong with the baby I would always wonder whether it was that glass of wine. Probably not very logical but I prefer not to take the risk.

morningglory Sun 02-Sep-07 06:27:51

I remember the shock of my French in-laws that I wasn't drinking during my first pregnancy. They thought it was anglo-saxon extremism.

I had no desire to drink through either of my first trimesters, and had about 2 glasses during the second/third trimesters with my first. I'm in my second trimester with my second, and would LOVE to have just a half a glass of chilled white wine with dinner when out, but, TBH, am petrified of ordering it for fear of public retribution (isn't that sad!). A friend ordered one glass of Chablis whilst pregnant, and the waiter admonished her by saying "I dont' think that you should be drinking at all in your state!" This is a woman who doeesn't normally drink, and just really wanted a taste with her dinner. She felt awful afterwards. I'm afraid of that happening to me.

ghosty Sun 02-Sep-07 07:28:09

I'm with chipmonkey. In NZ where I was pg with DD the advice is NO ALCOHOL while pregnant. The advice was put out to try to curb the drinking of many young teen mothers (alcohol is a problem in that group apparently).
I preferred not to take the risk, personally. 9 months isn't really a long time is it?

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