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Hair Dye and pregnancy

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molliemoo Wed 29-Aug-07 21:09:54

I am 24 weeks pregnant and would like to use a semi-permanent all over hair dye but someone told me that it can enter your pores and there may be a risk to the baby. I have had easy mesh done whilst pregnant but that does not touch the roots of your hair. Has anyone else heard about this or is it nonsense?

fawkeoff Wed 29-Aug-07 21:11:01

my hairdersser told me it wasnt a roblem, apart from that the hair can be more or less porous so the results may be differant

fifisworld Wed 29-Aug-07 21:24:29

ive done mine 2 weeks ago when i was 22 weeks, no problems at all

Paranoid1stTimer Wed 29-Aug-07 21:27:45

Well.... It's usually women going for permanent hair colouring or full head high lift tint that should avoid it - esp in early stages of pregnancy due to the delicate embryo/fetus status. It's to do with the levels of peroxide and or ammonia that can enter the blood stream through your skin. HOwever, full head bleach didn't seem to do Jordan any harm when she was pregnant!!!
It's a personal choice really but stay away from reds as the colour pigment is more likely to cause an allergic reaction if your skin has been more sensitive recently.
I am sticking to hilights while I am pregnant as the product doesn't sit on the scalp... but then again I work in the city centre so am in bus/car fumes every day in an air conditioned office full of photocopier/fax ink residue. Hmmmm - healthy... hmm

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