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Pregnancy insomnia kicking my butt

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MountAbora Wed 15-Jan-20 09:15:07

Heya. I’m 22 weeks pregnant currently with my first and for past 2 weeks have not been getting more than 2-3 hours sleep a night! Haven’t slept brilliantly since about 10weeks but it’s got so much worse recently!!
I have ordered (another) pregnancy pillow and have tried getting up, not drinking much before bed so I’m not woken up to pee, but no luck! I get to sleep initially but once I wake up that’s me, no matter the time. Anyone else experienced this and if so any ideas on how to get back to sleep?!
I work full time so struggling quite a lot come mid-afternoon and no opportunity for naps.

EN73 Wed 15-Jan-20 20:08:33

Gosh that's early on getting insomnia! I'm 36 weeks and struggling with this too. I wake up at about 4am for a couple of hours and then i could fall asleep at 7am which is when I have to Go to work. It's draining and hard.
I have found a good couple of relaxation, hypnotherapy tracks on YouTube that get me relaxed enough to be able to fall asleep. White noise I find helpful too, I found birdsong helps me to drop off, weird. But it's worth having a look on YouTube. I've recently found some calm stories, where people tell you a story with a rather relaxing voice and I drift off sometimes with these.
Hope this helps, no sleep is a nightmare!!!

Engard Wed 15-Jan-20 20:47:33

Oh it's horrible isn't it? 😩
I hate my pregnancy pillow, find it far more comfortable just to stick a pillow under my bump. As for the peeing and mind racing 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'll take whatever advice I can get.

Ravecat Thu 16-Jan-20 06:29:15

I have experienced this the whole time I have known I am pregnant. I struggle to fall asleep, which wasn't uncommon for me in the first place. But now I wake up between 3am-5am to pee and then I'm wide awake and can't go back to sleep. hmm

littledinosaurs Thu 16-Jan-20 06:33:13

I'm 28 weeks and get this sometimes. I tend to get up, let the thoughts whizz around a bit and then go back to bed and put a podcast or audiobook on. I'm doing the PBC's digital pack so have some tracks from that to listen to which help.

Jesskir89 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:43:27

I've had it since 22 weeks and I'm now 31 and if hasn't gone away!

saltandvinegar1 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:58:29

I know what it feels like. I've had it since 24 weeks and it's still there! Due for a section tomorrow at 39 plus 5

RhymingRabbit3 Thu 16-Jan-20 07:06:07

I'm having the same problem, at 31 weeks. I feel sick if I lie down and as soon as I get comfortable I start getting kicked by the baby. Finding it really hard to get up and run around after my 3 year old all day sad

shutupsteph Wed 22-Jan-20 07:02:56

I'm losing the will to live. Nighttime is just me lying awake, waiting for morning where weirdly I can get 1-3 hours sleep. I dread going to bed and despite trying everything I just can't get to and stay asleep.

40+1 and I'm desperate for my baby to arrive, almost selfishly because I know that I will sleep (when I get a chance) compared to physically not being able to sleep. I'm not sure how much longer I can get by like this, especially when everyone and their bloody dog is telling me to rest and in the same breath telling me to stay active.

If one more person tells me this is just my body getting ready for being woken up by baby I will punch them in the vagina. Not being able to sleep properly from 30 weeks and being told it's 'normal' and your suffering will continue is not helpful in any way.

BeautyAndTheBump1 Wed 22-Jan-20 08:00:46

I find it helps to actually get up and go downstairs, watch TV for half hour and then go back to bed / or lay on the sofa and fall asleep there. Otherwise if I stay in bed I just toss and turn for hours and end up being awake longer.

LiveFatsDieYoGnu Wed 22-Jan-20 08:09:40

I feel you - I've had it since the first trimester, now nearly 37 weeks and my sleep is actually better than it was at some points early on despite all the peeing and general discomfort! Two things helped me. Hypnotherapy tracks, as recommended by another poster, sometimes helped me get back to sleep. The other thing is that sometimes I think I was hungry even though I didn't really feel it, and having a cereal bar or a slice of toast in the small hours could really help me get a couple more hours before my alarm went off!

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