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When will my baby arrive?

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lauraloo25 Sun 26-Aug-07 13:34:58

My son was induced at 10 days overdue. I am pregnant again, and got just over 2 weeks left. What is the liklihood that this one will be early or late again?

Feedmenow Sun 26-Aug-07 14:14:09

Lauraloo, howlong is a piece of string? grin Could be early, could be late, could be spot on time!!
I hope you find some good ways to get through these last long weeks, and good luck!

cylon Sun 26-Aug-07 14:16:52

when your baby is good and ready.

iliketosleep Sun 26-Aug-07 14:31:49

2 weeks thurday at 4:31am grin

harleyd Sun 26-Aug-07 14:36:41


bambi06 Sun 26-Aug-07 14:39:10

probably first two were late and so is this one

Hopeitwontbebig Sun 26-Aug-07 16:34:47

lauraloo25, what's your due date? Sounds like you are a September lady. Why don't you come and join us on the September thread? You'll get lots of moral support and sympathy from us there!

iliketosleep Sun 26-Aug-07 20:39:39

but if im right let me know!!!

lauraloo25 Tue 28-Aug-07 20:05:33

Obviously I'm aware the baby will come when she is good and ready and there is no real way of telling, I just wondered what other peopel's experiences were after having a late baby??!!!!

stripeybumpsmum Tue 28-Aug-07 20:10:59

Well in theory, I understand average for first baby is due date plus 5 days, whilst second baby is two days before due date.

Personally, I suspect/fear/have resigned myself to being as late with this one as the first. My dates and scan dates were almost three weeks out first time and I still had to be induced at scan EDD plus 10. Hmm, nice 44 week pregnancy. NOT.

Perhaps hulking toddlers about could be considered as a method to get things going?

estobi1 Thu 30-Aug-07 05:27:26

get going over speed bumps that'll get em out - did for me!

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