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Do i need to buy brand new mattress moses basket

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LizzieO Wed 29-Aug-07 17:25:05

wondering if its necessary to buy a new mattress for my moses basket, DS was in it for a few weeks and has been up in loft since so was going to give it an airing before used for LO, but then remembered something about how your meant to buy new mattress , but not sure if this is totally necessary as mattress hardly used ????
any advice / Info

SenoraPostrophe Wed 29-Aug-07 17:27:57

they've changed the mattress advice recently: not necessary to buy new if the mattress is in good condition.

UCM Wed 29-Aug-07 17:28:05

Well I used the one that was given to me by a friend. I reasoned that its sealed plastic and hardly used. I couldn't see the point. Same for DS old cot, the mattress is sealed in plastic, so unless the plastic is ripped I couldn't see the point.

UCM Wed 29-Aug-07 17:30:42

Did you get that 'I couldn't see the point' as I DID say it twice (by mistake) grin

HenriettaHippo Wed 29-Aug-07 17:33:14

I didn't get a new one...

LizzieO Wed 29-Aug-07 17:50:12

Hi girls

thanks for response, they seem to change guidelines about everything every two minutes, like UCM i don't see the point in buying a brand new mattress when the one i have is sealed plastic and only used a few times buy a tiny clean as a pin new baby

NAB3 Wed 29-Aug-07 17:58:41

All mine had new mattresses. Saw them last night when I was in the loft. Don't know why I kept them when having no more babies.

LucyK1978 Fri 31-Aug-07 09:39:20

My friend has lent me her moses basket to use when our LO arrives in November. It is in perfect condition and she looked after it beautifully, and her baby wasn't in it for long, but we have bought a new matress direct from manufacturer (Clair de Lune website) and it only cost £6.11 including postage.

I wondered if maybe a matress stored in a loft, even if for only a short time, might have got a bit musty and damp, and thought £6 was a reasonable price to be sure. Especially considering all those other things we feel compelled to buy and will probably never use, that often cost much more!! grin

Having said that, who knows where the shops store their matresses while they are waiting to be sold!! hmm

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