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How early can you feel movement in your 2nd pregnancy?

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yummymummylu Sat 25-Aug-07 21:45:35

Hi am now nearly 15weeks pregnant and am trying to remember at what time I felt movement in my 1st pregnancy! (altho it was only a bit more than a year ago! wink)

Could you please tell me when I would expect to feel movement in this pregnancy as I waiting on something nice as still suffering the lovely sickness!

Ta smile


CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 25-Aug-07 21:48:25

I felt movements with this pregnancy (my third) at 20 weeks.I was in a bit of a panic but the placenta is at the front so provided extra padding

yummymummylu Sat 25-Aug-07 21:55:13

Ah thanks that makes me feel a little better have an appointment with my consultant so am sure I will be bugging him for reassurance!
It's just so strange waiting for a feeling that you know is so lovely and at the same time dealing with the rough parts of the pregnancy!

Oh joy! smile


CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 25-Aug-07 22:08:53

I had hyperemesis with all 3 pregnancies upto 20 weeks so feel for you!

yummymummylu Sat 25-Aug-07 22:10:37

Sound so clueless but whats that? I think it's sickness but gonna have to google it now! hehe! wink


yummymummylu Sat 25-Aug-07 22:12:17

Ah just googled it, god I feel for you am hoping week by week that its going to stop but then I know that the baby is growing ok while sick!


CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 25-Aug-07 22:31:09

Its awful but I am 26 weeks now and only occasionally chucking up.

But then theres the piles,heartburn,spd,insomnia...

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