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I'm 20 weeks pregnant - can I eat salami?

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GillianLovesMarmite Mon 27-Aug-07 17:58:00


just wondering if I can eat salami - it's pre-wrapped from a supermarket (not in slices from a deli counter).
Any advice appreciated.


MrsBadger Mon 27-Aug-07 18:05:17

good advice here

Rosa Mon 27-Aug-07 18:12:40

I was told a big no no for salami , parma ham , Dried meat as it is in fact raw meat . Was also told to have steak cooked and not rare or med rare. No pate either.

alonalona Wed 29-Aug-07 14:51:40

just read the Food Standards Agency guidelines...and seen something really interesting about shellfish - i've been told time and time again, no shellfish under any circumstances...and apparantly you can??

sarahloumadam Wed 29-Aug-07 14:54:47

I know but apparently only applies to raw/cold shell-fish. Ever since I found out I have been eating lots of king-prawn stir-fries yum-yum!

MrsMcJnr Wed 29-Aug-07 16:43:10

I've been eating it, and Parma Ham, I haven't read anything that says you shouldn't if it's pre-packaged. I have been avoiding deli counters though.

EllieG Wed 29-Aug-07 16:49:58

Ooo yummy I can eat mussels again! Was planning a weekend in france and was a bit sad about the thought of no moules frites

TheMaskedPoster Wed 29-Aug-07 16:55:54

goodness - I have been eating salami and chorizo LOADS

blimey - better check out that website incase of another faux pas

EllieG Wed 29-Aug-07 16:59:07

I had loads of salami at the weekend. Am still alive.

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