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5 weeks Pregnant

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JackGordonsMummy Sat 23-Nov-19 21:03:19

Hi all,

I am only 5 weeks pregnant (due 24th of July) with baby number 2! All went well last pregnancy (appart from horrific morning sickness from 6 - 23 weeks)

I have seen a few old threads with Ladies asking this question but would be nice to have some reassurance from other Mums to be on how terrifying the wait to 12 weeks is!

I'm so scared something goes wrong every time I go to the loo I'm checking for blood and any pains in my abdomen i feel I'm convinced something bad is happening 😭 x

pottypotamus Sun 24-Nov-19 10:24:05

Thanks @hermionelodge
Wishing you all the best too!
I know what you mean about Xmas party. People will know straight away when I say I'm driving. Our party isn't too far away, just the next train over so I might just fake drink haha. I'll have to make sure I go to the bar on my own and insist on having a lemonade in a gin glass wink

JackGordonsMummy Sun 24-Nov-19 10:28:35

Hope you find what you're looking for @hermionelodge grin

Aww thats lovely @pottypotamus a Boy and a Girl already hopefully you won't need to buy much stuff for the new addition then hehe!

It's the same at my surgery they make you self ref to the mideife I called last Monday and they gave me my 1st midwife app on the 20th of Dec then my 12wk scan on the 10th of Jan!

I'm going to gp for a private scan at 8 weeks (13th Dec) its £40 but I'd rather just know if everything is ok or notsad

You can get one a 6 weeks but I've seen a lot of people writing they didn't see a heart beat cos it was too early so had to go back so I think I'll try hold off to week 8. Are you? X

pottypotamus Sun 24-Nov-19 10:48:48

@JackGordonsMummy that's really good that your GP offers early scans, even though you have to pay. I think I'll book an early scan for just before Christmas, I'll be a nervous wreck waiting for 12 week scan!! I'll have to do a groupon thingy for the early scan and I think I'll be able to get one for about £40 as well.

Fingers crossed for all of us!!

Yes we have way too many boys and girl clothes, and just baby stuff in general, so hoping we won't have to buy much else smile

mywrencalls Sun 24-Nov-19 11:06:23

Hello everyone smile I'm just about 5 weeks along, I had my first positive test last Sunday, have been frantically reading anything and everything pregnancy related since then haha.

I'm 37 and this will be my second child, my first is 20 years old so I feel like I am a first time mum, it feels so strange!

No real symptoms yet, no nausea or cramping, boobs a little sensitive. Not too tired yet. Going to call GP's tomorrow and see how to book my first appointment.

Congrats to everyone!

AliasGrape Sun 24-Nov-19 13:07:03

Congratulations everyone.

I got my bfp yesterday - well I had 4 NFL’s I guess as I couldn't stop taking tests. I took a digital test this morning and it said 1-2 weeks pregnant, but I’m 4weeks +5 according to NHS calculator.

I’ve just turned 40, this is my first pregnancy, we’ve been trying a long long time but had decided to have a break from it all and didn’t really try very much this month. I thought I’d started my period earlier this week but it was a few spots then nothing. My periods can be very stoppy starty anyway so I really didn’t give it a second thought until yesterday when I saw the pregnancy test stash in the cupboard and thought I’d just do one (or 4).

I am terrified it’s not going to stick, I’m trying to put it to the back of my mind but can’t think of anything else. I’ve got lots of cramps and every twinge is making me think bad things are happening.

I’m weeing a bit more than usual and I definitely felt shattered last week and headachey, kept telling DP I thought I was coming down with something. I feel a bit queasy now since the test but might be in my head!

We’re getting married in 4 weeks and my hen do is in 2, talk about timing! Definitely going to be obvious I’m not drinking on my hen do but not much I can do about it. I’m doubly scared of it going wrong right before the wedding and then ruining that too. I guess just one day at a time is all I can do.

Sorry to ramble on! Nice to find people at a similar stage.

AliasGrape Sun 24-Nov-19 13:07:47

4 BFPs not 4 NFLs - fat thumbs sorry!

surreygirl1987 Sun 24-Nov-19 14:01:23

£40?!?! Please tell me where these scans are? If gladly pay £40 for one! I can't find any near me for less than £70, and even that's quite a trek. The only really local place to me seems to be £89. I had an early scan last time and I think I paid around £80 but now that I'm going to have two under 2, money will obviously be much tighter so I find that hard to justify! If anyone can find me a £40 early scan I'd be very grateful!!

JackGordonsMummy Sun 24-Nov-19 14:55:02

Sorry I ment to write *go for a private Scan not "gp" my phone changes the spelling of some words soo annoying hmm !

Well I'm in Glasgow there are quite a few places here that do the Private Scans some are more expensive than other but the place I went when I was Pregnant with my Son was amazing and they are the one that charge £40. Deffo have a look on groupon they always have deals!

I had a nap today and have only just woke up and the morning sickness has struck I have terrible nausea but haven't ate since breakfast hoping once I've had something it will pass. This is the first time this pregnacy I've felt like I am gonna throw up envy

Congratulations on you BPF @AliasGrape and @mywrencalls I know how you feel its such a worrying but happy/ exciting time! Keep me posted how you sre all getting on it's actually so good to have a group of us who are due around the same time! Also who are missing the Xmas Party hehe! xxx

pottypotamus Sun 24-Nov-19 15:36:23

I'm in Herts and there are £39 scan in Watford.

Tashaa1 Sun 24-Nov-19 16:08:33

Congratulations on your BFP! I got mines last month I’m 6 weeks today grin me and OH decided to get an early scan at 10 weeks so we could see baby just before Christmas. Good luck on your pregnancy.

JackGordonsMummy Sun 24-Nov-19 18:38:09

Congratulations on your pregnancy too @Tashaa1 I hope your early scan goes well! X

surreygirl1987 Sun 24-Nov-19 19:20:22

@pollypotamus thanks - can you tell me what company that is with (e.g. babybond etc)? I'll have a look and see if there's one around here (I'm in Surrey), unless it's an independent place? Keeping my fingers crossed!

Littleseed2020 Sun 24-Nov-19 20:15:30

Hi all, huge congratulations to you all on your BFP’s! I got my first ever positive test Thursday morning and will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I’m so happy!!

I’m due on 27th July.

How are you all feeling?

TiptopJ Sun 24-Nov-19 20:23:48

Hi I'm 6 weeks with my 2nd. Congratulations OP and all the other posters. I'm less nervous about the pregnancy but nervous about the birth. I had a 3rd degree tear last time and I was advised that I would be considered for a c section if I wanted to. Also a bit worried about the age gap between my 2, I have a son who will be 2 and a half when this one comes along and I dont know how he'll adapt (or me for that matter) god do we ever stop worrying smile

macaroniandpizza Sun 24-Nov-19 20:27:59

I am 9wks on tuesday and had been booked in for a termination but i have cancelled it and im going ahead with the pregnancy. Its a mess though as the father is a friend who has subsequently got back with his dp after a long break and has told me to get rid. What makes it worse is i know hes been cheating on her for years (hes sent me stuff that proves) but i cant say anything about that or indeed this baby. So here i am about to be a single mum of 2

TiptopJ Sun 24-Nov-19 20:31:39

Wishing you lots of luck @macaroniandpizza. I might be doing this on my own too as my partner hasnt taken the news too well. Time will tell

macaroniandpizza Sun 24-Nov-19 20:33:50

Thank you tiptop have done it on my own with ds who is now 4 so that doesnt faze me but what would be nice is a bit of support from my family

Rosedale19 Sun 24-Nov-19 21:29:03

My due date is 24th July too! I’m considering an early scan, I don’t think I could wait until after Christmas I just want to know everything is okay smile

Liverbird77 Sun 24-Nov-19 21:49:23

I am four plus four with pregnancy number two.
It is so exciting, but I am also anxious. We'll be having the nipt test, but it cannot be done until week 10.
My little boy is 11 months old so, if all goes to plan, I'll have my hands full with two under two!

HairsprayBabe Sun 24-Nov-19 22:54:25

Hi can I join? Due date is about 26th July by my maths.

Found out I was pregnant last week - bit of a surprise... was on the pill but missed one on our wedding night last month when I left my overnight bag at home blush didn't think anything of it, never even thought about MAP, was late so did a test and here we are blush

We were planning on TTC after Christmas so I could enjoy fizz and brie so it's just scooted us forwards by a few months!

pottypotamus Sun 24-Nov-19 23:12:00

They are called Hey Baby 4D and are offering an early reassurance scan for £39

JackGordonsMummy Mon 25-Nov-19 09:20:30

Hi everyone congratulations on you BFP ! I booked my early scan for the 13th of Dec was so tempted to do it on friday cos I'll be 6 weeks but seen so many horror stories that it was too early to see a baby or heartbeat and thst would freak me out more! I'm starting to feel more and more "pregnant" ! I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you're facing @macaroniandpizza and @TiptopJ but the love you have for the tiny human growing inside of you is enough to get you through! X

Joantrying Mon 25-Nov-19 11:12:36

I’m hoping someone maybe able to help me on this thread. I found out I’m pregnant 5 weeks, due on 29th July 2020. I’ve had two previous miscarriages and then I’ve bleed for one day with this pregnancy can’t get a scan until 7 weeks. Pregnancy tests still showing positive. Have any of you had this before just want to know if everything is okay?

Littleseed2020 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:07:32

@Joantrying oh gosh how awful dor you, I’m so sorry to hear that. Have you registered your pregnancy yet? If so, call the midwife/hospital team - I had an email when I registered mine about calling with any problems under 18 weeks. Do you have a number like that you can call? Did you have a lot of pain? And sorry to ask, but was it a lot of blood? Constant all day or spotting??

Joantrying Mon 25-Nov-19 16:17:03

@littleseed2020 no not registered it yet as I was expecting the worse but now I’m not so sure. There was a lot of blood and it was red, but no pain so very different from my previous miscarriages. It was constant but only need to change pad twice (sorry if TMI). I called EPAU but they said as the bleeding has stopped nothing for them to do and just need to wait for scan. I did ask about blood test but they said there was no point. I thought it would have been useful to see if HCG was going up. Any advice would be greatly received

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