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Unknow extreme pain

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Nhaide01 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:31:47

Hi everyone
I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and up until Thursday everything was perfect. I was absolutely flying it.
I was getting ready for my 1st ante natal appointment and I was in the shower and I got the worst pain I have ever experienced on my lower left abdomen, it was so bad my legs almost went from under me and it made me feel a little sick.
Long story short, the pain didnt go away at all and I ended up in my a&e department that night and I was kept in hospital over night for observation.
Baby was scanned and all was perfect in that department
My kidneys were scanned and all was perfect
The poked around at my abdomen and couldnt find anything.
The hospital let me home with the explanation of a blacked colon but that's not what I think it might be.
Almost 5 days later and I am still in pain and its really starting to make me worry.

Has anyone else every experienced this

Emberfoot Tue 14-Jan-20 23:50:13

No idea what it is or isn't but tbh after not getting better for 5 days I'd prob head back to a doctor, get a second opinion.

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