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First few weeks - what is really needed?

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Stefka Sun 26-Aug-07 12:42:47

I am 33 weeks and I am having one of those 'oh my god - there's an actual baby coming' moments. I have already bought a couple of things that I now realise I didn't need to bother with. What do think is actually needed for the first few weeks.

I want to use cloth nappies but I have been buying biodegradeable disposables for the first few weeks. Also I have been getting things like cotton wool and baby wipes when ever I go to boots. I am going to start buying some maternity pads too.

Someone is lending us a crib although I am considering getting a snuggle nest so we can co-sleep - still looking into this. I don't have a cot yet.

I have a couple of growbag things - should I get some more or maybe some swaddle blankets would be better for the start?

um - what else? I am terrified that I won't have something I need!

pipsqueeke Sun 26-Aug-07 12:49:32

tbh if you have normal blankets they'll be ok for swaddaling (we never used a posh swaddle one ) up to you about co sleeping thing - a lot of ladies lay baby next to them on the bed.

a washing up bowl for bathing (but non essential) are you BF? if so cream pads and a pillow (just a V one from argos will suffice) few vests/sleep suits/outfits if you choose. socks which can double up as scratch mits.

will prob think of more as I go! lol.

pipsqueeke Sun 26-Aug-07 12:49:53

freezer stocked full of home made meals is handy as well.

Stefka Sun 26-Aug-07 12:56:21

ohhh yes food! I think I will ask my husband if we can have a cooking day or something to fill the freezer up.

Someone is lending us a bath so that's covered. I am going to BF - also been given a pillow

I am trying not to buy too many clothes although it is hard to resist! I figured that we will get given a lot of stuff though so was just going to get something for the hospital and some basic stuff. I had forgotten about the mitts though so those I must get.

I know it is still seven weeks away but for some reason today I feel really nervous - it feels so close!

Crocky Sun 26-Aug-07 12:59:05

Car seat for bringing the baby home.

Stefka Sun 26-Aug-07 13:06:37

That is ordered (not paid for mind you - money, money, money!). This is good - I am a wee bit more organised than I thought I was. Still feel like there is oodles to do though!

Crocky Sun 26-Aug-07 13:13:49

You really do need an awful lot less than most of us go out and buy.
As long as you can get the baby home, have some sleepsuits, nappy changing stuff and somewhere for the lo to sleep nothing much else matters.
If you realise there is other stuff you do need when the lo is here then dh can nip out and get it for you.

Crocky Sun 26-Aug-07 13:14:15

Oh a changing mat is a handy thing to have.

Gemy Sun 26-Aug-07 13:36:33

You will get given lots of clothes though, in my experience, these seem to be cute outfits I.E little gift-boxed dresses and for boys litle dungaree things and I didn't put my newborn in anything other than vests and sleepsuits - make sure you have enough of these (plus it's amazing how many in just one day you'll get through!)

spugs Sun 26-Aug-07 13:40:14

washing machine, tumble dryer, chef and house keeper grin
you sound fairly sorted for basics, people always end up with loads that never gets used though i love baby shopping.

toadstool Sun 26-Aug-07 17:04:55

Changing mat, small towels/ tea towels to put on it, and a thermos flask for boiled water (v. useful for night-time nappy changes). A night light is v useful!

professorplum Sun 26-Aug-07 18:02:24

Big rectangular pieces of t-shirt cotton are good for swaddling.

Lots of food in your freezer. You won't have time to cook or shop and will be ravenous from the breast feeding.

Don't assume breast feeding is a dead cert. Lots of women really struggle. Do some reasearch into bottles sterilisers and pumps so if you do need to get them you will know which brand to get. (I hope you don't need to but you never know, you may want to express and bottle feed if you are tired or sore)

Loads of washing powder. You do a lot of washing in the first few weeks.

You need more maternity pads than you think.

cylon Sun 26-Aug-07 18:20:40

a fairy godmother.
unlimited credit on a credit card
a massage

Stefka Sun 26-Aug-07 20:04:32

That last post made me laugh!

I managed to get a pump and a microwave steriliser cheap from Tesco.

Thanks for the flask tip - good idea!

Jojay Sun 26-Aug-07 20:10:18

You will need a buggy at some stage.

Might be worth starting to look.

wulfricsmummy Sun 26-Aug-07 20:17:43

Message withdrawn

professorplum Sun 26-Aug-07 20:29:42

My mw said that lavender oil in the bath helps with the pain from stitches. She didn't tell me until after the birth when I couldn't go lavender oil shopping because I'd just had a baby.

Gemy Sun 26-Aug-07 20:39:44

I was told lavender oil too but a slight variation:

6 drops lavender oil
3 drops tee tree oil
1 tablespoon of milk

I'm not sure whether it did any good, but those baths sure were bliss

notnowbernard Sun 26-Aug-07 20:43:48

Sanitary towels++ - not necessarily the actual maternity ones, the usual bog-standard ones... the bleeding can go on for a few weeks.

I found tea tree oil helpful.

BridgetJonesKnickers Sun 26-Aug-07 20:48:58

i KNOW THEY'RE REVOLTING TO LOOK AT BUT paper disposable mATERNITY KNICKERS WERE FAB FOR ME. You chuck em away after wearing em so no need to worry about bleeding into your knickers. I got mine from Boots.(Think I uses to chuck them and the sanitary towels away together and start afresh - sorry if this is putting you off!).

Jojay Sun 26-Aug-07 21:29:18

Another vote for paper pants.

Hideous, but great. grin

Daisypops Sun 26-Aug-07 21:41:25

Loads of sanitary towels.

Hand cream! My hands were really dry and crispy because I was washing them every two minutes!

fluffyslippers Sun 26-Aug-07 23:12:24

Agree with all of these, but I didn't like disposable knickers so bought a load of cheap big pants from Peacocks.

I did have problems bfeeding and was so thankful that we had been given steriliser, formula and bottles 'just in case'.

Muslins, nappies, wipes, cotton wool, changing mat, sleepsuits, vests and painkillers I would say are all musts!

ratfly Sun 26-Aug-07 23:14:29

I found Sky Tv to be my greatest god send! Honestly! When I was bf at 2 am then again at 4am, I needed something more than indoor bowling to look at...

ratfly Sun 26-Aug-07 23:17:39

I also found that I bought loads of vests etc, then ds was only 6lb, so had to buy more, smaller, ones...
Otherwise - nappies, wipes / cotton wool, changing mat, somewhere for lo to sleep, buggy and car seat, KITCHEN ROLL (loads of this), clothes (and you dont need many - only vests, sleepsuits etc, it doesnt matter if you dont dress them in proper clothes for ages), and snacks so you dont have to keep cooking..

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