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When will this nausea end ?? 😬

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Jj93x Tue 14-Jan-20 09:21:03

I had really bad nausea from weeks 4-7, this seemed to fade away and I was absolutely buzzing to be able to leave the house and be normal again.

I am now 9 weeks 5 days, since 9 weeks exactly it has came back with a vengeance and I’m totally floored with it again.

I really reeeeally hate being sick (I know everyone does, but it literally fills me with anxiety) so I’m spending all my time terrified to leave the house, scared to even speak sometimes cos I feel like if I talk I’m gonna throw up, scared to go out in public in case I be sick. When I am sick I’m so stressed that it wipes me out for the day.

I’m am thankful however as it just so happens I’ve taken 2 weeks holiday from work as we’re moving house, so it’s worked out perfect as I have already been off sick a few times previous because of this, and it means I don’t have to get myself in a flap about driving in to work.

I’m just so tired of being stuck in bed unable to do anything or eat properly and feeling utterly lousy sad

Please tell me this gets better soon 😫

Millettmum Tue 14-Jan-20 09:31:40

I didn't get sickness until about 7-8 weeks, it then lasted until about 12-13 weeks. This time even though feeling sick I ate manageable foods and felt better for it. Everyone is different though. If you daren't move because of it I would seek the doctors or midwifes advise.

Bookworm83 Tue 14-Jan-20 09:54:40

Mine lasted from week 6 to week 12-13. But I am now in the third trimester (w29) and feel like it's slowly coming back 😕

Besidesthepoint Tue 14-Jan-20 10:10:20

9-10 weeks was the worst for me. It slowly faded somewhat till 14 weeks. I wasn't totally fine after that, still needed to eat something quickly in the morning and couldn't stand the smells of herbs, BUT it didn't bother me in day-to-day life and No heaving.

toastandmoretoast Tue 14-Jan-20 10:52:40

I'm 7 weeks into my first pregnancy just now and feel awful pretty much all the time. Nausea started at 5.5 weeks and is constant except for straight after eating (usually toast) but I've been lucky not to actually be sick. Been sleeping A LOT too, last 2 days after getting in from work I'm basically straight to bed (and that's only working part time hours). Just hopeful that I'll feel normal again soon too.

Engard Tue 14-Jan-20 11:31:53

I'm 38 weeks and still sick everyday. Sorry. 🥺

I found that (in my first pregnancy) just having something to eat helped with the nausea however, If you can't keep anything down then it's important to get medication. You do not want to end up dehydrated.

samjacklogi88 Tue 14-Jan-20 11:43:49

I'm in the same boat as you nausea at 7 weeks and it just awful I'm now 11 weeks I still feel sick mainly at night but I'm better during the day so I can do a bit more week 9 and 10 were my worst weeks ever

Brianna83 Tue 14-Jan-20 12:03:36

Oh hun, I really feel for you and felt just the same at 12 weeks when everyone told me it would end.

My understanding is it is completely different with every pregnancy. I'm now 37 weeks and still being sick at least once a day. I have cyclizine which helps but eating regularly is the main thing for me. I'm far more nauseous and sick if I have an empty stomach.

I really hope that you are one of the lucky ones where it ends soon! thanks

catlady3 Tue 14-Jan-20 23:26:57

34 weeks tomorrow and it's still going strong. Although it lets up occasionally. Just had a week with no vomiting so yesterday I got cocky and thought I could brush my teeth right after breakfast like a normal person. Like bloody Ikarus. It was chunky as well.

Emberfoot Tue 14-Jan-20 23:57:49

Lol I was gonna brag about still being sick on week 17, but ye, a couple of you have me beat 😛

SprogMaker Wed 15-Jan-20 03:59:28

All strength to you hun.

I'm 6.4 weeks and mine came on with full force last week. Since then it's been a morning vomit (including pulling over on the way to work to spew into a tupperware container I thankfully had hanging around in the backseat - lovely) and constant nausea throughout the day with a lovely headache to go with. I've never felt this rotten for this long in my life!

I'm praying that it goes away at the end of the first trimester. I want to have a happy, bouncy, excited pregnancy and eat some proper, nourishing food. The only thing I can tolerate at the moment are things that are beige. And ALL the smells, right through from hand soap to fish sauce are making me dry retch.

I tell you the one thing that has worked for me (haven't tried the prescription stuff the doc gave me, I read up on it and it scared me) is travel calm ginger tablets. They're made from ginger root extract and taking them after my morning spew tends to mean that I am at least able to eat something and keep it down during the day, even if it is only toast or boiled rice. You're meant to take a smaller dose in pregnancy than what is recommended for a general adult but maybe suss them and out see what you think.

Stay strong!

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