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DMCCMC Fri 24-Aug-07 10:22:35

Hi has or is anyone else suffering from kidney pain, however no infection detected by the doctors? (hmm)

lisad123 Fri 24-Aug-07 10:30:09

I did but detected infection. Sometimes the results can be wrong when they grow stuff in a lab, did you have any other indications? Temp or Lucs in your waters?? Hope you get it sorted.


DMCCMC Fri 24-Aug-07 11:08:44

Thanks for replying Lisa. I've had 2 urine tests done and both have come back clear, I also don't have any other sympton other than painful kidneys...... I have a hot water bottle permanently strapped to my back. I was given Anti-biotics but really don't want to continue if it's not an infection, I'm back at the docs next week so we'll take it form there.

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