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Raging hormones have reared their horrible head again...

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PregnantGrrrl Thu 30-Aug-07 10:24:11

have screamed horribly at DS this morning because he spat water over me and keeps grinding his teeth- the latter is a new trick, which he only does to me, because however hard i try, i can't hide the fact that it makes me feel sick. i got so bad i put him upstairs in his cot for 10mins because i was afraid i might smack him. he's only 14mths sad blush

after i calmed down i apologised to him and we had a cuddle, he's napping now. i feel mental- this pregnancy is affecting my temper so badly, i don't feel like me sometimes.

and DH just makes it worse with comments like 'just chill out'...i pointed out that to me that felt like saying to a depressed person 'just cheer up''s not actually very helpful.

anyway- just wanted to off load, being as i don't feel very understood at the moment.

thomcat Thu 30-Aug-07 10:27:30

Ohhh mate. I suffer hugely with pregnancy hormones. They are littel evil bastards aren't they.

PregnantGrrrl Thu 30-Aug-07 10:29:26

i'm sure my neighbours must have been able to hear me, they must think i'm a horrible mother.

i just blow up- i've been really good for a few weeks, and i've ruined it this morning.

thomcat Thu 30-Aug-07 10:34:56

Please don't beat yourself up. It's not your fault. It's horrid. It's hormones. They are cruel. Not you, the hormones. They make you snap and then you're fine again the next second.

PregnantGrrrl Thu 30-Aug-07 10:37:50

i think i make it worse by trying to do too much aswell- i'm still working at the moment. Can't wait to start maternity leave next month. I'm not very good at just relaxing anyway, but combined with this pregnancy, i've lost it totally.

thomcat Thu 30-Aug-07 10:51:48

Mate - you are my pregnancy twin!

I can't sit down for a second. And if I find myself with nothing to do, which is rare, i write a list, or g on the net and bid for items on ebay that I might need for the baby, or take every book off the bookshelf and put them back on in a slightly different order! Things barely touch the bottom of the washing basket before I'm washing it.

As I'm having a home birth and am about 3 weeks off I'm obsessive about keeping the house spick and span so it all looks nice when I look up from a painful contraction!

I'm making spag bols, stews, casseroles to freeze so we have food to eat while I am stuck breatfeeding.

In between I am having huge outbursts at Dom and spent Sunday in tears, so much so that Lottie saw me and said 'oh mummy, never mind, cup of tea, doctor, lay down, there there'! Bless her, I felt awful, but it just made me sob even harder which was a terrible thing to do in front of her.

I've snapped at my girls too.

I empathise with you 100%.

But just think we have sleep deprivation to look forward to next! grin

PregnantGrrrl Thu 30-Aug-07 11:24:20

i think you are! i finish in 4 weeks, then i have 3 weeks before i am due to cook, clean, sort etc. I have promised DH that i will rest every day too, and have a soak etc. I'm keeping DS at his Childminders until the new baby comes too, so i'll have time to myself.

DH says 'do nothing, sit down woman', and all i can say is 'but the washing / kitchen floor/ tea/ weeding etc etc'

thomcat Thu 30-Aug-07 12:25:38

What are we like!

I'm due Tues 25th Sept and my last day at work is 13 September.

I'm off to Sainsbutys in my lunch hour to buy ingrediants to make a lemon/chicken/veg pie to freeze until baby is here.

Just booked Eve into another swimming course and to have the last of her seperate MMR injections over in a private clinic in Hemel, booked a hair cut for all 3 of us, a leg and bikini wax for me, ohhh and that reminds me, must book a pedicure too.

Going out on a hen night into central London Saturday, D is away on the stag all weekend in Edinburgh.

Also have a huge list of things that include things like - clean and tidy/sort out food cupboards. Tody loft (!), sort out clothes in bedroom.

Oh and I'm starting to think what the girls might like for Xmas!

Been buying them gifts now from the baby to keep them occupied for when he/she arrives.

Oh the list justy goes on!

Meanwhile D has toothache and he si excpecting sympathy! PAH! wink

becklespeckle Thu 30-Aug-07 12:36:09

You're not alone in feeling this way PregnantGrrl. Hormones didn't overly affect my moods when pg with the DSs but am definitely short of temper with this one!
Keep snapping at the boys (they have been ratbags this hols but prob cos they sense I am not on top form) and DH tells me to chill too but just feel grumpy and cross in general. I dread to think what the neighbours think of me! Am hoping this does not mean I will have a grumpy baby!

thomcat Thu 30-Aug-07 13:42:58

I screamed obsenities at D and slammed a door so hard, windows fully open, neighbours in their garden. Forget what trivial thing he had or hadn't done now! blush

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