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Sleeping tablets

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rmack19 Mon 13-Jan-20 06:29:11

I’ve never been a good sleeper and have suffered from chronic insomnia on and off. Two years ago I had a bout so bad that it spiralled into a bit of a breakdown. The thought of returning to that fills me with terror and if I have one bad night I get very anxious. I now manage it quite well, just having to take a sleeping tablet (zopliclone) once a week. Currently, I am 24 weeks pregnant and have had a couple of wobbles in regards to my mental health although all is good now and I’m looking forward to the baby coming! The doctor has given me more zopliclone (3mg) which I have been taking just once a week, or less if I can. However, the midwife is really not happy with this and wants me to stop taking them. I have read online about the risks but I am so scared about falling into a horrible insomnia spiral, and then possibly worse, without them. Any advice welcome smile

Anoushka1986 Mon 13-Jan-20 08:46:59

That's a tough one. Insomnia is horrible isn't it. Before I got pregnant I was taking approximately two temazepam a week. I didn't know how I would get through the pregnancy without them. My gp initially said that I couldn't take them at all when pregnant however when she clarified this with drs at the local maternity hospital they said that they had changed their recommendations around this and now believed it was more important to keep mums sleeping well so occasional use was okay. As another option, however, they put me on medication for my anxiety in the hopes that this would reduce my anxiety around not sleeping, which is what keeps the insomnia going. Is this an option for you? I'm on sertraline at the moment and dr said there is no problem with me taking this. It's worked a treat and I haven't needed to take a sleeping pill the entire pregnancy. It also sounds like you could benefit from seeing a psychologist to work on your anxiety around sleeping. Is this something you've tried before?

SuddenArborealStop Mon 13-Jan-20 08:49:27

I was given xanex for panic attacks in pregnancy i wonder would something like that calm you down enough to fall asleep without a sleeping tablet?

rmack19 Mon 13-Jan-20 16:58:24

I'm already on sertraline which have done wonders for my mood in general. Have tried everything going including therapy to try and completely cure the insomnia and nothing seems to shift this last obstacle. Have an appointment to see mental health midwife in a week or so so will see what they say :/

Anoushka1986 Wed 15-Jan-20 09:03:16

Sorry to hear @rmack19 . I think it's probably worth discussing whether it's the specific type of sleeping pill you are on that concerns the midwife or just any sleeping pill in general and whether there was a more suitable alternative. It sounds like you have had this issue for awhile though so I'm sure you've tried many different options. I hope your discussion with the midwife is helpful.

youreallyarefantatsic Wed 15-Jan-20 09:18:21

That sounds rubbish @rmack19. I used to have the odd sleepless night once a week or so. I've not had any since being pregnant and I think it's probably because the anti-sickness meds I'm on also happen to be a drowsy antihistamine. Could you ask for something like that? I have half a phenergan tablet before bed, but you can take a full one. Cyclizine is also prescribed for HG and knocked me out for about a week!

rosieposies Wed 15-Jan-20 09:24:19

I got so many mixed messages about my meds when I was pregnant op, and in the end I saw a perinatal psychiatrist who put me on promethazine (horrible stuff) and then eventually diazepam at 32 weeks which I took one of every 3 days and slept so well. She made me feel a million times better about being on antidepressants etc, my GP was USELESS. Xx

rosieposies Wed 15-Jan-20 09:25:54

I found antihistamines made me feel worse but for some people they work really well x

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