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Membrane sweep at 39+5, 2cm dilated, still nothing!

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acpat Mon 27-Aug-07 11:46:45


This is my first post on Mumsnet, but I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm now 40+1 with my second baby and hoping to attempt a VBAC after my first was delivered at 39 weeks due to being breech.

No breech problems with this one, although he/she is back to back. I was given a membrane sweep at 39+5 at which my MW said I was 2cm dilated, my cervix was very ripe, I would have a quick labour and deliver by Saturday. Needless to say it is now Monday and nothing happening at all!!! I had a few twinges (like mild period cramps) after the sweep but nothing since - is this common?

My dilemma is that I've been booked in for an elective C-section on Friday as I wanted to be out of hospital in time for my son to start pre-school on the 4th. My MW has offered to do a second sweep, but she only has a clinic once a week on a Thursday, which doesn't leave a lot of time for the sweep to kick in before the C-section on Friday!! I'm really keen to to try for a VBAC, so do you think it is OK to contact the Day Maternity Unit at my hospital to see if they will do a sweep earlier or are they just going to tell me to wait for my MW??? I've got no idea what to do for the best, so would appreciate any advice!!!

Many thanks.

Loopymumsy Mon 27-Aug-07 13:10:48

Message withdrawn

meandmy Mon 27-Aug-07 13:13:18

i had to have two sweeps second hurried things up a bit!
ask if there is anothe community mw that can do it i had one come out to my house!

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