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Contractions have stopped...?

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LifeIsAnArt Wed 15-Jan-20 08:30:16

So I'm currently overdue with my second baby, I started having contractions in the morning around 2am and while they were not regular, they most certainly were not Braxton Hicks and some were quite painful, and were coming every 6-20 mins or so with some intensity. There got to a point where I thought I'd be rushing to hospital in the morning. But when I got up at 6am they seem to have stopped? Has anyone else had any experience of this? And if so did labour follow? Would quite like this baby to come out now! I'm experiencing some cramps still and a painful lower back/ hip.

seeingdots Wed 15-Jan-20 08:37:49

I had that. Contractions through the night, started getting quite frequent but then pretty much stopped during the day, apart from a few periods of on/off irregular ones. Started back up that evening and kept going strong through the night at DS was born at 10 the next morning.

Definitely sounds like early labour! Ball bouncing, keep eating and hydrated and sleep when/if you can is the advice I got. Hopefully baby will be here soon!

Whynosnowyet Wed 15-Jan-20 08:39:35

Get vacuuming op!!
Worked for me many times!!

Spanneroo Wed 15-Jan-20 08:46:14

Yep. I don't labour in the day.

When waters broke with the twins and contractions stopped as the sun came up, I had midwives and DH hanging up sheets on the windows to get it dark again so I could labour before they converted to c section. (It worked)

MustardScreams Wed 15-Jan-20 08:47:59

This happened to me! I walked up and down the stairs sideways, went for a walk, and bounced on my birthing ball.

They came back with a vengeance when I lost my plug and dd was born the next day.

Good luck!

GiveHerHellFromUs Wed 15-Jan-20 08:48:32

Make sure you're eating enough and try to remain as calm as possible. MW told me getting anxious and not eating can slow down or stop labour x

LifeIsAnArt Wed 15-Jan-20 10:32:06

Thanks all for the response! I'm going to take it easy today and rest during the day as figure those contractions were prob a sign that baby will arrive soon now. Once I've caught up on sleep I'm going to try and be active!

LifeIsAnArt Thu 16-Jan-20 08:10:52

Ok I was expecting those contractions to come back yesterday either during the day or at night but there were just a few here and there confused let's hope for better luck today! About time now!

Mamaofdos Fri 17-Jan-20 18:07:38

@LifeIsAnArt any luck with your contractions?

I’m overdue with baby number 3 😭 (baby 1 was on due date, baby 2 12 days early so thought I would have went by now). I had 9 hours of contractions but only 3cm dilated. Went to hospital but was sent home. This happened with my second pregnancy and had son the following night...However no signs today despite having my 3rd sweep last night.

LifeIsAnArt Fri 17-Jan-20 18:57:07

@Mamaofdos no regular contractions followed that episode so I'm now in hospital for induction. However they found I'm 3cm dilated shortly on arrival so we're waiting a few more hrs to see if I get any further before taking action. Fingers crossed!

I'd always been told that subsequent births tend to be shorter gestation than the first, but doesn't seem to be the case with our babies! I hope something will happen for you soon, just think those contractions have helped prepare you for the birth! Did the hospital mention induction at all?

Mamaofdos Fri 17-Jan-20 19:09:11

@LifeIsAnArt fingers crossed that is you.

Last night my contractions were really strong but midwife gave me strong painkillers and sent me home. Had a great sleep mind you but woke up to absolutely no contractions.

I have a midwife appointment on Monday and they are going to book induction for the weekend after. So potentially another 8 days to go 😢 Just hoping I’ll go before then.

ThatDreamSheep Fri 17-Jan-20 19:12:31

I had that with my second, started getting them on the Wednesday night time (was convinced I would be heading in to the hospital) but they slowed after a couple of hours. I didnt have her until the following Friday so over a week of early labour for me! I could tell straight away when they felt different. Good luck OP!

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