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Is there a current Group B Strep thread???

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schnorbitz Wed 29-Aug-07 08:20:18

I have had a search but can't find one. Had a vaginal swab last week and got the results this morning. GP says I have Group B strep. I am currently TTC my first and have read in pregnancy books about Group B but don't really know much about it. Anyone help?

Wilkie Wed 29-Aug-07 21:26:42

Try this site

And BUMP. Very important topic.

Hope everything goes well for you.

PorridgeBrain Wed 29-Aug-07 22:16:23

Hi Schnorbitz. I pushed for Group B Strep Test with Midwife at 35 weeks, who was reluctant to do it but it came back positive so v. glad I did.

My understanding from MW is that you can have it one week and not the next, so no need to worry when TTC. However if you know you are a carrier now, would strongly suggest that you get tested for it once you are pregnant just before you are due (approx 35 weeks). If positive then, it just means you will need antibiotics adminstered via IV during child birth which will dramatically reduce the risk of passing on to baby.

Am now overdue and waiting for labour to start but can hopefully update with benefit of my experience shortly!

Good luck!

cantseemyfeet Wed 29-Aug-07 22:28:32

Hi Schnorbitz,

I was like you and had very little knowledge about GBS, my sister in law had the test 2 weeks before she went into labour and was given all clear then they found out she had it when she was in labour! Her baby was in SCBU for a week having IV AB because of it. I then went on to have a baby 3 weeks ago and although birth went fine, and I came home 6 hours later my baby was rushed into hostpital with a temp when he was 4 days old, at first they thought it was just a virus and sent him home the next day but after his temp soared again 2 days later they found he had GBS in his umbilical cord! He then had to have a week of IVAB and it was terrifying because his temp kept soaring every night. If GBS was tested for in last stages of pregnancy on ALL women, not just the ones who ask for it, then im sure these babies would not have to go through this. In Germany all women are tested automatically, probably the same in a lot of other europian countries but ours....... as per usual they will let you take the risk and they dont inform you of the real dangers of GBS until you are watching them stick a canula in your babies arm. I would ask them to test you the week before you go into labour, then again when you are in labour. That way they can get the antibiotics in you before baby is born. Good luck anyway

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