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Pregnancy massage in London (32 weeks +)

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designerbaby Wed 22-Aug-07 14:06:04

HI ladies, wondered if any of you had had a proper pregnancy massage anywhere in London which you would recommend...

I'm hoping to find one which will really unknot my back/shoulders (which are quite painful at the moment) as opposed to one which just makes you relaxed, smell nice and have soft skin (had one of those already and while it was very nice, it didn't really help...)

I feel like I need to be thoroughly pummelled by a big swedish hunk or something - but that's probably not going to happen... but don't want the usual 'you're pregnant and therefore I will barely touch you' kind.

(Oi! - stop that sniggering at the back - you know what I meant... )

Any suggestions/experience?

Ta muchly,

RGPargy Wed 22-Aug-07 14:29:00

No experience i'm afraid but the lady i go to for my waxing told me that she also does pg massages. Her email is on, or call 020 7256 8624. Perhaps you could call her for a chat?

Alfie72 Thu 23-Aug-07 20:06:29

I don't know where you live Designer baby but there is a fantastic holistic centre called " Holistic health" in Broadway Market - London fields ( Hackney) who do specialist treatments for pregnancy. I can strongly recommend the ante natal yoga, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy but I hear the massages are excellent too.
Tel: 0207 275 8434. They have a good website too.

naturelover Thu 23-Aug-07 20:08:02

I just had a fabulous pregnancy massage today in Kingston upon Thames. If this is in your neck of the woods I can provide details.

peachygirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:10:31

I had a pregnancy massage/ facial at a rush salon. There are several round London - mainly in the south I went to the Croydon one

fuzzywuzzy Thu 23-Aug-07 20:20:37

The Sanctuary in covent garden do massages for mums to be, or is that too out of your way.

You can have a look on their website they advertise quite a few different ones.

designerbaby Fri 24-Aug-07 12:07:42

Thanks for your suggestions all...

RGPargy - I'll give her a ring - thanks!

Alfie - Sounds good - I am quite near Hackney (and having my bubs at the Homerton) and these guys sound like they might be a great 'one stop shop'... thanks for the link. When are you due? Are you going to the Hmerton too?

Thanks Nature - Kingston's a bit far for me - but thatnks for the link - I've got a friend down there so I might pass it on to her.

Peachy - I'll give it a look - thanks!

HI Fuzzy - I was already a VERY lucky girl and had a Sanctuary Spa evening for my B'day from my DH - it was a delicious evening, but their PG massage stops at... er... 26 weeks or something, so I'm beyond their help now grin Plus, although it smelt lovely and was very relaxing it was a bit gentle and didn't really get to grips with my back pain at all.... Still HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who can persuade their DP to get it for them as a gift...

Thanks for all your help guys... I've got a few leads!

Mellin Fri 24-Aug-07 12:29:27

Hi db,

If you work around Liverpool street, I know a great therapist who does pregnancy massage.

Her name is Jackie and she works at Bodyworks. If you google it you should find the phone number.

She gave me massages right up to my due date. She is a sports masseuse (sp?) but is trained in preg massage and has the body cushion so you can lie on your tummy. She gives "proper" strong massages too!

designerbaby Fri 24-Aug-07 12:39:50

Hi Mellin - is this this one?


OK so she's not a huge swedish hunk, but she sounds about hard-core enough!

Many many thanks,

Mellin Fri 24-Aug-07 13:49:01

Yep, that's the one.
Her name is Jacqueline Mitchell. Her massage page doesn't say anything about pregnancy massage, so maybe ring and check that she still does it and has the equipment. She did last year for me.

Yeah I hate woosy soft massages too!

Alfie72 Fri 24-Aug-07 18:09:21

Hi Designer baby,
Pleased to meet another local mum.
I live just off Broadway Market. Holistic health is great, do check it out !
I am going to the Homerton to have my LO- I originally fancied a water birth at home but plans have changed as my bubba is breech so we're under the care of the hospital team now.
I have had excellent experiences at the Homerton so far.
My EDD is 30/9/07 when's yours ?
Do you know whether you're having a boy/ girl ??I haven't found out !

MarchMum Thu 06-Sep-07 04:12:03

Sophie K Davis - google her. She does pg massage, has a special table and is TERRIFIC

designerbaby Thu 06-Sep-07 09:53:37

Oh! Sorry Alfie - I missed your post - things move so fast on here, you go away for a couple of days and you're lost!

I'm not quite that local - in Wood Green... was originally at another, closer hospital, but had a scare at 12 weeks and ended up referred to the Homerton - liked it so much we decided to stay there for the rest of our care... I agree, they've been brilliant through what was a really difficult time early on.

Due date is 27th October (ish - there's some disagreement about this - might be a weeke earlier than that) - so you get to try it all out before me!

Oh, and we're having a little girl [smile) Is your little one still breech or have they decided to wriggle 'round?

Hope all is going well otherwise - maybe we should keep in touch?


p.s. Alfie is the name of my cat!

designerbaby Thu 06-Sep-07 09:56:16

Hi March - this looks really good...

I haven't booked anything yet, as work has been crazy, and weekends even more so - but I'm on maternity leave as of the week after next and plan to fit in a few massages then... starting to really need unknotting!

This person looks great - a bit of a trek for me (in fact closer to my work than my home, so maybe I should give it a go before I leave here) – fab that she has a special bed... grin

Thanks for the tip...


GryffinGirl Fri 07-Sep-07 13:53:59

SPA NK in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill has a specially adapted preganancy massage table and trained therapists - a real pampering treat, although not very "medicinal"

designerbaby Fri 07-Sep-07 14:01:23

Space NK Westbourne Grove are CLOSED at the mo for refurbishment!? shock

Went there to sock up on some, y'know essentials and couldn't...

horror of horrors...

Thanks for the tip tho'...


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