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Had a really rough nite last nite and need some reassurance please.

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MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 17:28:08

as was waking every few hours. Am 20+5 now and was worried i was having contractions last nite. Feel very stupid as am sure it couldnt be but wondered if anyone has experienced similar. Was around 4am that it felt like the strong ache you get with period, coming in waves. Did pass wind and am guessing was just that. Did happen 5 times and was getting to the point of waking DP and think of hospital. Feel a right ejit as am sure was probably just wind. Bean was also very very active last nite at same time and was kicking me in my fanny too. I havent had a show or any blood etc. No regular pain today althoug just a bit of an ache (prob round ligament pain) but felt more damp down there than usual. Checking underwear and am definately not soaked and looks likely to be just CM+.

I felt so worried and frightened last night as way too early for beanie to make entrance. Please has anyone had anything like this (this is ds no2 for me so feel i should know better ).

Tammy18 Sat 18-Aug-07 17:41:57

I call my baby beanie too

I'm 28+6, i had feelings like that early on, it was just wind..i paniced too lol.

Hope everything is ok now

Tammy x

Princesspowersparkle Sat 18-Aug-07 22:07:38

Hi Awen
Maybe they were just Braxton Hicks (Practice contractions). I'm sure they are nothing to worry about but if you do ever get worried just ring your MW for reassurance. Thats what they are there for. As for the increased wetness- it does get heavier at times so as long as no blood or towel not getting soaked then its fine.

lisad123 Sat 18-Aug-07 22:14:08

I have had this for a few weeks now (im 33 weeks) and like you feel a bit damper down there but have put it down to bumpy taking pot shots at my bladder.
I have having regular ones today, every hour for about 7 hours but midwife said its ok aslong as no more than one an hour.

Wind does cause pain too, and ligamants are a killer (im sure it wasnt as bad last time). You can always ring midwife team from 24 weeks (well thats the rules here) for advice and go and get checked f your worried, better tp be safe. Im sure you wouldnt be the first.

Good luck


gess Sat 18-Aug-07 22:15:32

Braxton hicks- they get more noticeable with each pregnancy (esp if stomach muscles a bit crap). I had them all through ds3's - really noticeable.....

kamikayzed Sat 18-Aug-07 22:20:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamaMaiasaura Sat 18-Aug-07 23:10:36

thanks for the replies. Reassuring to see am not alone iykwim. Stupid question but why ensure hydrated? Does it make it worse? Beanie has been super active since last night. DP felt him for the first time tonight.

Am seeing MW for routine antenatal tuesday so will mention to her then.

kamikayzed Sat 18-Aug-07 23:14:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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