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6 days overdue, sat here in tears, had huge row with dh - somebody tell me this is normal?!

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elbarto Sun 19-Aug-07 23:01:05

Yesterday I was fine, had lovely day with dh enjoying our last bit of time together.

Today I am a loony nightmare, tears started for no reason in middle of town centre and there has been pretty much no let up since.

Had huge argument with dh. He foolishly suggested that I was wrong inviting my mum dad, grandma and sister to the hospital together as he thinks its too many people. I was really suprised he chose today of all days to come out with this gem considering this is first grandchild, niece and great grandchild and I don't see enough of them anyway , and then when I objected he said "wellll...I'm just SAYING. I'm entitled to my opinion. You need to accept that other people have different opinions from you"

I had a masssive meltdown, which led to him going "oh for gods sake, I'm cooking you a lovely dinner arent I, you would think I'm th worst husband ever" etc etc poor me talk. And then he kept on with this until I screamed at him to shut up.

Why today did he do that? When I am being so feeble and tearful and he might have known that is the reaction he would have got?

And more to the point - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME????

cylon Sun 19-Aug-07 23:02:57

sounds normal.
hope you have the baby soon.


Biglips Sun 19-Aug-07 23:06:14

aww {{{{hugs}}}

yes it is the norm as youre nervous and ya hormones is all over the place plus youre *fed up* waiting around as everything is on hold atm. Are you suggesting for the family to come on the first night? as i had my Dps mum and 2 sisters on the first night (my mum was my birth partner and also my dp). i couldnt speak to Dps family as i was ssooo knackered and wanted sleep !!

Lizzer Sun 19-Aug-07 23:07:30

YOU'RE NORMAL!!! Get the chocolate out, tell dh you're sorry for overreacting a bit, snuggle and sob if you need to.

You are going to meet your baby very very soon!!!!

Good luck

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 19-Aug-07 23:09:14

Message withdrawn

sleepycat Sun 19-Aug-07 23:11:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elbarto Sun 19-Aug-07 23:13:43

no, don't expect them on first night biglips - Grandma is 94 and would probably have a "turn" if woken in middle of night (love her ) Just want for them to come in normal visiting times.

He isnt very good ever when I cry actually, hasnt really worked out yet that his panicky shouting won't make me stop but a big hug might.

This horrid low feeling just came from nowhere, its so odd!

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Aug-07 23:16:32

Normal, it's crappola going overdue. Hang in there! Nearly over!!

meandmy Sun 19-Aug-07 23:17:21

i was like that when i went overdue! at one point i even told my dp i didnt want my baby i didnt love it or him (i had tried 18months to concieve) so not true i picked an argument at everything got myself so upset because i was anxious about giving birth being a mother, it is hormones and lack of sleep etc
And as for all your family i was only allowed two ppl at the birth my sister had to wait in the waiting room so check at your hospital!
good luck hoping your bundle here soon as the days past your edd drag and are so long

lomondgal Sun 19-Aug-07 23:17:46

You are just about to have a baby!! It is normal to feel emotional.
I hope you have your baby soon, your partner just wants what's best for you. He is probably worried that too many visitors will be too much for you.

Good luck with the birth ((hugs))

elbarto Sun 19-Aug-07 23:19:22

starlight mackenzie - that is a good point about the coping, hadnt thought of that, so easy to get wrapped up and be a bit me me me! although he has a ds already, this is our first together.

I just feel annoyed now, that yesterday was so lovely and today has been crappy because of my hormones!

Oh why am I dwelling on this, he has gone to bed so I cant do anything anyway. seperate rooms sadly, my constant loo breaks and his snoring have kept us apart

elbarto Sun 19-Aug-07 23:21:27

meandmy and sleepycat - thankyou for your tales of looniness too

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 19-Aug-07 23:23:35

Message withdrawn

Biglips Sun 19-Aug-07 23:24:26

just try and forget about it for now and try not to dwell on it as you need all that energy once youre giving birth

threelittlebabies Sun 19-Aug-07 23:36:18

Normal. Can vaguely remember screaming at dh when pg with dd, and scaring then 2.5yo ds

My best friend when 10 days from her c-section date- not even overdue- started a row with her dh over cooking the dinner- twas hilarious (but not for her. or you)

Hope it happens soon x

elbarto Sun 19-Aug-07 23:55:53

thanks ladies! feel loads better.

and goodnight, all this misery has been exhausting and I need my bed! x

Califrau Mon 20-Aug-07 01:08:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 20-Aug-07 02:10:17

I went 2 weeks over 5 months ago and frankly I hated DH for every single one of them

hope it happens soon and enjoy your sleep while you can

MrsJohnCusack Mon 20-Aug-07 02:11:37

I mean every single second of them

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