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Pregnant after 2 losses is sending me crazy.

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Jlou94 Tue 03-Dec-19 10:54:44

Can someone please send me some hope.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
I'm pregnant after 2 losses this year.
I've tested positive on 6 different tests of various brands.
A clear blue digital weeks indicator is still telling me "not pregnant"
I was due on Friday (29th nov)
I'm literally checking for blood every hour as I can swear I can feel it. But there is never anything there thankfully.
Has anyone been in a similar situation?
Has anyone tested positive on everything except a clear blue? If so was all ok.

Boymummy3 Tue 03-Dec-19 11:22:54

CB digital are not as sensitive and if I'm rite your 4 days late so maybe why it's not showing up yet as you may of ovulated late so may not be as far on.. If you have positive tests then your pregnant some people can't get positive on CB for a while xx

Jlou94 Tue 03-Dec-19 11:28:05

I know that I'm pregnant at the moment I was just worried that my HCG wasnt doubling. I did a clear blue the day I was due on which was neg, have had positives on other every other test since then, and then the other clear blue was also neg yesterday, it's really worried me as I really thought my HCG level would be high enough by now.
I've booked in for bloods tomorrow, praying for high results

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