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emilyrosex Wed 15-Jan-20 09:20:45

Did anyone else suffer with breakouts in the 1st trimester of pregnancy? Praying it clears up!!

AlphaLemon Wed 15-Jan-20 18:21:47

Yes! I used this product from amazon called V55 max - miracle stuff! Skin cleared up by mid - second trimester.

Congrats on the pregnancy 😊

emilyrosex Wed 15-Jan-20 19:37:31

@AlphaLemon Thank you! I am 6 weeks today😁 oh really I will definitely look into purchasing this! Is it safe to use whilst pregnant then? I will try anything at the minute my skin is terrible!! sad

Frlrlrubert Wed 15-Jan-20 19:50:26

Yup, back and chest as well, grim.

No advice though, I was shit at being pregnant, being spotty was the least of my worries.

sadtoday21 Wed 15-Jan-20 20:15:16

v55 max is NOT safe to use in pregnancy, as it contains a high amount of salicylic acid.

Best thing that is pregnancy safe is glycolic acid or betonite clay masks. I also used rose water, coconut oil, lime peels, and azaelic acid. But tbh, nothing helps except time (hormones) and it will clear up in the second trimester, only to return in the third... sorry, you have my sympathy, it's the worst!

AlphaLemon Wed 15-Jan-20 20:25:41

V55 is 2% so that’s still fine in pregnancy 😊

summershine2204 Wed 15-Jan-20 20:28:36

When I was six weeks it broke out in my chest and back, I'm not 11 weeks and that's all cleared but I'm getting teenage pimples on my face!
I've stopped wearing foundation to give my skin a break & using miclear cleansing every night before bed.

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