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Is anyone due June 2020?

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mothertobam Mon 16-Dec-19 10:50:02

I thought I would start this threat as I am pregnant with my first and due next June smile Any of you lovely ladies due in June and how are you finding your pregnancy so far? I must say, my belly seems huge already and I am just getting in to the flow of being the sober one at all of the Christmas parties haha!

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Halloweenbabyy Mon 16-Dec-19 10:51:42

Yes me 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Halloweenbabyy Mon 16-Dec-19 10:53:11

Sorry I never read the whole message. This is my first pregnancy and it’s been a bit rough. I feel huge but i was 14/16 before falling anyways.

mothertobam Mon 16-Dec-19 11:09:21

My first trimester was rough too, sick a lot and no energy, felt like I could sleep all of the time! I am just out of my first trimester now and have heard that you "glow" in your second so praying for that haha! Have you bought anything yet or is it too soon?

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hamjul Mon 16-Dec-19 11:16:41

Yes, me! I am due on the 25th June with my first baby after a very long journey. I'm still hesitant to buy anything, over paranoid or sensibly conscious...? The tiredness is extreme! I'm looking forward to this change in the second trimester where im not falling asleep at any oportunity!!

Halloweenbabyy Mon 16-Dec-19 16:45:27

I haven’t bought anything yet, I’d love to but at the same time I don’t want to buy anything incase of ‘tempting fate’😖 I’ve been wiped out the entire time 🤮🤷🏻‍♀️

Kezmum14 Mon 16-Dec-19 17:31:33

I’m due 3rd July but anticipating a c section delivery around the 27th June. This is my 5th and last baby. So fed up of sickness and exhaustion, so hoping I start to ‘glow’ in time for Christmas. smile

CoffeeAndCarbs Mon 16-Dec-19 17:51:44

I'm 13+6 and due my first on 16th June. I have not enjoyed pregnancy at all so far. Suffered with constant nausea since I was 6 weeks and there's no sign of it letting up yet 😫 I've also struggled with insomnia at night but could fall asleep standing up during the day.
I also feel sorry for DH as he has done EVERYTHING around the house, I just don't have the energy. Weekends are now spent lying on the sofa instead of out and about like we usually would be. I'm longing for the day I wake up and feel 'normal' again!

LuluPDB Mon 16-Dec-19 17:52:16

Me! Due 24th June with my first. Can't wait to stop feeling so exhausted and to 'glow'. It's been a long couple of weeks, glad to be easing into the second trimester now 😊

Koo33 Sun 22-Dec-19 16:24:43

I’m due on the 18th June with my first. Lovely to hear from people due at a similar time

Cheesewine Sun 22-Dec-19 18:10:22

I'm due 30th may but will probably end up being June. I feel huge and very un glowing lol

JuneBaby20 Sun 22-Dec-19 19:57:58

I’m due on 22nd of June. It’s my first too. I’m soo excited about this pregnancy as we’ve been trying for a year.

So far I bought a pram (ALREADY!) it was so cheap I couldn’t say no. But I’m holding off absolutely everything else because I’m too scared lol

I’m now 14 weeks and got my energy back! 👍🏻

Hodge85 Mon 23-Dec-19 06:15:51

I'm 15+2 and due 13th June smile This is my first and we're very excited. We've booked a private scan for when I turn 17 weeks to find out if it's a girl or a boy grin I'm feeling much better now, queasiness has all but gone, it's been replaced with heartburn however. Also, my bump is huge, I'm normally a 10-12 so I'm feeling massive as nothing fits. confused

jadelouiselaird Mon 23-Dec-19 10:18:03

Im due 7th June im currently 16 weeks, sickness has started to ease off (thank goodness), not bought anything yet either waiting till i find out the gender in 3 weeks, having a private scan.

Congratulations to you all :D

Luxoire Mon 23-Dec-19 11:12:42

meeee... i am due 26th June - with my 3rd and last baby! probably will come earlier with a section!

I am ok really - just extremely tired and moody - unlike the first 2 i have had no sickness or nausea this time round!! cravings have seemed manageable too so far!

I have not bought anything yet either - i may take advantage of the boxing day sales for expensive things like travel systems etc... but then just leave the rest till nearer the time. babies don't really need that much i figure lol

V1ckyCh1ck Mon 23-Dec-19 19:06:33

Me, due around the 7th June with our first baby. Can't wait!

JuneBaby20 Tue 24-Dec-19 00:21:47

Interesting to hear all different stories ☺️

I was wondering if anyone has to buy different size clothes already? I’m currently in jeggings which are getting a bit tight now. Also need new underwear soon... (14 weeks)
is anyone the same ? Or am I just becoming huge fast? Haha
People in work say that I’m big already but fist thing in the mornings I haven’t really got a big bump yet. It usually shows after food and drink...

DawnK77 Tue 24-Dec-19 02:20:00

Hi all, I'm 16 weeks, due 9th June!

Yes same, normally a size 10/12. Can't get my normal jeans on. Just had some size 12 maternity jeggings from Dot Perkins delivered, they are okay, slightly too big but I'm sure I'll grow into them! Ordered some maternity jeggings from Boohoo as were 2 for £10, I ordered a 14 as thought would be small sizing but they are quite baggy.

Cheers to a sober Christmas all! Xxx

Mumma2beof3 Tue 31-Dec-19 11:52:33

I'm due 23rd June with my third baby. This will be our beautiful rainbow baby after a miscarriage last year so I'm very nervous constantly about something going wrong sad

AH16 Tue 31-Dec-19 19:46:20

Me! I'm due the 11th June! Still feeling nauseous and very tired but hoping its starting to ease now. I'm feeling big! Although this is my second baby so I think you are a little bigger

Stephcap Fri 03-Jan-20 22:21:40

Due 6th June second baby, what a struggle it has been so far. Nausea still going strong 🤦🏽‍♀️ Tiredness is unreal, pains in pelvis and lower back and emotional wreck 😢 so glad my OH has been amazing or this house would look like a dump.

Goldenmother Sat 04-Jan-20 15:05:34

I'm due 19th June I can notice the little pouch forming, this is my 3rd pregnancy but my youngest is 13 so it a big staring all over again. I'm 16 +1 I can feel the baby moving but it only a tickle feeling as I'm overweight it can make it harder to feel baby movement in beginning

Halloweenbabyy Sat 04-Jan-20 15:37:46

15 +3 no movements yet😩

Stephcap Sat 04-Jan-20 20:31:36

Does anyone have any refreshing drink ideas? I can’t seem to find anything that clenches my thirst 🤦🏽‍♀️

Johnson10 Sat 04-Jan-20 21:28:11

Me 😁 due 22nd June. First baby!

Had a bit of rough ride so far, but hoping it can get better.
What a brill question by @stephcap - I’m the same. Nothing can satisfy my thirst. I was eating ice lollies last night, trying anything!

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