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Catching up with TTC #1, thread 8!

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MrsEG Thu 07-Nov-19 12:50:37

Getting a new one started before we are full! I’ll go back now and add people - answering everyone’s last posts here!!

@MrsR16 Nesting sounds like a good idea! Our house is such a mess at the moment mid-decorating and I cant wait for it all to be done so I can tidy!!

@BabySquid Fabulous bump! Glad you had such a brilliant time. I’m starting to think that pain sleeping is all just part and parcel of being pregnant now! At my yoga class everyone complains of it!

@Tropicana1 I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about!

@purplefig Yeah it was amazing to hear! Apparently IVF twins are more likely to be small but she never explained why. But yeah, induction is less likely for growth - it could still be needed for other reasons but it’s nice to have one of them off the list! How are you feeling, sleeping any better?

@ELW85 I did sleep a little bit better! I still woke up about 4:30 but slept all the way from 10 til then which is amazing! I feel like I’m slowly getting used to just being tired now! Glad you managed a better sleep!

@PippaPug Glad you got the radiator sorted! Yeah I’m amazed at how care changes from place to place but I think the main thing is as long as someone is seeing us at least once a month then that’s great!! How have you been feeling? I’m 24+4 today and really starting to feel uncomfortable now. My bump measured approx 32 weeks yesterday!! 32!!! She thinks they must be lying all at the front.

@cupcakesandglitter From doing some googling I think at the 28 week appt they’ll more start telling me what I can and can’t do in the birth - like start laying out all of my options? So I’m not gonna worry too much and wait to see what they say! My only ‘preference’ is everyone arrives happy and healthy and all are safe and well! I love the bong haha - how are you feeling today?

MrsEG Sat 01-Feb-20 15:21:48

New thread girls - hopefully I’ve tagged everyone in:

PippaPug Fri 31-Jan-20 22:00:26

@purplefig - we have 8 weeks to wait to hear back from them so I’m not worrying just yet....I am just unsure if I paid enough NI contributions in the test period (as mine goes over the tax year) but I’m not sure!
How comes you needed to contact your MP? Really pleased yours has gone through however!
I’m doing ok - PGP has kicked in over the last month and so struggling with that and getting in and out of bed is agony but not long till it’s all over and I meet the babies now! Also currently having neighbour issues which are not fun 😬
How comes you had a name wobble? Just not sure it works with your surname or just works full stop?
We have both our girls names and have from very early one (one we discussed when we had only been together for 6 months) but I’m sure they are two boys - and that’s what we have struggled more with! Think we have a good combination now....I think but still not 100% I think it’s because I don’t love them quite as much as I love the girls names!

purplefig Fri 31-Jan-20 20:01:44

I wrote a long reply and lost it 😭 never had that happen before! Here we go again 😅

@MrsEG haha love the idea of making the most of your final lie in! I'm SO excited for your twins to be born and for you to start to feel more comfortable again. You've been an absolute trooper. Yeah I'll see how I feel on the day with a sweep...the evidence isn't great, but I'd be kind of intrigued to see where my cervix is at 😳😂. FWIW DH and I had a wobble about names yesterday..,it's such a big responsibility isn't it? Are both of yours going to be Irish?

@MrsR16 yeah hopefully it's a positive sign! Excited for it to be Feb tomorrow...due date month 🙌🏻

@PippaPug ahhh amazingly exciting...I hadn't realised you were that far along! How're you feeling? I'm 38+4 today and mostly good, a little apprehensive! It was indeed me and I have heard back (it's all going through thankfully), but I had to email my local
MP who chased up on it for me. Deffo worth chasing if you haven't heard as they told my mp they were waiting on me returning a letter they sent...but I had never received it!

@Fivebyfive2 ahhh what a cutie! ooo date night - that's exciting!! Let us know how you get on? Yeah the thread will have a few new updates soon including two sets of twins which will seriously boost the baby numbers 🤣

@thumper59 high five for sleeping through the night Freddie!! Love that smile. Don't apologise - it's very understandable!

All good here - just back from my last yoga class which was so good, gutted it's my last one 😭 but also very excited as it means hopefully not too long until we meet our baby. It's starting to feel very real...possibly because I've been binge watching birth videos. Hope you've all got a more rock n roll night planned than me 😳 xxx

thumper59 Fri 31-Jan-20 19:38:08

Evening all hope your doing well! Eeee can't wait to see all the new babies 😀.

Freddie is 12 weeks old now! I just bloody love him. I can't imagine life without him now. He went swimming yesterday for the first time! He's an absolute delight.

Sorry I don't get on as much, the days are pretty packed now a days! Xx

Fivebyfive2 Fri 31-Jan-20 15:36:59

Looks like our catching up with baby thread will have some new additions soon 😀 Love coming on here to see how you're all doing!

This is Joe in his old man coat.

We're having our first date night tonight, my parents are coming to watch Joe. Am feeling excited /nervous /guilty /hungry 😂

PippaPug Fri 31-Jan-20 14:03:02

@MrsEG - SO exciting this is your last weekend just you and DH! This time next week your have your boys with you!
My DH and I can’t agree on one twin name either - it’s really hard! How’s the resting going? Beautiful bump picture btw! Your boys weight sounds wonderful? I had another scan yesterday and they were estimated at 5lb 10oz and 6lb 1oz - so much for tiny babies 😂
Also like you - massively overpacked but I am leaving some things in the car (extra nappies, cotton wool etc) but it’s ok as we have double the babies! How’s the colostrum harvesting going? I forgot to ask at my midwife apt yesterday and so annoyed as my next appointment is only a few days away from me being 38 weeks. I’m going back to the hospital today for second steroid injection so hopefully I can speak to a midwife there.

@purplefig - I’m due 7th of March but the twins have got about 3 weeks left to go give or take, so not long! Sounds like your almost there too which is really exciting!
I’m pretty sure it was you who was also self employed? Did you hear back about your paperwork?

How is everyone else doing?

TrashKitten10 Fri 31-Jan-20 10:46:28

@MrsEG You're such a superhero! Daisy was nearly 9 pounds and I still remember the discomfort of being bloody massive and constantly having her feet wedged in my ribcage. How you're cooking nearly 14 pounds of babies with four feet booting you all over I don't know, you're a trooper ☺️ hope all goes well Tuesday, post some photos as soon as you can smile

MrsR16 Fri 31-Jan-20 09:39:23

@purplefig oh that's so exciting!! Period cramps could be a good sign, even though you've been having them for weeks! Shows things are moving, albeit slowly...

@MrsEG I think you're very wise! I am so so excited for you! These babies have been a long time coming although it doesn't seem two minutes ago that you surprised us with your positive test! It's perfectly normal to be nervous, but everything will be absolutely fine! Stop with the googling though 😝 your babies will be here, safe and sound, and your life will never quite be the same again! It's so wonderful though 😊

MrsEG Fri 31-Jan-20 09:30:40

Morning all! Hope everyone’s doing well and looking forward to the weekend. I still can’t believe this will be my last weekend before the twins. It seems so, so surreal! We have nothing planned either as I can’t get up ha! But will probably make the most of our last lie ins for ohh, 10 years or so?! I am beyond uncomfortable at this point now; the swelling in my feet and legs now goes all the way up to my groin, I have very bad pain in my ribs, and I just feel utterly enormous - the idea I won’t have them in my belly anymore this time next week is quite exciting I must say!!

@purplefig I’m doing okay! Very anxious. I feel like I am googling every single little tiny thing at the moment and making myself really stressed for no reason. I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself! I think it is the nerves kicking in and I just want them here healthy now. DH is so excited but we’re still not agreeing on one twins name! Yeah - all the NCT girls have been offered a 40 week sweep too; only one took it. I think it’s just standard and if you want to say no thanks, that’s totally fine!
Enjoy your yoga and swimming!

@BabySquid Thanks for the clothing advice! I’m sure I’ve massively overpacked for hospital, and we have way too many outfits at home too - it’s ridiculous!

@MrsR16 I think one of the main reasons we’ll be kept in a few days is less the c-section and more that the midwives will need to see that I am confidently feeding both twins before we go home. Definitely looking at pumping and combi feeding to try and make that a bit easier for us all!

@Lemonysherbet Ah sorry you’re being sick again! Hope it shifts soon!

purplefig Fri 31-Jan-20 09:09:53

@BabySquid glad you're adjusting to motherhood 💕

@MrsR16 oh wow - I'm 38+4 so you'd have had a two day old at this point 😅 I don't think anything is happening anytime soon here. I keep getting very mild period cramps, but I've been having them on and off for weeks.

@Lemonysherbet ahhh that's rough, I hope it eases for you soon.

@MrsEG how're you doing lovely?

All ok here - I've had a lovely week of Mat leave. Feeling increasingly immobile and uncomfortable now though! I've got yoga tonight which I'm hoping helps my back and then tomorrow I'm going swimming with DH. I say swimming, I'm mainly going to float weightlessly 😅...And then it's Feb - and I can say I'll be having a baby this month 🙀

Have a good one all x

Lemonysherbet Fri 31-Jan-20 07:40:45

Hey all, sorry I've been a bit pants again on here, life got super busy and was away with work/ on a hen do which has exhausted me and now I'm being sick again.... At 23 weeks I thought that delight was over but oh well🤦‍♀️

It's really quiet here by the looks of things, hope everyone is doing ok, we have some babies due really soon don't we?

Hope everyone have a lovely Friday & weekend, I'm going to have a good read on the train to catch up properly.

MrsR16 Thu 30-Jan-20 10:49:07

@MrsEG you look absolutely amazing! I was absolutely ready to go home about 3 hours before they let me! 😂 they just wanted to double check how Ethan was feeding before they let us go. He is doing just fine, the little munchkin haha! Glad to see your twins are doing good! Not long to go...

@MrsH497 thank you! I'm glad everything's ok too.

@ELW85 honest to god, I thought the worry would get less when they're here, but seriously not! 😂 I find myself just watching him at night making sure he's breathing lol

@purplefig I'm doing ok! Fairly tired still as Ethan's found a new routine of waking up half an hour earlier overnight but then settles again... 38 weeks!! Not long! I was 38+2 when Ethan arrived 😂

@BabySquid OMG Ivy is simply beautiful!! I'm glad you're getting on ok 😊

BabySquid Wed 29-Jan-20 13:39:36

Thanks @purplefig and @MrsEG getting on pretty well, it's amazing how quickly you adjust to being mummy.
For those confused about clothes... we had a run down while we were in neonatal... for at home, vest (either no sleeve, short sleeve or long sleeve depending on preference and temperature) (vest being one without legs!) and then either sleep suit (long arms and legs) or clothes like top and leggings etc.
For going home from hospital you'll just want a vest, and either an outfit with cardi or thicker sleep suit, and a blanket. They don't recommend a pram suit or snow suit for the car seat as baby can slide too much in them.

purplefig Wed 29-Jan-20 13:27:10

@MrsEG cross post! (We do that so often 😂). Amazing weights - like you say, no wonder you're so uncomfortable you basically have the weight of two singletons in there!!! So freaking cute they're facing each other. I'm really pleased you're feeling calm and even a bit excited about it...I just suddenly realised it's Feb this weekend 🙀. You're going to meet them so soon! Is DH excited?! I didn't realise a sweep at 40 weeks is standard - I guess I'll wait and see how I feel on the day as it's still nearly a fortnight away so fully accept I might be done then 😅

purplefig Wed 29-Jan-20 13:22:19

@BabySquid oh Ivy is just adorable!! That face!! 🥰 Fab to hear you're both doing so well. A friend of mine has just ordered me the MAM anti colic bottles just in case; her little one suffers with colic and she says they've made a huge difference. How're you coping anyway lovely?! I'm pretty good thanks...less than two weeks until the due date now. Keep having to remind myself it could be another two weeks from then though 😅

@ELW85 Ooo it's exciting packing the bag! Good job getting organised nice and early too. FWIW I was so clueless about what babies wear until very recently (and I'm sure I'll probably still get it wrong)! For the hospital bag I've packed three long sleeve bodysuits (sleep suits?!), three vest bodysuits, two cardigans, two hats and a thin ish pramsuit. Probably an overkill! My favourite bit was packing snacks 😳. So many Percy pigs. Ooo ok I've never actually read Lean In, but I probably should given how much it's referenced in culture.

@MrsH497 glad everything is ok with the baby lovely - how many weeks are you? I sort of gradually reduced hours, but I'm self employed so it wasn't too much of a hassle to sort. That commute sounds like a killer! Ooo homemade scotch eggs sound very impressive! 👌🏼 the stew was so, so good 😋

How's everyone doing? The weather here is so lovely today so I've been out most of the morning making the most of it. Just in from town and now resting my back with a hot water bottle. I'm still feeling pretty good, but starting to really look forward to getting some fitness back and hopefully getting rid of daily back pain! X

MrsEG Wed 29-Jan-20 13:21:23

Morning ladies. Had our last scan this morning - twins are growing so well, currently 6lb 2 and 7lb 4 estimated! And I wonder why I can’t eat/walk/breathe!! There’s 16% size difference between them which with non-ID twins is perfectly normal and they’re both tracking really well (50% and 90% centiles). Everyone seemed really happy! Both breech; they are basically face to face and definitely won’t move now so we’re all systems go for the c-section next week. The consultant went through everything with me and I have to say I’m feeling quite calm and dare I say excited about it! Sounds like we’ll be super well taken care of!

@Larrydavid Oh yay you found your passport!! Glad to hear it! I’ve never seen Grace and Frankie, need to add it to the list!

@purplefig So fab you got a good NCT group! We had another baby born yesterday in ours so that’s 50% here with the rest of us to go, all due in the next 3 weeks! Great news baby is getting engaged! I believe it’s standard practice to offer a sweep at 40 weeks mainly as women are so uncomfortable and ready to go by then. My sister did accept hers though and went in to labour that night! She was 2cm dilated during the sweep though, so who’s to say if it did anything or if baby would have just come that night anyway!

@MrsH497 I didn’t reduce my hours but I did start doing more days WFH than in the office so I had no commute at all 3 days a week and it made such a huge difference. Anything you can do to make life a bit easier!

@ELW85 Baby clothes I haven’t a scooby so I’ve just packed a bunch of both!! The only thing we were told was as were having winter babies we needed some warm sleep suits so I got some fleece lined ones from Next to take them home in. They are so so cute; I cannot wait to dress them in them!

@BabySquid She is adorable - love the pirate eye! How are you getting on? Thanks for the colostrum tip - I managed a teeny bit more last night while I was in the bath so going to try again today. One boob definitely yields a bit more than the other too!

BabySquid Tue 28-Jan-20 22:06:00

Good evening all, thought I'd come on and check in as I've not been on here at all lately. Good to see you're all doing well, @purplefig how are you doing my old due date twin? @MrsEG just seen your recent pic and my goodness that bump is just amazing!! Sad that it causes you so much pain though. I'm quite gutted that I didn't get the full massive bump! Also saw you're harvesting colostrum, it's quite hard to begin with but stick with it and try do it every three or four hours or so with plenty of massage to start with.
Ivy is doing really well, but suffering with colic at the mo so sleeping at night is out the window unless it's attached to me! Breastfeeding also stopped a couple of weeks ago, when we got out of hospital she started cluster feeding so was only feeding for about 10 mins at a time, so wasn't getting enough of the fatty goodness milk that starts after about 5 mins of sucking, so she didn't put on weight, so we're totally on the bottle now. Have attached a pic of my little lady coz I'm just so proud of her. (Second pic just made me laugh too much! We call it pirate eye!)

ELW85 Tue 28-Jan-20 18:24:14

Ignore that...I’ve just learned that they’re meant to wear the vests (no legs) under the sleepsuits (with legs).
Christ. I feel so stupid!!

ELW85 Tue 28-Jan-20 17:02:59

Afternoon all!

I started packing the hospital bag this afternoon; after the scare at the weekend, I thought it was time!

Quick question: when it comes to bodysuits/sleepsuits, do you have a split of short and long legged? I’ve noticed we’re really short (ironically) on the long legged ones...

@MrsEG - DH has informed me that he has plans for my birthday but I have no idea what this involves. Pretty happy though as his surprises are awesome 😀
How are you feeling today?

@purplefig - ooh, 2/5! Very exciting! I hadn’t realised that 85% are born after 40 weeks.
Thanks for the book tip (again!) sounds like we’re pretty aligned in tastes. The Shezza book is great; she’s got a lot of honesty in there, about everything from IVF to counselling. I love her!

@MrsH497 - so pleased everything is ok with little one. It’s scary when they’re quiet. Mine was quiet this morning too but he’s making up for it this afternoon 😊 the kicks count app is great for helping with patterns if you don’t have it already?

@Larrydavid - so pleased you managed to get away to the Dam! Definitely sounds like you escaped any sort of post-partying backlash, so I hope you were suitably smug!

MrsH497 Tue 28-Jan-20 16:46:42

@purplefig stew sounds yummy! We've got home made scotch eggs random I know! Can't believe you're 38 weeks! So exciting.
Had another morning of baby being awkward not moving so called in and then said to pop down. Midwife thinks it's hiding behind my placenta as that was low down at my last scan. Good heartbeat heard movement but felt very little!
Then DH and I decided to have a swim which was lovely going to really try and keep doing that to help the back and sleeping!

Already contemplating reducing my hours at work, on standard 8 hour days but can take anywhere from 1 hour to over 2 to drive in. Did anyone else slowly reduce hours?

How is everyone?

purplefig Tue 28-Jan-20 11:21:43

@MrsEG oh wow that's so cool! I'm honestly in awe of you growing two babies to full term, putting up heroically with PGP and now you're even managing to get ahead of feeding. Epic work! Totally agree that having more than one sleep position available will make a huge difference to sleep quality. Yeah while I didn't hugely rate the content of NCT I do feel we lucked out with the group and our teacher was super insistent we have regular meet-ups, which made it a bit less awkward. She even attended the first one 😂 I think also because our group is so spread out (due dates ranging from early jan to late March), they didn't want to leave it until the reunion.

@Larrydavid amazing you got out to Amsterdam in the end - and good on you for sticking with what felt comfortable for you. I'm obsessed with Frankie and Grace! Congrats on the good scan, that's fab news - I remember 20 weeks feeling like such a milestone, you're halfway there now! I'll keep my fingers crossed your placenta shifts too.

All good here - I had my 38 week appointment today. Baby is still in a good position and about 2/5s engaged. Apparently she or he has a big bum 😳 I can say with confidence, they got it from their mama 😂🍑. I was surprised to hear that at my next appointment (40+1) I'll be offered a stretch and sweep. After reading the research on them I've decided I'll decline, and then reconsider at 41 weeks. Doesn't seem worth the risks at 40 weeks - and I don't understand the rush anyway, given 85% are born after 40 weeks.

Hope everyone else's Tuesdays are off to a good start? It's really on off weather here which makes going out tricky. Planning to make a hearty stew for dinner, rewatch some positive birthing company videos and look into drawer dividers 🤓 then I have pregnancy yoga this evening. it's safe to say I'm fully onboard with mat leave after my initial wobble! X

Larrydavid Mon 27-Jan-20 23:51:06

I really need to catch up on all the messages! I half wrote a reply twice which has disappeared!

Good news - I found my passport last week a few hours before I flew to amsterdam - so I made it and then was the most boring person in the city! Whilst all my pals went to a club until 6am, I headed to my hotel to watch grace and Frankie. It was bliss!

I had my 20 week scan today - all is well - such a relief! Can't believe I'm halfway through. Crazy. They whizzed me in for another cervix scan too - not sure why but I guess it's good to be monitored. All is ok with that too for now, I have a low placenta but they're hoping it will shift up.

I'm going to read all your messages tomorrow on my long, early morning train journey and will reply properly then. Hope you're all having a good week!

MrsEG Mon 27-Jan-20 20:02:49

@purplefig I expressed the tiniest amount today!! And it took ages too! But I got some, so that’s something! Oh that’s such good news that your NCT mums are getting better quality sleep now! I honestly think just the loss of all the weight and sleeping on my back will make all the difference!
It’s so lovely you’re having so many NCT catch ups already! I think we’re all waiting for babies to show up first! Being spammed on WhatsApp with all the baby photos and they are just adorable!

purplefig Mon 27-Jan-20 17:33:18

@PippaPug when's your due date again? I can't keep track 😅. We've just got the one car too and I have to say it's made me very grateful for living 2 mins walk from town. Some days even that gets my back! Like you I'm enjoying pottering, and just not having the stress of work. It's freed up some headspace!

@ELW85 thank you! Yeah I'll be intrigued to see where they're at tomorrow. Ooo I must add Becoming to my the passive aggressive dig at Shezza, not gunna lie 😂👌🏼. Another decent feminist book I read recently, that I wish all males would read, is 'who cooked Adam smiths dinner' which looks at the economic contribution of the unpaid work that women do. I'm a total economics noob so it was heavy going in places, but fascinating.

@MrsEG yeah all my costs other than my maternity parka are only available worn open 😂 I think it looks good! And luckily it's a mild winter. Glad you can nap, but agree nothing beats a proper stretch of sleep. If it's any consolation the two that've had babies at NCT said today they're feeling better and less sleep deprived since having their babies 👌🏼. Oooo the colostrum harvesting sounds so intriguing...keep us posted! Fingers crossed for some gold stuff 🤓

So lovely to meet some newborns today...that smell!!! Just gorgeous. I feel like I've got into the swing of things with mat leave now and am enjoying it more and more. Have a good evening all! X

MrsEG Mon 27-Jan-20 13:16:20

@MrsH497 My babies do the same to DH still! As soon as his hands go on my belly they take a rest haha. I’ve taken to calling him in while I’m in the bath as that’s when they really go nuts!

@ELW85 Lots of celebrations to start the year then!! Do you have anything planned for your birthday also? Yeah, I honestly don’t think I’ve had any Braxton Hicks - If I have I really haven’t noticed them at all. I think mine is all ligament pain, I’ve been getting it a bit the last few days when rolling over/getting out of bed etc. Just so much baby in the way!! Hope it’s feeling better now smile

@purplefig I love that coat, a New Look sale bargain a few years ago! Doesn’t fit anymore but it’s fine if I leave it open ha! Oh wow 38 weeks! I’ll keep everything crossed baby is behaving and well engaged for you today; how are you feeling? I definitely nap a lot in the day; I just put something awful on tv and I’m out like a light! I just can’t seem to sleep longer than 2 hours no matter what.

@PippaPug My section is next Tuesday! I can’t believe it! Oh how fab they’re growing so well - were the same, I’m thinking even if the tiny baby stuff does fit it’ll only be for about a week! How are you feeling?

Had a go at expressing colostrum last night and it was hopeless! Some clear liquid came out but nothing resembling the ‘liquid gold’ I’m after! Will be having another go this afternoon. The hospital gave me 5 syringes to fill - so I hope something comes out soon!!

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