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Growth Scan. How Accurate?

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ohdearymemumof3 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:26:30

Helloo, iv just had a growth scan because at my midwife app last thurs my bump was measuring small, just under the bottom line. My growth scan has plotted baby on the middle line and at 6lb 5oz. I have 4 weeks left and they are supposed to put on 1-2lb a week so i could have a 10-12lb baby!? Surely not? Wouldn't that require c section?

What's peoples opinions on these growth scans?..

Napqueen1234 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:29:23

They’re not always v accurate, don’t panic. First pregnancy I was measuring big, 36 weeks had growth scan showed baby on 99th centile already 7lb 4oz. Cue hysterical FTM panic! Went into labour 2 days later, DD born 36+5 6lb 12oz (already half a pound off!). No doubt she would have been bigger on her due date or over but have faith your body will eject when it’s the right size and birthing big babies is apparently no harder!

VapeVamp12 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:29:59

I’ve heard they’re fairly inaccurate - the last sonographer I saw said he’d say they can be 20% out in either direction.

Mine was 5 pound 12 at 32 weeks and is due this weekend so I’ll report back!

Regarding 1-2 pound a week I thought it was half a pound per week?! Otherwise I’m looking at a 13 pounder lol

Napqueen1234 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:30:14

Also if you’re anxious I bought it up at a midwife appointment and was offered to see a consultant to discuss ‘options’. Didn’t need it and no idea what they would have been but that could be reassuring!

miamiibiza Mon 25-Nov-19 16:30:40

It's half a pound a week that they put on (generally)

BelleSausage Mon 25-Nov-19 16:31:08

They might as well pluck a number out of the air!

neverornow Mon 25-Nov-19 16:31:36

I thinks half a pound a week is more realistic in the final weeks. My 2 were predicted to be a good lb more than they actually ended up being. My friend was told to brace herself for a whopper as her scans predicted an almost 11lb baby.... baby ended up being 9lb 1oz

loutypips Mon 25-Nov-19 16:32:28

Complete b#ll**ks! Lol. They said my dd was going to be 10lb plus. She was 7lb8oz. Another friend was told that her ds was measuring small, he was 12lb and huge!

I think at best they are a guesstimate and not reliable.

Namechanger23455 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:35:10

My growth scans with DD were very accurate, she was measuring small 2nd centile. I had them every two weeks from 24 weeks till birth.
I had a growth scan 10 days before she arrived, they estimated she was 5lb 6 at the scan, she was born 5lb12 bang on her 2nd centile line.
Follow the centile line that they’ve given on the graph, and that will indicate what will be the birth weight.
Ie 50th centile off the top of my head would be around 8lb at birth..... etc

Dyra Mon 25-Nov-19 16:36:32

Growth scan at 36 weeks said baby was about 6lb 14oz. Baby delivered a week later was 7lb 5oz, so it was about right.

It's definitely about half a pound a week in the final few weeks.

Funnybunnyfluff Mon 25-Nov-19 16:36:53

Had my 36 week scan last Wednesday weight 6lbs1 sono said roughly baby puts on 1 lbs every 2 weeks so estimated at 8lbs1 but she also said they have could be a lbs either way. Depending on when baby is born.
If that's any help x

Autumntoowet Mon 25-Nov-19 16:38:30

So unreliable those are

EverythingNow Mon 25-Nov-19 16:40:42

Agree with the others it's half a pound a week in the last few weeks.

I was scanned routinely at 37 weeks and baby's predicted weight at that point was 8lb15, with a potential 5 weeks til delivery as all mine were late. Drs wanted to induce to avoid him being over 5kg.

He was induced at 40wks weighing a mere 9lb5oz, so not that big. Had he gone to 42wks like his siblings we reckon he would only have been 10lb5, not the 11lb plus baby they predicted.

They are notoriously innacurate.

Selfsettling3 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:42:18

1lb a week growth is average from about 36 weeks. You should have 3 growth scans 2 weeks apart for them to be more accurate.

20viona Mon 25-Nov-19 16:45:07

I had growth scans every two weeks from 25 weeks due to small size of baby. She was induced at 37 weeks and expected to weigh 5lb 6oz , she was 5lb 3oz so close.

NotSoThinLizzy Mon 25-Nov-19 18:16:02

My 1st was predicted to be 5lb she was 7lb 7oz
2nd was predicted to be 7lb he was 7lb 8oz so close
3rd was predicted to be 9lb 5oz he was 8lb 2oz. Think it depends on the sonographer too.

ruralcat Mon 25-Nov-19 18:21:45

About half a pound a week so you're probably looking at a baby around 8 to 8.5lbs which is perfectly normal

CFlemingSmith Mon 25-Nov-19 18:28:31

3 growths scan estimated my baby to be a tiny baby at 3-4lbs.
He's was just over 8lbs.
So essentially, not accurate

ohdearymemumof3 Mon 25-Nov-19 22:09:05

Mixed opinions then but most of you agree they aren't very accurate.. yes if its half a lb or so a week and my baby is 8.5lbs thats great because thats the weight my son came out at so i no i can do that haha x

lioness88 Tue 26-Nov-19 08:11:08

My growth scan was pretty accurate. She was 7lb 7oz according to growth scan and came out 2 weeks later at 8lb 5oz. I turned up to my 40 week midwife appointment to a very panicked midwife who sent me straight to be induced that afternoon. Apparently someone from antenatal should have contacted me with a plan to induce early after the growth scan!
You could always just double check with your midwife if a plan needs to be made as these things can slip under the radar!!

mintich Tue 26-Nov-19 08:23:43

I was told I would have a 10lb baby, she was 8lb 3oz!

NotQuiteBridgetJones Tue 26-Nov-19 08:39:29

Not accurate at all for me. Scan suggested baby was going to be 8.5 but she was 6.10

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