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mum to be spa days in scotland

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Stefka Tue 21-Aug-07 21:30:46

Is there such a thing? I would love to do something like this - anyone know of anything in Scotland?

whoops Tue 21-Aug-07 21:31:39

Where abouts are you? I know the esporta in Hamilton did massages etc for pregnant women

geordiemacminx Tue 21-Aug-07 21:47:30

If you are in Edinburgh there is a spa place at the Ocean Terminal that do fantastic treatments for mums to be - it is owned by a frien of mine so can whole heartedly recommend it.

Stobo castle down in peebles also offer ante natal spa days although they are quite pricey.

Can make some more reccomendations if you give me an idea of where abouts you are?

Whoops - are you in Hamilton? I'm in Uddingston.

gomez Tue 21-Aug-07 21:49:01

One Spa at the Sheraton do a lovely ante-natal package. And you can swim on the roof if the weather is up to it [swim].

geordiemacminx Tue 21-Aug-07 21:50:06

Oooo yes I was going to say that - is there somewhere called the Cow shed in Edinburgh too?

whoops Tue 21-Aug-07 21:51:10

Geordie - I used to live in Carfin and work in Uddingston
Move back down South 2.5 years ago now

gomez Tue 21-Aug-07 21:52:21

Aye is in the Scotsman Hotel on North Bridge - never been but have heard good things.

geordiemacminx Tue 21-Aug-07 21:52:22

Boo hiss down south is rubbish.... I bet you miss the smell of the tunnocks factory!!

whoops Tue 21-Aug-07 21:54:11

lol yes! I used to drive past it everyday!!
Down south isn't that bad but then I did only spend 2 years up there!

Stefka Wed 22-Aug-07 11:09:51

I am in Falkirk so central area.

geordiemacminx Wed 22-Aug-07 11:18:42

Creiff hydro?

This is the link to the one at ocean terminal

Stefka Wed 22-Aug-07 11:48:11

Looks great - now the question is how do I butter up my husband to convince him that this is an essential pregnancy treatment!!

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