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17 week pains

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natlove Mon 13-Jan-20 04:56:17

Good Morning,
So I am just over 17 weeks pregnant and I'm worried sick!
Saturday I got my DC out of her cot and thought I had pulled a muscle in my stomach. Spoke to the EPU they basically said it's just muscle strain. The pin since hasn't gone away and now feels more painful in my lower abdomen.

No signs of any bleeding and I can feel baby moving, however rather than it feeling like I have pulled a muscle it feels like cramping.

Any thoughts?

natlove Wed 15-Jan-20 03:58:18

Please someone help. I have had pains in my stomach now for a couple of days all healthcare professionals have told me it's ligament stretching. Tonight I haven't been able to keep anything down suffering really bad with D&V spoke to 111 they said go and see a GP in the morn, spoke to EPU they said the same. I'm crippled in half with stomach pains and I need to know if A&E is my option right now!

natlove Wed 15-Jan-20 04:02:21

And to add to it I am now having irregular heart beat

Snowflake9 Wed 15-Jan-20 04:15:12

Sounds as though you are experiencing ligament pain. Mine was terrible and I was convinced it was kidney stones again. It wasn't.

The D&V is probably just a bug and it sounds as though you may have a touch of anxiety.

Please go and get a glass of water and sit up right for a few minutes. If you are worried, by all means go to A&E but just take a second first.

SnoozyLou Wed 15-Jan-20 05:44:03

I'm 17 weeks and I've been experiencing pains in my lower abdomen for the past few days, and an upset tummy too. The pains are worse when I'm sitting, and sometimes when I've sat for some time then stand, my belly feels rock hard, like a bowling ball. I was getting really worried, but when I mentioned it to DP, he remembered this when I was pregnant with DS. I have absolute no recollection of it, but it does feel like it's ligament pain. It's kind of under my bump to the sides, and it does actually feel like ligaments being stretched, and can be very painful at times. At times it's felt like pains in my ovaries. Also had lower back pain with it which scared me as I previously had 2 MCs.

If you are in a lot of pain though, I'd keep on until you see someone. Mine has started to ease after a few days. My bump feels a lot more pronounced and I'm suddenly feeling the baby a lot now.

natlove Wed 15-Jan-20 07:27:43

It's not so much the pain anymore it's the fact I can't keep anything down my stomach is so tender from vomiting

Catlover10 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:42:39

Book a GP appointment today, they can give you anti sickness medicine if you’re worried about keeping foods down, and take your temperature etc to see if you have a fever. No bleeding is a great sign smile

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