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4/5 week pregnancy symptoms

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Chlandy Thu 21-Nov-19 10:33:37

Hi mums to be! Just looking for some reassurance, this is my 2nd pregnancy (I have had 2 chemicals as well which didn't make it this far), my first felt completely different to this one and after 2 years of trying for this baby I'm way more anxious that the first time (my son is 3). According to the date of my last period I'm 4w + 5 days and don't have any sickness or nausea yet. I've had cramps and aches in my back and very sore heavy boobs, but the past 24 hours maybe longer I've had a twinging pain about an inch to the right of my tummy button. It isn't constant but it's there more than it isn't and very specific in the one place I can literally pin point where is it. Do you think this is normal, or any cause for concern? So scared this won't be a sticky baby and time is going backwards! I've booked an early scab but it's not until 20th December so any reassurance would be wonderful please! Thank you xox

Chlandy Thu 21-Nov-19 10:34:52

Please excuse all the typo errors... I really should proof read more 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

CoffeeAndCarbs Thu 21-Nov-19 11:40:38


I'm 10+1 now and my nausea didn't kick in until I was 5+5. I thought I was going to be lucky and not get it but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

In the early days I had twinges like you describe to the side of my belly button but nothing lower down.

I haven't had any boob related symptoms, no tenderness, pain, growth, etc. But I have had insomnia, constipation, wind and acne - the joys!

Nothing you've described sounds concerning to me, everyone is different.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months, congratulations x

Chlandy Thu 21-Nov-19 11:55:17

Congratulations to you too! Thank you, that's really reassuring, I thought I'd be more relaxed 2nd time round but I'm over analysing everything 🙈! Never thought I'd wish for nausea haha! Will you be having your scan soon? Hope everything goes well and you have a lovely pregnancy xx

Chlandy Thu 21-Nov-19 11:55:53

Also yes, the constipation and trapped wind is very real, forgot to mention those 😂

CoffeeAndCarbs Thu 21-Nov-19 17:18:48

The constipation and wind is brutal 🙈 lol.

My NHS scan is 3rd Dec but I'm very impatient so had a private viability scan at 8 weeks and saw the heartbeat which was amazing 💓 I'm actually going for a second private scan tonight (at 7pm) as just want reassurance that all is well. I've no reason to think it isn't but read far too much about missed miscarriages etc.

Also, I'm 35, have PCOS and this is my first so feeling a bit anxious. Hopefully all is well and things are progressing as they should be 🤞 bet you can't wait till your scan! I'd be climbing the walls lol x

Chlandy Fri 22-Nov-19 07:24:11

Aww I don't blame you at all! I've booked an early scan for 20th December when I'll be 9 weeks, but I'll most likely squeeze another in cos I'm so impatient I just want reassurance everything is ok! With my first pregnancy I had one at 6 weeks ha! How did your 2nd scan go? I got my 3+ digital this morning (on Sunday it was 2-3 weeks) so hoping I might actually stop POAS now 🙈 the 12 week wait is the absolute worst isn't it!

chocolate26 Fri 22-Nov-19 11:04:29

Hi, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and found out at 3+4!! I felt completely normal until about 5+4 weeks when the sickness started and majorly sore boobs! I did have cramps from the start and still have them on and off now. My sickness got extremely bad bang on 6 weeks and has just started to taper off a bit now thank god grin
You are very early, just enjoy not feeling many symptoms at the moment smile

louisepx Fri 22-Nov-19 12:51:19

@Chlandy yes!! I had horrendous one sided pain, mine on my left really low down, almost felt like it was in my vagina. It was so bad I was having anxiety attacks due to the worry ( 2 previous miscarriages) I had paramedics out to my house and then was taking to hospital in fear it was ectopic. Scans and blood showed all is fine , was so early in pregnancy they put it down to implantation pains.
My other symptoms are sickness, low back ache, sore boobs, restless legs. Hope all is well with you. I know how scary pregnancy is after a loss . I'm suffering with severe panic attacks daily xxx

CoffeeAndCarbs Fri 22-Nov-19 15:50:18

@Chlandy It's great seeing the weeks indicator going up isn't it?! I spent an absolute fortune on tests when I first got my BFP. I did 8 FRERs just to monitor line progression and then 3 Clearblue Digitals so I could see them go from 1-2, 2-3 and then 3+ lol. I finally stopped testing after that, I was becoming obsessed!

My scan went really well thank you 😊 baby has doubled in size in the last 2 weeks and we got to see their little arm and leg buds wriggling around (only after a hard prod though, they were being lazy) lol. The sonographer dated me at 10+0.

Only a week on Tuesday until my first NHS scan 👍 My obsession has moved from HPTs to ultrasounds 🙈 haha x

Puppydogg1 Fri 22-Nov-19 19:02:13

I'm so happy I've found this thread!
I'm in a similar situation, 5weeks 5 days today and yesterday I started with a pain one inch to the left of my belly button similar to you OP.

I've spent all day googling, and that never does anyone any good 😂 I've diagnosed myself from everything to ectopic, to appendicitis to diverticulitis.

I'm a worrier after a MMC a couple of months ago.

The pain isn't constant, but there every now and again and sore when I press on it.
Could also be the constipation and trapped wind 🙈

Congratulations to you all and wishing you all a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Chlandy Fri 22-Nov-19 19:21:15

Ahh congratulations @chocolate26! Thank you that's reassuring to know, I'm sure I'm speaking too soon and will be feeling dreadful soon enough 😂

So so sorry @louisepx for your losses and how your anxiety is now, I haven't been through as much as you and am struggling so can only imagine how tough it is! Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy 💓 it would appear the side pain is common at least 💓!

Omg @CoffeeAndCarbs the difference already! That must be so reassuring and lovely for you, really don't know it I can wait till my 9 week booked scan, so happy for you all was well! I definitely think I can stop testing now I've had my 3+ tho thank goodness ha!

@Puppydogg1 congratulations!!! I'm sorry for your previous loss, it's so tough. Our due dates will be pretty close 😍 is this your first? Omg I did the same google is the worst, that's why I try head straight to mumsnet now for actual experiences 😂

Thank you all for posting and reassuring, wishing us all healthy happy pregnancy's 🥰🤰🏻🥰

Puppydogg1 Fri 22-Nov-19 20:04:36

@Chlandy it is tough but hopefully all will be okay this time.
Yeah my due date is the 19th July, although I ovulated on day 21 so I'm probably 4 weeks 5 days; so we could have very similar due dates!

When's your due date? If all goes well this will be my first. What kind of age gap will you have between your first and the new baby?
😂 no more google for either of us from now on I think!

Chlandy Mon 02-Dec-19 05:15:59

Hi @Puppydogg1 so sorry just come on here to update my symptoms and saw your last reply! According to LMP I'm due 24th July but have a scan Friday to confirm, what about you? My little boy was 3 on 8th November so will be a 3yr 8 month age gap! I've come on this morning to say be careful what you wish for 😂 morning sickness has hit me so bad I'm dreaming about being in the queue for the toilet in bloody Sainsbury's to throw up and I'm up every day from about 3 now with nausea! I'm relieved to have the symptoms but wow why didn't I just enjoy not having them 🤦🏻‍♀️! Hope you guys are all doing ok xxx

Jojo19834 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:30:40

Just had to laugh at you @Chlandy as I am probably 10 days behind you thinking exactly like you 10 days ago, I’ll regret it I’m sure!

Chlandy Mon 02-Dec-19 08:00:58

Congratulations @Jojo19834 ! Hahahaha what are we liiiiike! hopefully you'll be lucky and not get it so bad 💕

Jojo19834 Mon 02-Dec-19 08:09:59

Fingers crossed but expect we all do that and just doesn’t work!

RoxnRola Mon 02-Dec-19 11:36:43

Hey everyone, just joining this as I got my BFP 2 weeks ago, am only 6 weeks and waiting for the morning sickness to start! I have been pregnant before earlier this year but unfortunately lost my son at 22 weeks and since then life has been very different. This pregnancy is so wanted but also making me so anxious so i'm going in for my first NHS scan on the 16th. Hope you're all feeling okay today and thanks for sharing your symptoms <3

Chlandy Mon 02-Dec-19 16:29:17

Congratulations @RoxnRola I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby boy, I can't imagine how tough this must be for you! Wishing you the very best for the next 8 months, please keep us updated with how your scan goes! Xx

Chlandy Tue 03-Dec-19 00:55:17

Sorry it's late guys, my 3 year old has been struck with Norovirus 😩! As well as being super worried about him, I'm worried about catching it now I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant I've got my scan Friday thank goodness and I know if I do catch it there's nothing I can do just getting it off my chest I guess 😩 x

RoxnRola Tue 03-Dec-19 08:05:48

@Chlandy poor you! I got a stomach bug during my last pregnancy and it was horrible, but all you can do is try to stay hydrated! But my fiancé and mum looked after me and didn’t catch it so hopefully you won’t. And the stomach bug had nothing to do with losing Louis so don’t worry at all. Just try to stay calm (she says, failing to stay calm at all about anything). Good luck with your scan x

Chlandy Tue 03-Dec-19 09:13:22

Thank you for the reassurance @RoxnRola it's so hard not to worry isn't it, but I've given my midwife a call and she's said the same that it wouldn't harm baby just to keep hydrated, so fingers crossed can relax a bit and focus on getting my little boy better without the other worry in the back of my mind! Feel so selfish for even thinking of myself getting it 🙈 thank you xx

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