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5 weeks Pregnant

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JackGordonsMummy Sat 23-Nov-19 21:03:19

Hi all,

I am only 5 weeks pregnant (due 24th of July) with baby number 2! All went well last pregnancy (appart from horrific morning sickness from 6 - 23 weeks)

I have seen a few old threads with Ladies asking this question but would be nice to have some reassurance from other Mums to be on how terrifying the wait to 12 weeks is!

I'm so scared something goes wrong every time I go to the loo I'm checking for blood and any pains in my abdomen i feel I'm convinced something bad is happening 😭 x

JackGordonsMummy Fri 06-Dec-19 09:07:10

@hermionelodge @AliasGrape so sorry to hear of the trouble you are having it must be so worrying for you but positive the preg tests are coming up more positive than before! Such a long wait to the 17th. It's the most worrying time ever.

There is nothing I want to eat or drink apart from water. It's making the morning sickness a lot worse when I eat it subsides a little but trying t figure out what I can stomach is near impossible.

Hope everyone has a good less worrying day x

hermionelodge Fri 06-Dec-19 10:48:17

@JackGordonsMummy thank you. It's so stressful when really we should be trying to stay calm and create a relaxing environment. I'm no good at the waiting game.

What a nightmare, I really feel for you suffering so badly. Fingers crossed you find something soon that you can stomach and nibble on! X

AliasGrape Fri 06-Dec-19 10:57:16

Im not good at the patience thing either @hermionelodge - at least we can count down to the 17th together!

I was planning to tell my other sister and other close friend/bridesmaid (one sister and one best friend know already as I’ve seen them since we got the positive test But the others live a long way away and are travelling up for the hen tonight) and then with 4 people knowing I was hoping they’d help me cover up the not drinking as in say we’re in a round and just get me soft drinks but pretend it’s booze, discretely polish off any alcohol I get given after I’ve held it for a bit, that sort of thing. But now I don’t feel like saying anything, doesn’t feel like a fun exciting secret to share now I just feel like I’d be jinxing things.

@JackGordonsMummy I really hope today is a better day for you!

pottypotamus Fri 06-Dec-19 15:40:25

Hi everyone, can I join? I'm due 6+6 today. Very nervous. I recognise a few of you from other threads! 👋🏼
@AliasGrape sorry to hear about your brown discharge but the 3+ on the digi is really positive!!

pottypotamus Fri 06-Dec-19 15:41:33

Sorry silly me, I'm not new on this thread 🤯

HairsprayBabe Fri 06-Dec-19 18:50:39

Hi all,
I am really struggling, not getting and relief from the tablets other than they make me so tired I am just sleeping instead of being sick.

I feel so vile I am so dizzy when I stand up and I keep getting really faint, I have eaten a bit of toast today and that is literally it.

Really struggling to get any fluids into myself i can only take tiny sips or it makes me feel really sick.

I have to go back to work on Monday, we have my stepdaughter this weekend I don't know what I am going to do.

pottypotamus Fri 06-Dec-19 19:35:02

Hi @HairsprayBabe
Sorry you're feeling so rough. I've heard sucking on ice lollies can help get fluids in. I know it's wrong time of the year confused

HairsprayBabe Fri 06-Dec-19 19:50:15

I had an ice lolly this morning actually and threw it up basically immediately because my meds hadn't kicked in yet
I have also tried melon and cucumber
My head is killing me and I feel so pathetically sorry for myself

pottypotamus Fri 06-Dec-19 20:15:34

Oh no...sorry @HairsprayBabe sad
Hoping the sickness calms down for you.

Dav87 Sat 07-Dec-19 19:05:22

Hi everyone!

Sorry to hear some of you are not feeling great and not having a good time, really hope you all feel better soon! How is everyone doing today?

I’m 6+3 and have been feeling sick since about week 3, last night was the first time I’ve actually been sick - at 3am in the morning, so not ideal for a good nights sleep! 😁 Do feel a bit better today.

I’m feeling quite down today. I’m sure it’s just the pregnancy hormones but I’m feeling quite alone. My husband has gone out with friends for the 3rd weekend in a row, and I’m at home alone. I don’t mind too much, but lots of time alone with my own thoughts and I’m starting to worry! Just want to be a good mum but I’m worried how I will know how to do anything?! Overthinking everything at the moment! Need to try and relax.

Hope you’re all having a good Saturday ❤️ x

PandaPink Sat 07-Dec-19 19:15:53

@dav87 yeah it's not great when we are left alone with our own thoughts I totally get what you mean. I am only 5 plus 1 and in myself and feel quite anxious...about everything really pregnancy work how I will be as a mum. Worried if I miscarry again.

Men must worry too but they can ditch it and enjoy themselves a lot easier I think.

JackGordonsMummy Sat 07-Dec-19 22:45:38

Hi @dav87 I'm 7+1 today I've had terrible nausea since about week 5 but it seems to have calmed down a lot yesterday and today ap fingers crossed it's going...

This is baby number 2 for me and DP.

I had that worry a lot my 1st pregnancy how I would be as a Mum etc but as soon as you have your little bundle in your arms it all just comes naturally!

It's the most amazing experience you will ever have. I'm so excited for all you 1st timers to feel this love.

When you first bring the baby home after the hospital it hits you hard that you are responsible for the tiny human in your arms but within days you just know what to do it's amazing!

I never read 1 baby book or anything I just went with the flow hehe!

I've got terrible Mum guilt for my DS as he's only just turned 2 (the day I conceived with this one)! So worries he's gonna feel left out or like he's lost his Mummy. So I guess that it's a different kind of worry second time round.

Anyways me and DP keep arguing my hormones are all over the place and he keeps snapping back. He's been out a lot lately too and is out a lot the whole of December. It is hard because 9 times it of 10 I feel so sick I struggle to take my little boy out and about like I normally would etc... but hoping it is passing.

Looking forward to having a bump and feeling baby move in a couple of months it's such a relief rather than constantly worrying something is going to go wrong.

6 days till my Private scan I'm so excited to see this little one and make sure everything is okay with them xx

HairsprayBabe Sun 08-Dec-19 11:07:36

My sickness is getting worse if anything I have just thrown up so violently I gave myself a nosebleed

Feeling really fainty and dizzy most of the time, nothing is helping with the nausea I'm taking three cyclizine a day and still being sick.

AliasGrape Sun 08-Dec-19 11:44:22

@HairsprayBabe you poor thing. Can you go back to the doctor? You might need some more help like fluids etc with being that bad. I really hope you get some relief soon.

I don’t know what to think/feel about what’s going on with me and our little cluster at the moment. On the one hand I’ve got the evidence that the clearblue weeks indicator has gone up each week, my early scan at least showed there was a sac in the right place, and whilst there has been brown discharge there’s been no red since that tiny bit of spotting last Sunday and it’s not got any heavier or anything over time, plus my boobs are still sore and I am weeing quite a lot.

On the other hand I do keep getting the brown discharge on and off, and yesterday in the middle of my hen do I got this weird discharge that was like the egg white cervical mucus which google says you shouldn’t be getting if pregnant, and it was like shot through with the brown - it was really odd and freaked me out. I don’t feel nauseous at all and I just have this really strong feeling something has gone wrong.

My hen do was a bit of an ordeal to be honest. It was lovely to see everyone and I enjoyed the food and was really touched that everyone had made the effort, on the other hand I felt constantly aware of discharge/ worries and sad that I couldn’t really fully enjoy the day - there was all this booze flying around already paid for and trying to act like I was drinking and fend off questions was quite stressful, although my friend and sister did a great job of swapping their empty glasses with my still full ones without anyone really noticing and ending up proper pissed as a result! I’m always one of the drunk ones when out so never really realised how bloody annoying drunk people are, even when they’re your nearest and dearest, and I got so tired and was just ready for home but feeling so guilty that people had made so much effort and come a long way and I couldn’t be the life of the party they were expecting. I got really quite grumpy by the end because I just desperately wanted to go home I was tired, worried, my feet killed, it was raining etc etc. If this pregnancy does continue and things are ok it will all be so so worth it but I’m just a bit sad that it’s been such a long journey for me having been badly hurt in the past to actually end up with an amazing partner and be getting married which I never thought I’d trust anyone again - and then this hen do and wedding build up which I’d so looked forward to and I’m just sad that it’s all having to be under this shadow of anxiety and worry now. I thought the day I finally got a BFP would be the start of this delirious happiness because it was such a long time coming, I never really anticipated how terrifying it all is!

Sorry to go on moaning. I’m so lucky really and have reason to be optimistic I just need to try and be positive.

hermionelodge Mon 09-Dec-19 17:16:16

@AliasGrape I am so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your hen do as much as you wished to. I know exactly where you are coming from as I have all the same fears and I had a bleed yesterday morning which sent me over the edge. But I would definitely take comfort in the fact your clear blue indicator moved up and you haven't had any more red blood. I have my midwife appt on weds and will be asking about the brown discharge so I will let you know what she says.

I'm the same in that i don't feel pregnant. No nausea, no cravings. I don't even need to pee a lot so I'm also convinced there's nothing going on but we need to remember that not everyone gets all the symptoms. Everything could be perfectly fine.

I really do hope you get a positive outcome and can look back at this time with relief. And everyone who attended your hen do will completely understand why you were more quiet. Yes you expect to get your positive and then be in this big happy bubble of perfection but really this couldn't be further from that. And no one ever talks about this stage once they account their pregnancies so it's a bit taboo until you are actually going through it.

We are all here for you though and sending positive vibes your way

AliasGrape Mon 09-Dec-19 19:36:51

Thank you @hermionelodge I feel a right miserable so and so reading that post back, was a bit tired and emotional yesterday I think! I did really enjoy my hen and keep laughing looking at pictures today, it’s just that everything else pales into insignificance at the moment!

I’m thinking of you too and everything crossed for your appointment! I know what you mean about the symptoms but I was talking to my friend who has a little girl and she said if it wasn’t for the scans and her getting bigger she’d not have known she was pregnant, she had no other symptoms at all.

francis05 Tue 10-Dec-19 12:42:37

Hi all, how soon after getting your BFP did you refer yourself to the midwife? And did you all wait until you received strong positives?

I've been testing for the last couple of weeks and getting the faintest faintest lines, my last one was on a frer on 7th, fmu (albeit after having a few drinks the night before so could have been dehydrated). I think im around 5 weeks. After reading online I think I may just have low hcg levels, hoping a midwife would give me a blood test as the doctors won't.

Having all the symptoms, period style cramps, bigger boobs, backache and spots.

In short I just want to know if im stupid referring to a midwife without a strong positive?

Thanks in advance - congrats to everyone on your BFP! X

JackGordonsMummy Tue 10-Dec-19 14:03:57

I referred myself asap any line is a positive whither its faint or not. I'd give her a call and get booked in! Congratulations x

francis05 Tue 10-Dec-19 19:58:54

@jackGordansMummy thank you! I tiik the plunge and called them earlier this evening. The midwife at my surgery only works on Fridays so have been put in her book and just have to wait for a call either this week or next. Just praying for a BFP on a CB Digital before her call 🙏

JackGordonsMummy Tue 10-Dec-19 20:52:39

@Francis05 brilliant so happy to hear you booked in! My app isn't till the 20th of Dec! Got a private scan on friday so I can't wait for that! Hopefully your appointment is sooner rather than later the wait is horrible. When was you LMP? Have you tried taking a test wit the first urine of the day. I did a CB Digital in the evening 2 days before my missed period and it said not pregnant then did the second thr next morning and it came up pregnant 1-2 weeks. This was on the 11th of Nov. I'm 8 weeks on fri xx

francis05 Tue 10-Dec-19 21:47:06

@JackGordonsMummy not entirely sure on my dates as not had a proper period since coming off the pill at he end of Sept, had my withdrawal bleed but nothing since 🤷‍♀️ I think I ovulated between 12th-15th Nov, so if I am I'll be around 5.5 weeks I guess. Had lots of cramps and backache the last two days, been on a course that's involved a lot of standing which hasn't helped.

Going to do a cb digital 1st thing tomorrow... Wish me luck! 🤞

Congratulations to you btw x

francis05 Tue 10-Dec-19 21:47:41

@JackGordonsMummy not entirely sure on my dates as not had a proper period since coming off the pill at he end of Sept, had my withdrawal bleed but nothing since 🤷‍♀️ I think I ovulated between 12th-15th Nov, so if I am I'll be around 5.5 weeks I guess. Had lots of cramps and backache the last two days, been on a course that's involved a lot of standing which hasn't helped.

Going to do a cb digital 1st thing tomorrow... Wish me luck! 🤞

Congratulations to you btw x

JackGordonsMummy Wed 11-Dec-19 11:08:20

@Francis05 did you do your test 1st thing? Xx

francis05 Wed 11-Dec-19 12:58:28

@JackGordonsMummy I did but it came back as Not Pregnant 😒 took it apart which I know I shouldn't have, it had very faint blue lines in the test strip but since reading online all digital tests have faint lines even when negative!!!
Just need the willpower to not test for a week or so and see what happens.

JackGordonsMummy Wed 11-Dec-19 20:25:06

Maybe you are earlier on than you thought maybe ovulated later in the month.

Good idea to wait a week or so I know it's so hard.

When is your MW app @francis05

How is everyone feeling? X

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