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Gestational diabetes - Advice & Reassurance Pls

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AR23 Mon 02-Dec-19 11:01:10


I am 29 weeks today and a few days ago at my 28 week midwife appointment I found out I have gestational diabetes (my sugar levels were 8.4 and the midwife said the cut off level is 7.8).

So firstly I'm really upset and sad, it came as a bit of a shock as I've just turned 31, I'm slim, exercise regularly and eat quite healthily.

I'm still waiting on receiving my letter for the next steps, which I think are attending a gestational diabetes clinic where I'll be given more information etc.

I'm just looking for advice and some reassurance until then I guess. Called the midwife and she wasn't able to help much as she wasn't a specialist on the area. But from what I know so far, I should avoid white bread, pasta, white rice....desserts, biscuits ad sugary things, and fruits that are quite citric.

Are bananas ok? And porridge?

I had the glucose test done at week 27, got the results at week 28, and today I'm week it's already been 2 weeks I've had it without me knowing, in which time, I've had the occasional chocolates, cakes etc, so I'm a bit worried. The midwife said it can lead to large babies being born....and effectively high sugar level is like I'm really scared now.

Salina2 Fri 06-Dec-19 15:23:05

@mintbear I am currently 27 weeks, my GTT result was 5.7 so very slightly over, but I definitely have GD. I am still doing the 4 finger pricks a day, some days are better than others.

How have your finger pricks been since then? Have you had any High readings?

Keep us updated x

titnomatani Fri 06-Dec-19 20:41:55

Ladies if your morning fasting readings are over the limit, it probably means you're leaving it too late between your last meal and breakfast- meaning your body is then overcompensating and dumping glucose into your blood for energy/survival. A tip I've picked up is to have a snack before bed. Try it and see if it helps. Also, to those of you worried about the upcoming Christmas meals- plenty of meat and cheese and cream on those potatoes should help.

titnomatani Fri 06-Dec-19 20:43:39

Also, I was told even if you have dream numbers before/after meals, these will most likely change post 28 weeks of pregnancy. Just be mindful of that- it can become much harder to stay diet controlled but again, pair, pair, pair and drink lots of water and exercise/keep active as much as you can following a meal.

titnomatani Fri 06-Dec-19 20:48:02

Ps. Not to be a cow or anything but take what your midwives say with a pinch of salt- a lot of them have very little to no knowledge about GD. Yes, the odd treat won't hurt but please even then do your due diligence and pair/limit the amount/exercise. GD is often downplayed but can have serious consequences such a placental deterioration. Especially important to avoid if you've been diagnosed early. Do your research- knowledge is power.

NanooCov Fri 06-Dec-19 20:58:07

@titnomatani gives good advice - I was also about to mention making sure you have a snack before bed to help with morning levels. I think I ate my baby's weight in cheese while I had GD....

Fettfrett Fri 06-Dec-19 21:21:44

FYI type 2 diabetes is the only type of diabetes that can be influenced by weight and diet (and not even all type 2 is caused by weight/diet). I know your probably upset and in shock, but your comment about being slim is exactly the kind of prejudice type 1 (and type 2) diabetics have to face regularly.

I'm really sorry you're going through this, but hopefully your experience of GD will mean that you educate yourself before making comments like that about medical conditions.

titnomatani Fri 06-Dec-19 23:06:29

@Fettfrett- GD has nothing to do with diet/build. As stated, it's related to placental hormones. I think there's a huuuuuuge misconception everywhere about diabetes developing from eating unhealthily which is why OP mentioned it. I have always been sensible with my diet- with occasional indulgences- sadly, family history and my ethnicity plays against me hence me having a higher incidence of diabetes :'(

Having had GD though, the chances of mums developing T2 diabetes is 3-7 times more likely 5-10 years after birth and the GD child is 6 times more likely to develop T2 later on :/ however, the chances can be lessened via diet/exercise. Therefore the misconception of eating unhealthily, being overweight isn't that much of a misconception in some cases.

mintbear Sat 07-Dec-19 16:49:09

@Salina2 @AR23
So I had my Christmas lunch today, I had two roast potatoes and a spoonful of mash and mint sauce.. i got 7.5 - so over. No pudding for me. I think my readings have been so low because I've been squeaky clean with my eating.

Salina2 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:47:45

@mintbear oh really, what is your cut of point after hour of eating? Mine is 7.8... at least now you know that certain foods will make your sugar levels increase and you can continue with your clean eating and have the odd treat. What do you normally eat on a daily basis if you don't mind me asking?

AR23 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:58:06

@Fettfrett I think you need to calm down a bit - no one is being prejudicial - I was informed by a midwife AND a nurse that diet and obesity levels, as well as things like ethnicity CAN potentially play an effect on being diagnosed with GD - hence my original wording.
I posted innocently in the hope of gaining some support and assurance from the wonderful mothers on here who have gone through the same thing, not to receive judgemental comments over such a thing. You have no idea what advice I’ve been given (whether it is correct or incorrect) so kindly please think things through before you post comments. There is no need to be pedantic over such things.

AR23 Sat 07-Dec-19 20:08:18

@titnomatani thanks thats really helpful, I had a relatively early dinner yesterday and today’s reading before breakfast was under control 🙂 ... yes the pairing thing is really important, the diabetic nurse went over it really briefly but that GD website given in the above posts is great on pairing.

@Salina2 @mintbear the following things have been working for me: breakfast 1 wholesaled granary toast with either avocado/cheese/ tofu scramble (if you’re still hungry you can add a few spoons of Greek yoghurt).

Lunch I’ve had: soup and tofu / quinoa and roast veggies (only been 2 days since I’ve been doing the whole pairing thing)

Dinner: so far I’ve had brown rice and paneer with a few spoons of Greek yoghurt. Today I had 2 slices of pizza but only because i was at a friend’s party, my reading was 7.7 so just under the cut off. But i will back on clean eating from tomorrow.

Keep sharing your tips ladies, I’m finding this thread really encouraging and helpful. Big thank you again

mintbear Sat 07-Dec-19 20:13:47

You're right! I just checked the sheet, I thought cut off was 7.2 but it's 7.8 post meal and 5.2 pre breakfast. I feel a bit better about it now!

I've been suffering with really bad sickness since about week4, so my diet changed overnight and all I could stomach and keep down was white carbs (white toast, pasta, jacket pot) and plain sugary things like cake and muffins. Which is odd as I'm not really a cake fan and we never have white bread.

Midwife said not to worry as once the sickness goes I'll go back to eating normally- thing is, it never went. After gd diagnosis I've shifted everything to wholemeal and I'm mixing foods a lot more (adding cheese/nuts etc). Although, I'm still struggling with keeping fruits/veg/some meat down. I'm slowing reintroducing it.

Unfortunately, after finding an anti sickness med that worked, I've had to stop taking it as it's given me the worst constipation I've ever had - I'd rather take the daily sickness then that. So I'm back to feeling/being sick but I am finding eating and the sickness better to manage now.

Long post - sorry!!

mintbear Sat 07-Dec-19 20:24:57

Thanks for sharing meal tips.

Breakfast- 2x seeded toast with marmite and cheese

Lunches - low sugar Heinz tomato soup, wholemeal roll, cheese, apple.

Dinner - brown egg fried rice with steak strips and small on the vine cooked tomatos with a bit of soy sauce.

I can stomach cooked tomato's and I'm reintroducing eggs so these are my staples at the moment.

And although they offer no nutrients, I've been eating boots sugar free shortbread when I feel sick, they seem to settle my tummy.

AR23 Sat 07-Dec-19 20:50:43

@mintbear awesome! I never thought of marmite. Just be cautious pairing soups with more carbs like bread because as soups are blended, they release sugar a lot faster (something I read on the GD uk website... they have more tips on pairing soup, e.g adding cream etc)

woogal Sat 07-Dec-19 20:56:03

I've had GDM twice.

First time controlled by tablets, second time by insulin.

Baby was normal sized first time round and second baby was over 11lbs.

I was carb and dairy free the last 8 weeks of pregnancy as it just pushed my sugars up far too high.

It's trial and error. What worked for me one day, didn't the next.

OstrichRunning Sat 07-Dec-19 21:16:18

I just remembered a great bread that is lower carb than most - burgen soya and linseed. It's also high in good fats and protein. A slice of that with a boiled egg had my breakfast sorted. I think Tesco does it still.

Good luck op, sounds like you're doing great. I found GD could change from week to week and it does tend to worsen towards the end so good to be prepared for that. Don't feel bad if that happens, it's just the hormones. I needed metformin in my second pregnancy and it is no big deal at all if meds are needed.

Boobahs Sat 07-Dec-19 21:18:32

I couldn't tolerate normal bread at all, but I could get away with the high protein rolls from Lidl's fresh bakery section (they are triangular). I was so happy when I discovered this as I could actually have a sandwich again! Lots of meat, full fat coleslaw and salad smile

Like others, things did get more tricky after the 28 week mark and what would be ok one day would send me over the limit the next day. I managed to control my post-meal levels with diet but my fasting ones were always too high so I ended up on Metformin and then later on, insulin, which really upset me but the nurse was lovely and told me that I couldn't do any more than I was doing which helped a little.

I used to stir peanut butter into full fat Greek yogurt with a few berries and lots of nuts for breakfast which was yummy!

mintbear Sat 07-Dec-19 21:21:16

Thanks for tip, I didn't know that.
I'll defo get on and have a read of that website.

blindmansbluff Sat 07-Dec-19 22:20:09

I've had it three times, each pregnancy it was picked up earlier (they test sooner if you've had it before) and it always progressed the same way - diet controlled, then Metformin followed by insulin. Don't feel like you've done something wrong if this happens. I really felt the first time that I'd let the baby down but really, there's nothing you can do. As the pregnancy progresses, what used to work doesn't work anymore. I also echo what a pp said, high protein snack late at night helps stabilise the first morning reading fwink

Salina2 Sat 07-Dec-19 22:58:38

Really love that everyone is sharing tips on what foods work and advice to get us through... I'm a little worried as I will be 28 weeks next week and iv read a lot of women saving the GD gets worse after 28 weeks. I am currently on metformin and it's controlled with that and diet but its not easy as I crave a lot of sweet stuff during this pregnancy.

Can someone send a link the Facebook GD page please?

And it's true, one day I will eat something and I'm fine and the next day I'll have the same thing and my sugar levels change.

I have a growth scan next week and I'm feeling a little nervous as I hope everything is fine and the baby is ok.

It's been a little tough for me as I had a cervical stitch put in at 21 weeks due to having my first DS at 26 weeks. With the stitch I am limited to doing much exercise or physical activities so it doesn't help the GD situation.

Thank you for all the advice ladies, finding it all very helpful smile

MrFlibblesEyes Sun 08-Dec-19 07:23:45

I found I could tolerate porridge if I had a big spoonful of total 5% youghurt on it and a handful of nuts! I couldn't manage two slices of toast, but one with lots of scrambled eggs was OK. Two slices of bread was fine in the evenings though- in fact I seemed to be able to eat most things by the end of the day. Fwiw Im a healthy size 8 normally with no family risk factors and I still got it so it really can be just the luck of the draw. I managed to stay diet controlled the whole way through and gave birth at 40+5 to a healthy 6lb14 boy.

AR23 Sun 08-Dec-19 14:55:02

Awwww, reading everyone's comments and experiences is so wonderful, thank you again for all the tips. I will give porridge a go, because at least then I can alternate between porridge and toast for breakfast to mix it up.

@titnomatani @NanooCov - re having a snack at night to help with morning pre-breakfast levels, what sort of things would you suggest? I normally eat my dinner at 6pm and don't have anything after that (also try and go for a walk after dinner but in this weather it's been a bit tough), but a few of my morning readings have still been high.

titnomatani Mon 09-Dec-19 00:40:14

@AR23 either a slice of toast with peanut butter/egg mayo or Jacobs crackers with butter and cheese or full fat yoghurt with a bit of granola and extra nuts has worked for me. I think having your last meal at 6pm is definitely causing your high fasting levels. Play around with foods to have as a snack before bed and see what your levels are first thing.

titnomatani Mon 09-Dec-19 00:41:39

Ps. Make up porridge with full fat milk and cream and add in nuts/seeds and see what you're like after an hour. I found I could tolerate porridge in the early days when I made it like this.

MummyToBeAgain1 Mon 09-Dec-19 00:53:52

@AR23 When I was 30 weeks with Dc2 I had GD. I was 25 slim and had a healthy diet just like yours so was equally shocked.
I stopped cakes/chocs/biscuits/fizzy drinks and also no sugar in tea/coffee. That's about it.

I was strapped to monitor with Dc2 because of GD but in actual fact I ended up preferring it. I didn't mind giving birth at labour ward at all and it all went really smoothly.

So chin up and it'll be okay. :-)

They checked after baby was born and I was clear!

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