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Weight gain in first trimester

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Jesskir89 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:33:20

I only gained 5lb in the first trimester with 2 holidays too. Almost 25 weeks now and I'm 11lb heavier it does pile on in the second trimester. I've been following slimming World to limit the damage. Might be worth having a look if you're concerned smile

snowflakeeel Tue 03-Dec-19 16:35:58

I gained the fasted in the first trimester because I was unbelievably nauseous and eating was the only thing that helped to subside it. I started off at 56kg and am now 37 weeks and weigh 77kg. That's around 3 stone. I'm not concerned in the slightest, I haven't put much on my actual frame. Some will be weight I've put on, the rest I'm assuming is water retention (I'm a little puffy at this stage), placenta, fluid and apparently a big baby.
I did find my tastes changed throughout the pregnancy. I craved a lot of fruit along with carbs like croissants and sausage sandwiches in the first two trimesters. Now it's peanut butter sandwiches and milk.

If you like peanut butter it's a great snack as it does hit that hunger pang. Also orange juice/milk which helps baby bones develop.
I also really enjoyed cut up fruit with yogurt on sprinkled with chia seeds (or seeds of your choice).
My go to Lunch: Bread dipped in balsamic vinegar. bunch of grapes (or other fruit), cheese, salad (with spinach in), cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Chloesjones Tue 03-Dec-19 13:50:46

Hi All,

Slightly concerned I've managed to gain 6-8lbs so far and I'm only just 13 weeks! I was very naseous for the first 11 weeks and seemed the only thing I could keep down was carbs (typical). I'm trying to eat healthy with fruit and Yogurts but struggling to know what to snack on and how to keep my weight a bit more stable, I know I'm going to gain weight with pregnancy and a lot of it, I just hoped it would be a bit more gradual! Did anybody else have the same experience or does anyone have any advice? Also very much open to suggestions on what to snack on or generally lunches! Thanks. smile

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