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now I'm worried ... spotting question

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PurlyQueen Mon 20-Aug-07 19:13:47

TMI alert...

I'm just over 8 weeks. When I went to the loo this morning I had some very faint brown spotting but no pain. Now I have a tiny smear of what I can only describe as dark yellow discharge.

Should i start getting worried?

iliketosleep Mon 20-Aug-07 19:23:41

from what ive read on here brown blood is ok its if its bright red with pain you should be worried, as for the discharge im not sure maybe ring you EPU or midwife they will be able to help you, good luck for you xxx

kerala Mon 20-Aug-07 19:30:56

I had spotting at 6 weeks when my period would have been due. Think it was implantation spotting. DD now 1.

Hope it all works out for you. Good idea to mention to a midwife.

Cloudhopper Mon 20-Aug-07 19:33:55

I had brown spotting with both pgs, including a red bleed at one stage (not heavy as in filling pads and pads but enough to be worrying). Both went on to normal births.

Hope all is well - brown spotting is more common than you would think but still v v scary.

Wishing you well and good luck. xxxxxxx

Peachy Mon 20-Aug-07 19:34:33

Not really

8 weeks is quite a common point to have a little spotting, as many people woudl ahve their period at that stage- its hormonal more often that not. Relax, have a bath, be glad its topped and maybe just give the GP a bell tomorrow for reassurance.

Hugs X

PurlyQueen Mon 20-Aug-07 19:41:14

Thanks for all your advice - I'm definitely going to the doctor tomorrow morning and I'm booked in for a scan on Friday anyway.

On the plus side, I'm still peeing like a racehorse, the soreness in my boobs has returned (I caved in and bought my first wire-free bra this morning) and I'm still sleeping loads.

Because it's my first pregnancy it's hard not to worry all the time .

orangecat Mon 20-Aug-07 19:59:44

Not always a bad sign - I've had bleeding with every successful pregnancy and no bleeding at all for one of my mcs (didn't know until 12 week scan ).

Def. worth seeing doctor and having scan, just in case. But sounds like an implantation bleed to me.

Good luck with it

PurlyQueen Tue 21-Aug-07 12:58:35

Someone at the hospital must have heard my prayers yesterday. My 8-week scan has been moved from Friday to Thursday so at least I'll be able to see what's what much sooner.
No spotting today so far - hope it stays that way.

Cloudhopper Tue 21-Aug-07 16:56:36

Good luck - if the spotting has stopped then that is reassuring.


orangecat Wed 22-Aug-07 20:40:56

Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure all will be well if spotting has stopped xx

PurlyQueen Thu 23-Aug-07 17:49:44

Good news - I had a scan this morning and Pumpkin is 8 weeks and 5 days old with a good, strong heartbeat.
I know it's a long way to go before i reach the 12-week point but it was such a relief to see something there. I closed my eyes until the sonographer told me to look!

iliketosleep Thu 23-Aug-07 19:17:02

brilliant new so please for you xxxxxx

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