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February 2020 mums how prepared are you!?

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Lou2120 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:31:56

Hey February mum's just wondering how your all doing preparing for your new arrivals?

Do you have everything you need yet?
Are things all set up and ready to go?

Love to hear from you all....

Soda123x Sun 12-Jan-20 20:40:39

Hey smile
I'm due 28th Feb so just over 6 weeks and keep telling myself I've got loads of time lol but these last couple of weeks have gone so quickly, it will deffo be here before we know it.

I've done my hospital bag today. Babies stuff is in a pile ready to pack but we dont pick our pram up until 4weeks before baby due so its just a case of putting it all in the babies bag.

The nursery is getting there now but it wont go in there until 6 months so no massive rush but we seem to have most other stuff. Ie swinging crib in our room and another downstairs. Bouncer. Steriliser etc ...

We haven't bought alot of clothing (we haven't found out what sex baby is) weve got enough for the 1st few days and then once babies here both our families will then buy for whatever sex it is xx

buddhababy2019 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:43:51

I'm due 14th Feb and I think I'm pretty much good to go. All I've got left to buy is a bath (and that's only because I can't make my mind up between an angel care bath support for the main bath or one of the tub type baths). Bag is packed and ready to go because dc1 caught me out and turned up a month early!!

SparkleUK Sun 12-Jan-20 20:46:50

I'm due 19th and everything ready to go pretty much!
Moses basket waiting to go into our room but not putting it in there yet as OH will end up falling over it haha.
Only thing I need is some wonderful massive pants and to iron my final hospital bag clothes.
Nursery all ready but we're due to move house in March so really all go 😳

Hall84 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:51:07

I'm also due 14th. I think we're as ready as we can be - nursery is all done (I didn't want to decorate/build flat packs whilst we're off work) and we've bought everything we're going to before baby arrives. Just need to get through the next 3 weeks at work now . . .

user1493413286 Sun 12-Jan-20 20:54:44

I’ve bought everything (I think) but the nursery is still a mess and I don’t have my hospital bag ready. I’m thinking next weekend is the time to have things sorted out.

buddhababy2019 Sun 12-Jan-20 21:24:47

@Hall84 I've got 3 weeks to go too at work - cant wait to finish!

WombatStewForTea Sun 12-Jan-20 21:27:57

I'm due 3 weeks today on 2nd Feb. I'm mostly ready just need to actually pack my hospital bag!

Lou2120 Sun 12-Jan-20 21:31:58

Sounds like everyone is doing well with the preparation for our babies!

I'm due on the 23rd February and have everything we need now. My hospital bag is packed but I do need to add a couple more bits like a bottle of lucozade and some snacks for me and the hubby.

I'm going to organise a few of my cupboards that desperately need it over the next week and get rid of clutter in the house!

I'm thinking we will set the moses basket and stand up in around 3 weeks times. I've washed all her clothes and put them all organised in her wardrobe.

mrspotatohed Sun 12-Jan-20 21:34:24

I need to finish packing my own bag for hospital, babies is done. And I need to buy a bath. Moses basket and cot are set up. Need to fit the car seat base into the car, and bring down the steriliser and perfect prep as I want to have a go of everything beforehand so i know how to use it! Due 13th, cant bloody wait I'm so over it now!

SparkleUK Sun 12-Jan-20 21:47:10

I'm in my last week of work this week, I feel like I'm going off too early but then the logistics of my job tire me out and remind me I may quite enjoy having some time for me!

Lou2120 Sun 12-Jan-20 21:52:48

@mrspotatohed I'm so over it too! I'm due 23rd February and everyday is going so slow! I really hope that shes not late!

CupCupGoose Sun 12-Jan-20 21:53:46

I ahve 3 weeks left at work too! I'm due on the 17th. I haven't washed any clothes yet or set up the next to me crib or packed my hospital bag yet! I'm feeling a bit behind compared to you lot! It is my third though.

Lou2120 Sun 12-Jan-20 21:56:23

@cupcupgoose this is my third too but I've been off work for a while so have had time on my hands to get things organised. I. Also panicking about coping with 3! So need to get myself as organised as possible.

CupCupGoose Sun 12-Jan-20 22:09:33

How old are your other two? Mine are 6 and 8 so a bit of a gap which I'm worrying about!

Lou2120 Sun 12-Jan-20 22:11:47

Mine are 10 and 5 I've got 2 boys and am having a girl! I've got a gap to but I think it helps to be honest. They will both be at school so most of the time which will help but equally they need such different things so need to be able to meet all their separate needs

Sushirolls Mon 13-Jan-20 00:32:43

DGS2 is due on the 15th February and DGS1 is only 16 months, so DD already had most things. She has bought new mattresses for her crib & Moses basket, and managed to buy a very good condition 2nd hand Bugaboo Donkey for a very good price. She's had her bag packed since Christmas, as they were away for it.

DD has been a bit poorly, and we're waiting to hear if DGS2 will have to be delivered early, so that they can perform surgery, so it's just a waiting game at the moment. Consultant appt on Friday, hopefully we will know more.

Exciting times to come! Hope everyone is feeling well flowers

CupCupGoose Mon 13-Jan-20 07:07:36

@Lou2120 I think it's nice that you've you got an equal gap between all of them. In one way I'm glad both of mine are older and will be at school because a 23 month gap was seriously hard work last time. But at the same time, they are so close and kind of at the same stage that I worry this one won't have that same bond. Eldest is a girl, youngest is a boy and this one is a boy too.

Oh actually Im planning on using reusable nappies and wipes and I ahve washed those, so I do have one thing ticked off my list!

Lou2120 Mon 13-Jan-20 07:30:05

@cupcupgoose I have found with my two I already have the age gap is no trouble they have such a loving bond and play together daily. Dont get me wrong we do get arguments but they are amazingly close and I've never had jealousy because my eldest has always understood why the younger one needs more help etc and my 10 year old helps me loads which is lovely.

They are both excited to meet their sister which is lovely but I think that even they think its dragging now.

That's good you've got those washed I was wondering about trying the reusable wipes!

Salire86 Mon 13-Jan-20 08:37:45

Due feb 14th too. I have a few small bits left to get and not picking up the travel system and co sleeper for another two weeks. Nearly finished my hospital bag but struggling to find something to wear for labour, sounds ridiculous because nobody will be looking at me but still seems to be all fluffy pjs around. Think I might get a tens machine too.

45andfine Mon 13-Jan-20 08:48:47

@SparkleUK I feel the same! Due 6th Feb, but started maternity leave today! I'm not sure what to do with myself, but work was non stop, no breaks and on my feet all day. Just couldn't do it anymore.

It's a difficult call either way.

buddhababy2019 Mon 13-Jan-20 08:51:43

@Salire86 I picked up a cheap nightshirt from primark for labour - doesn't matter too much then if it gets messy etc, then I got some nicer cotton PJs from M&S for afterwards

ParksAndRecreation Mon 13-Jan-20 09:49:28

Hi - can I join? I'm due 27th Feb. First baby.

I'm shitting myself, but also can't wait to get him out!

I'm so uncomfortable now, my back is in a mess, my boobs weigh about 15 stone and I'm not sure how much more I can take. I will probably work right up until a few days before so it all feels like ages away!

Nursery only half ready, ordered a ton of stuff (pram, crib, car seat etc) this weekend but my hospital bag is definitely not packed...

Any tips for what to put in it? I'm having planned C-Sect (various reasons) so I know I need to have massive pants and some peppermint but that's about it....

emmyloucuddles Mon 13-Jan-20 14:22:17

Hello, can I join in!

Due 12th Feb and just finished packing our hospital bags this weekend. This will be my second but DD1 is 4 so trying to remember what it was like having a newborn....hmm
Think we are sorted now with everything...finishing work this week and then the wait begins! Hope these last few weeks don't drag too much!


emmyloucuddles Mon 13-Jan-20 14:29:18

@ParksandRecreation I feel your pain!!! Will be nice to have our bodies back to normal.

For hospital bag I recommend straws for drinking out of water bottles/cups as you may not be able to/want to hold it. Hair ties, lip balm, flannel and flip flops for the bathrooms are a must for me.

The best tip I have re hospital bags is getting everything together but getting your partner to pack the actual bag so they know where everything is. You don't want them asking you where you put something while you're in labour or saying they can't find it when you ask for it! grin


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