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Favourable cervix at 38 weeks?

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jessmegan Mon 02-Dec-19 15:14:59


I'm 38+2 and went for a sweep today. Unfortunately the sweep was unsuccessful as she couldn't quite reach as far as needed. However the midwife was suprised that my cervix was very soft and favourable so I've left feeling encouraged with another attempt booked for Thursday.

Has anyone else been told the same and gone into labour before 40 weeks? Really don't want to be induced.

Thanks smile

bloomingheather Mon 02-Dec-19 16:47:42

Hi jessmegan,
I can't be of much help re: going into labour but I am in almost exactly the same position as you. i am 39 + 5 today and went in expecting a sweep but my cervix was so far back that the midwife couldn't even reach far enough to touch it at all. I'm booked in for induction on Wednesday morning - I really wanted to avoid it too but I'm getting quite anxious and my age (I'm 42) tends to make medics panic a bit and be risk averse so have decided it's for the best. You still have time though and I hope it happens for you soon.

WorldEndingFire Tue 03-Dec-19 14:18:12

There's a lot of debate about sweeps with midwives arguing that they may not do much at all as in order to work your cervix has to be forward, soft and ripe anyways which are all signs you would be nearing labour of your own accord!

There's no rush for induction at 38 weeks unless there are other medical reasons that you haven't shared. You have the right to delay and ask for them to provide you win a medical case for inducing you, including all benefits and risks, you can then make your mind up to delay or proceed depending on what they tell you.

Best thing you can do now is focus on getting that oxytocin flowing, doing things that you love and find relaxing rather than things that worry you or make you anxious.

As much walking as you can manage depending on how your body is and how you are feeling will help, too.

Best of luck smile

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