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5 weeks pregnant and had course of trimethoprim recently help!

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mamamoomins Tue 21-Aug-07 22:23:26

Understand that this is contraindicated in early pregnancy, waiting to see gp later in week, anyone got any advice?

Naetha Tue 21-Aug-07 22:36:21

No advice as such, you just have to remember that during very early pregnancy your embryo has a yolk sac to sustain it, so takes few nutrients from your body, so there is a fair chance that anything you had didn't affect the baby.

Other than that, try not to think about it - what will be will be, and trying to find stuff out on the internet (which I know is what I'd be doing) is more likely to scare you than reassure you

mamamoomins Wed 22-Aug-07 08:10:56

Internet very scary, has traumatised husband +++.

ImBarryScott Wed 22-Aug-07 08:44:32

I took another contraindicated drug before finding out I was 8 weeks pg. (this was in addition to drinking my self silly every night for 3 weeks - I had just finished my Masters', and it was the world cup. Oh and I smoked.)

On finding out I was pregnant I was horrified at what I had done. I downloaded loads of research papers re this drug, and its effects in pregnancy. I made myself absolutely sick with worry. Needless to say, all was absolutely fine.

I would advise stepping away from the search engine. After all, there is often very little conclusive information on drugs and pregnancy, as it would be unethical to do formal studies. Much of the stuff you read may be "worst case scenario" information, or retrospective studies with no causal link between that drug and any effects (ie any increase in adverse effects could be coincidental).

My midwife knew very little about this, and just said "well you shouldn't take any medication in pregnancy". How helpful.

However, when I went for my scan, I explained to the doctors about my adventures on the internet, and they took the time and trouble to contact medicines information, and talk me through the info. this was very reassuring!

Hope this helps - sorry it's a bit long!

Diba123 Tue 17-Oct-17 15:34:32

Hi mamamoomin,
I didnt realise that i am pregnant and have done the same worried sick now. Can you please tell what happened, if it harmed your baby?
I know this is an old thread but please can someone reply

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