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NCT classes with or without dh?

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dolly1 Fri 24-Aug-07 12:48:50

Am about to book my nct antenatal classes and there is the option or ladies only or with partners - which is best?
What I really want is a class that has a mix. Would be really nice to have some just with other girls - better for chatting etc I think - but also really want dh there for at least on as he really wants to be as involved as poss and I want him to be too.
Does such a mixed class exist?
Have left the branch organisers a message and waiting to hear back but but thought I'd ask what you ladies thought?
This is my first so don't know what to expect - any tips or info would be great.

Also anyone gone to any other private classes in or around London that they would recommend?


Skribble Fri 24-Aug-07 12:50:39

I went to partner ones as I wanted DH to be involved, but they were a bit further away. I wih I had gone to the Mum only local ones and taken the chance to get to know other mums due at the same time as me, perhaps I could have done both.

quint Fri 24-Aug-07 12:51:15

I went with DH and I think it really helped him understand what was going to happen.

In the first class men and women were split up for the first task and then there was one class where it was women only - this obviously may have only been the way our NCT did it.

I would also take account of what your DH wants to do - if he is interested get him to join in, I'm glad mine did

quint Fri 24-Aug-07 12:52:34

The other thing that I meant to add is that although its nice to meet mums locally you won;t necessarily have anything in common and want to stay in touch - all my mum friends came from NCT coffee mornings rather than the ante natal group

SixtyNiner Fri 24-Aug-07 12:55:59

I attended a NCT class in Ealing 2 years ago. There were 6 couples at it and we have all kept in touch. For DH, it was great as it helped him become more involved and prepared him for what to expect at the birth. I would have hated going on my own - our attitude was we were having baby together. Ours was an intensive one day course. I would highly recommend it for the support network afterwards as much as anything else.

LIZS Fri 24-Aug-07 13:03:10

Our were evening classes with partners then we had a couple of sessions women-only later on then a one with babies about 4 weeks after the average due date. There was time during the sessions for chitchat too. 3 of us also attended the same NHS antenatal group. There is nothing to stop you suggesting a daytime/evenign coffee meet up outside the class schedule if it is feasible. We kept in touch regularly for a number of years and have now got to Christmas card stage (the babies are 9 now) as they got older and we have moved further apart.

MirandaG Fri 24-Aug-07 14:37:01

I would definitely recommend that you attend with your dh, because if you want his full support he needs to be as informed as possible. The one we attended had a separate breastfeeding session, which only one male partner attended, but I think he wished he hadn't! At the end of the regular sessions the women were all strongly encouraged to exchange numbers and two of us were nominated to organise meeting up again, which we did while we were all on maternity leave, but it fizzled out after that and I am now only in touch with one person (from my home town!)

designerbaby Fri 24-Aug-07 14:39:59

Your DH might also appreciate both the information he'll get, and the possibility of getting to know other fathers to be?

He's having a baby too, y'know...
Well, sort of... grin

If he's keen to go I think it would be a shame to stop him... IMHO...


alicet Fri 24-Aug-07 21:26:30

I went with dh. he got as much out of it as me as we have all stayed in touch. Getting to know other dads has made the world of difference to him. So I would definately recommend going together. PLus going through what will happen in labour and childbirth will be useful for him too if he's going to be there with you.

Our classes were evening ones and after the second one I asked if anyone fancied going for a drink. This became a pattern and we continued going out on Wed nights after the classes finished until the lo's all arrived. Great to get to know each other properly.

Good luck whatever you decide!

HenriettaHippo Fri 24-Aug-07 21:43:28

We went together to a one day course in Ealing, but a year earlier than 69er. There were 8 couples there, and after the course, the girls started meeting every Weds morning at another person's house. that continued until one of us felt able to cope with hosting! Although 4 of us have since moved miles away, we all still talk on email, still travel for a birthday party every year, and the other 4 meet regularly. Well worth it.

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